OOC Issues with IWT Voting

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Jonathan, Aug 29, 2014.

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  1. I'm curious too. We have had some feedback before hand (in the thread I made to change the kayfabe category), but the fact that it will be anonymous this way is a good idea @Delik
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  2. A real banter king here, "lel" is great feedback, thank you.
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  3. As if you didn't expect that :pity2:
  4. Like I fully expect at least one person (sometimes more) to vote in the only other category other than YES on the voting polls. I assume you have a good idea of who they are @Delik .

    When do we get to complain about that BS? :hmmm:
  5. Shadow, Clinton and maybe 1 or 2 others.

    I'll just change the rule so that unless you vote yes your vote doesn't count. Vote the ☺ and your vote doesn't count.
  6. BAM! And done lol
  7. I've dropped my say. Should be simple to see which one is mine.
  8. I highly doubt that is the only issue.
  9. Whoever mentioned the bias voting/having 3 unbias voting judges, want to either PM me/trip or explain it in a bit more detail here?

    So far the main issues are:

    Unclear categories
    People bitching and not accepting the score they're given (not really something that's fixable)
  10. Why not post it here?
  11. To keep it anonymous.
  12. I thought that would have been your post on the form. Any time we ask for feedback in public people are reluctant or don't give their full view. Being anonymous people are more likely to give their full view.
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  13. What consequences are there for those who post here?
  14. None, obviously, but people just don't like it. Why does it matter anyway?
  15. I agreed with your other post. I'm just stating that there are others who could benefit from seeing others concerns or issues in general.
  16. Oh, they will be posted here eventually once there's more replies.
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  17. Keep the voting system as it is.
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  18. Personally, I don't hate the voting system.
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  19. Interesting comment :lol1:
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