WrestleMania Is this one of the laziest Wrestlemania's in history?

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  1. In terms of the feud we are given and the build they have had? It just seems like they're trying to capitalise on recent buy-rate success (not out of the ordinary) by giving us rematches with slightly different storylines around them.

    It just seems really lazy and something that I think could bite WWE in the ass. Has there been any lazier Wrestlemania's than this?
  2. 27 felt pretty lackluster but this shit is a new level of bad.
  3. They just think that people will buy the product cause Rock,Lesnar,HHH and Taker will be there
  4. Wow Crayo turned into a WWE Hater overnight... :damn:

    Yep. This is definitely the laziest. They clearly didn't have any sort of plan... they saw "money" in this ADR/Swagger feud, which sucked, and that left Mark Henry with nothing to do. So they have to alter their plans and pull Ryback out of that feud just to give their biggest draw something to do (well at least that's the one well built feud on the show and the only one that'll help anyone), which left a whole in the Shield match, where they set up Jericho to enter (even though he was feuding with Ziggler which would have given Mr. Future World Champ Even Though I Can't Beat Anyone Not Named Kofi a much-needed win), but did away with that in favor to give Fandango something to do, yippie, then they have to panic and get rid of all the great work Big Show has done and turn him face just in an attempt to fill the Shield match, so now that Ziggler had nothing to do they stuck him and Big Z Jackson in a tag match with 2 weeks to go...

    Think I've made this big long rant before, but when you really start to look back at it is when it just really looks sloppy and idiotic. :cornette:

    On top of that, several feuds just feel like they've hit a dead end. The Shield are just beating up random people, Punk and Zeb Colter are just repeating the same thing every week, Rock's not appearing (although apparently last night's show helped that build)...

    By the way, Wade Barrett vs the Miz for the IC Title was just announced on WWE.Com. If it's good enough for WWE Main Event, it's good enough for Wrestlemania!
  5. They know Wrestlemania can sell easily just on brand name nowadays, so with all the legends appearing and with Rock/Cena in a rematch (which broke PPV records last year), they likely know it'll hit past a million buys and maybe even break last year's record even though the build is poor. So they're phoning it in. It's lazy, but come Wrestlemania time, the card will still be the same and it should be a great show regardless. Regardless of the build, it's amazing how the whole aura of the show as a whole can make the show feel really special regardless.
  6. Lets hope the buyrate sucks which it wont but lets hope it does so they cant phone it in next year.
  7. Next year will have rock/brock and Cena/Taker. you best believe they are phoning that build in
  8. Think there hasn't been any laziest Wrestlemania but there may be one in the future. And the chair isn't so uncommon, they made one of No Mercy with Jeff Hardy's face
  9. I didn't turn into a hater @Rain lol, I call things how I see them. I am still excited about the matches and outcomes, but I can not help but notice the lazy aura I get from this years Wrestlemania.
  10. Yeah, and not only have they been lazy but they've changed their mind quite a few times during it (undercard) so that was also bad.
  11. They know they'll get huge numbers with Rock, Cena, Taker, Brock, HHH. No reason for them to try so hard when the names alone will make them loads of ca$h.
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