Storyline ISIS has arrived

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  1. The IWT entrance explodes and collapses.
    A truck comes from the side of the stage and crashes through the barricade, fans run out of the way. Masked men exit the van and start swinging machetes at the crowd to back them up. The leader of the group drags a man out of the truck who's face is covered and throws him the ring.

    The man tries to escape , but the leader slides into the ring and his him with an elbow to the back of the head, then picks him up by his head. The leader takes off the sack covering the hostage, it's Frank The Jock. The leader quickly takes the machete and beheads FTJ in front of the crowd. The audience goes into a panic and starts running away.

    The leader holds up FTJ's decapitated head then reaches for his mask and slowly takes it off.
    It's JEFF SHOCK! JEFF SHOCK has arrived in IWT and he brought ISIS with him from EBW!

    *cut to commercial*
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  2. Shadow and CM did it better.