Is This Ghost Of Owen Hart Haunting Rowdy Roddy Pipers House??? Video

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. REALLY!? hmm:​
  2. No.

    And in other news, another HQ thread brought to us by Gohan.
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  3. It's obviously intended for the viewer to believe that Piper's house is being haunted by Owen Hart.

    Having said that, trying to convince people to believe in ghosts is a lot like trying to convince people to believe in God. If a person is convinced that there are no ghosts and they've never had an experience that convinced them otherwise or even made them wonder, then you're never going to do it. But, if a person has had an experience that makes them believe in ghosts, you're never going to convince them they're wrong.

    It's obvious from the video that Piper believes his house is haunted (I mean, he was on an episode of "Celebrity Ghost Stories" for Pete's sake), but I would question whether or not the psychic in the video had foreknowledge of Piper's relationship with Owen (
    I mean, it's such obscure knowledge). Now, whether or not she knows about the relationship going into this visit and whether or not she is actually feeling the spirit of Owen Hart, that goes to belief, not evidence.


  4. Ghosts do not exist.
  5. You have to watch the whole episode to get a grasp of what is happening. The show was called "The Haunting of... Roddy Piper". He was on the show as a follow up to his appearance on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" where he talked about seeing the ghost/spirit of Adrian Adonis who was his best friend in the early days of his career. The medium came in and sensed a lot of spirits in his home including those of his grandfather, his father, Owen Hart, Curt Henning, and Adrian Adonis... whether you believe in the stuff represented on the show or not it was actually a great watch simply to learn things about Piper that he rarely speaks of. It was actually entertaining to me.

    This small, incomplete video really doesn't do the story justice at all.
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  6. I laugh at anyone that bolieves in ghosts.
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  7. :bodallas:
  8. pfft should've called Nancy Grace to be the medium.
  9. If you guys had lived the experiences I've had, you'd feel differently.

    I remembered seeing the footage but couldn't remember where it was from (and knew it wasn't from Celebrity Ghost Stories). That was an interesting episode and I enjoyed it as well.

  10. I promise you that I would not. Though I do love a good ghost story, so if you are in the mood I wouldn't mind hearing about some of what you are talking about.
  11. Not a bad idea for a thread.

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  12. I can have it up in 20 seconds!

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