Is this Heyman's best work of his career?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. I listened to an interview with him the other day where he said it was, and the interviewer agreed, so do you? Is this Heyman's best work ever in this company at the moment? I don't think he's had one bad segment at all since returning.
  2. His initial run with Brock was more enjoyable IMO, he has been great since he returned though.
  3. I love the fact that he finally get some credit as a manager for wrestlers. I remember when he was part of the 'invasion angle' in 2001, and he was such a waste of space, and was used so poorly that it basically made people sick of seeing him. His only great moment in 2001 was his 'shoot promo' against Vince McMahon.

    His current work with Punk and Brock is 1000% better than what he one before.
  4. He's alright right now. I think he's good with the roles he's been given with, but when he was with Brock and the general manager of Smackdown, he was much much better.
  5. I think Paul Heyman is superb. He's thoroughly entertaining and the speed that he is able to bring a crowd to despise him is second to none.

    I'm not sure where he went after ECW but Vince has waited far to long to bring him back in my opinion.

    I think after the famous Punk pipebomb incident back in July 2011, The Punk and whole Cena feud was good viewing overall; I'd have personally brought Heyman back around this time and put them together. This way Punk could have been heel for a lot longer. This is were Punk and Heyman are at their best.

    I think since getting with CM Punk & THEN staying with Lesnar on his return is Heymans best run ever in WWE.

    He's even got a T Shirt on haha he's big time now.
  6. Paul Heyman is really a winner since Day 1.
    Without him, there will be no Brock, Austin, CM Punk and many more.

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