Is this a possible loophole in the MITB principle?

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  1. Now I know the case is for a world heavyweight championship match but it's also covered in Smackdown branding and DZ won it in the Smackdown match set up by Booker T so if the WWE title got drafted over to Smackdown could he cash in on that instead? Now I know the brandsplit is dead but I can't find a flaw in the theory from a kayfabe standpoint at least.
  2. He would be able to yes. By holding that, he can cash it in on any SmackDown champion. If the WWE title was on SmackDown, then it would be a SmackDown championship.
  3. Ah got ya, I never knew if they acknowledged this on the show or not before. The main thing that made me think of it was the Castlemania guys principle of DZ cashing in on Cena, say they brought a draft post WM and traded him over leading to a DZ cash in. I'm rambling here but it would probably be better for him than beating ADR would be.
  4. Never thought about that, lol.
  5. I'm pretty sure they specifically mentioned the World Heavyweight Championship as being the only kind of title that Dolph can cash in on, regardless of what color the briefcase is. And Cena being "drafted" to Smackdown? lol No chance.
  6. It happened before.... he was drafted but drafted back later on the same show, who says it can't again?
  7. When was that? I took a break from 2007-2010 so it must have happened somewhere in between there, where my knowledge of what happened is somewhat limited in some areas.
  8. [video=youtube]https:emoji_confused:/[/video]

    Orton and Cena were drafted on the same night, it was 2011 I think. Cena got drafted back on the same night though.
  9. Such a bad moment when he got drafted back. :mad2:
  10. Don't remember that at all. How did he make it back to Raw? A huge exchange in talent? (They did it that way with Triple H in 2004, Bischoff traded Booker T. AND the Dudleyz just to get Teddy Long to give him back Triple H for Raw.)
  11. SmackDown won first match - Cena drafted
    Raw won last match - Cena drafted

    Such stupid booking.
  12. Ratings Henry was born from it though.
  13. It's an opportunity at the World Heavyweight Title, not any title.
  14. So it's not a shot at the Smackdown title ? I don't see why it'd be title and not brand evaluated from a kayfabe perspective at least.
  15. [​IMG]

    Can only be used for the WHC Title, unfortunately.

    I'd love a Punk/Ziggler feud.
  16. Wiki isn't a source. It's a brand title I swear. I've not once seen them mention that they can only go for the big onse :urm:.
  17. You're using wiki as a source :dawg: ? I know it's been mentioned as a WHC shot but I don't think it's ever been mentioned as title exclusive if that makes sense, mainly because of the brand idea being dead so it's never been met in a story. I'm supposing it's a possible into Cena / Ziggler though, it's not literal more theoretical.
  18. I know it's a ridiculous little video but Punk actually acknowledged this in a way :dawg:


    I'd be down for building such a personal feud that someone cashed in for a IC title match, I know it's illogical but imagine such a bad blood feud over that title resulting in someone cashing in MITB for a shot.
  19. Gonna re-watch MITB right now and listen to what Lillian says.
  20. Do it Champ just remember https:emoji_confused:/

    They do botch too.