Storyline Is This For Real?

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  1. *The scene opens up with Alias pacing vehemently up and down in the hallway, cussing and running his hands through his hair violently. He stops for a second, regaining his composure before storming into Trip's office, cameramen following in. Alias finds Trip sitting down in his leather chair and starts talking.*

    Hahahahhahahahahaha. Trip in the Head. How's it going, maaaaaaaaan? You all good?

    *Trip nods*

    Well that's fucking brilliant buddy. Top of the world. You feel so good you decided to play a joke on me, right?

    *Trip looks on confused*

    Oh, ok.....

    *Alias turns around for a split second, before turning back and banging on Trip's desk.*

    YOU THINK THIS IS A FUCKING GAME TRIP!? YOU THINK ADDING KID TO THE MIX MAKES THIS "GAME" MORE ENTERTAINING!? You think the man who dropped his WHC to me will call this match down the line, be impartial!? UNPREJUDICED!? The word "just" and Dat Kid don't really mesh well in the same sentence, Trip. My goddamn EVERYTHING is at stake here, and if your little *BLEEP*
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    slave decides to even test my resolve in this match, I will not only kick Joey's ass, or his ass, I'll be kicking yours too Trip.

    So much for being on my side!

    OOC: @Trip in the Head
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  2. *Trip responds to Alias in a calming manner*

    TRIP: Don't worry Alias. We got this. Maybe you didn't get the hint when I spoke to him earlier when he broke in here. He knows his duty is support you fully in this match tonight. His job...his CAREER is on the line. And I made sure he knows that.
    *Trip sits back in his office chair and takes a drink as his cell phone rings*
    Hold on a sec.
    *Trip answers his phone*
    *Trips eyes widen in surprise*
    He WHAT!?
    *Trip pauses as he is told more and he laughs for a second*
    And he's wearing the assless chaps? HA thats hilarious!
    *Trip hangs up his phone quickly*
    Well Alias, it seems someone is looking for you.
    *Trip pulls up a tv on a wheeled table and turns it on as it shows the feed: *
    See this thread (open)

    TRIP: I don't know how he did it, but it looks like @Dat Kid has your title. You going to get your ass out of my office and go deal with that.....champ?​
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