Survivor Series Is this an Ambrose decoy?

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  1. "WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has clearly become one of the most popular stars in the WWE today. What he has been able to accomplish in such a short period of time is impressive; however, his list is not nearly as great as that of his former Shield brethren, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Reigns has held tag gold in his career as well as main evented a WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Seth was in that same main event, won MITB, has a Tag Team, US, and WWE World Title to his credit. This not including his developmental titles.

    Clearly, Dean is behind them both when it comes to title success. However, Dean does have one of the longest WWE United States Title reigns in company history. He has been in several WrestleMania matches. but he has yet to have the same type of main event opportunities. Even when he does, he routinely loses. It is time to push Ambrose now more than ever in a time where he has the opportunity to truly become a game-changer for WWE. Most feel that Ambrose has been ready for some time now, and some of those people hold a lot of power in WWE."

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    I am thinking that Ambrose is going to end up being the top running face right now (aside from Cena) and Reigns is going to turn. Based on everything I have been reading this seems legit. Or maybe this is a decoy and I am over thinking things.

    "According to PWInsider, there is a lot of talk regarding Dean Ambrose and the WWE World Heavyweight Title. The plan that is said to be pretty concrete is Dean Ambrose vs Roman Reigns in the finals of the World Title Tournament this Sunday at WWE Survivor Series. The plan that is getting a lot of talk is regarding Ambrose walking away as champion.In fact, many people with power are heavily considering it. So much so that apparently they are going back and forth on the idea in creative."
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  2. Saying this for the 100th time... Whoever turns at SS, whether it's Reigns or Ambrose, it'll be a-okay with me.

    I just hope WWE don't shoot themselves in the foot with whatever they decide to do. The worst case scenario would be Sheamus cashing in successfully at the end of the night. The second to worst case scenario would be Reigns winning in a clean sweep and being booed.

    Book wisely, WWE.
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  3. This is all I see people talking about so may as well continue to discuss it till we see what happens. lol

    They are either going to do this the right way or completely botch everything they have been working to build to.
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  4. I think Roman is going to win the title. And I think that because they want him walking into Wrestlemania as WWE champion.
  5. Ambrose winning as a face is probably the most unlikely option, and if he won as a heel he'd end up dropping it to Sheamus/Roman anyways. They're set on Roman being the guy, he's all but etched in. Ambrose will more than likely get a title run or two, sure. He's just not their endgame, even if he's the fans'. Don't get me wrong, I'll still enjoy his run(s).
  6. Ambrose doesn't need to win it to make this work, let Roman turn on him. He will still be a face favorite among the crowd. Let HHH and Roman screw him.
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  7. Better to be Reigns as the heel, imo
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