Is Zimmerman Innocent?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Kyle, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Fuck no dude. He shot an innocent, unarmed 17 year old and killed him because he was wearing a hoodie. If this were any country besides the US he would be rotting in prison right now. I fucking hate our 'justice system'
  2. Can someone fill me in on what happened? I've heard nothing about this incident.

    I will say though that your justice system > ours. Your life sentences are actual life, the most you get here is like 25 years I think. Doesn't matter what you do, that's the max. Also, we just shipped a teenager who owned tv-shack to America to be imprisoned for linking to copyrighted material, not hosting, linking. Which Google does. Which isn't illegal in the UK and most other countries. I do hate America for its law and government but my god does it destroy the UK.
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  4. Edited the OP @[Crayo] as it seems this was to plug a blog, this was all it said. I agree our justice system is too soft on the major crimes whilst too harsh on the minor ones.
  5. Good move.

    And yeah I know, if you get caught ddossing a company you get like 5 years and a massive fine. Same goes for piracy. Yet man slaughter and assault is equal or less most times.
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