Storyline It All Begins Now

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  1. *Unknown walks out in his usual attire, hoodie, jeans, even though unmasking to Dazzle he walks out in his mask,Unknown looks really rough, his hair messed up, tears in his dirty clothes, he looks stressed, he is wheeling out a tied up he Dazzler in a wheelchair, he is laughing while talking to Dazzle, he pushes the wheelchair down the ramp and laughs, the chair smashes into the barricade and tips, Unknown walks calmly, picks up the chair. They come to a stop at the ring, Unknown lifts a tied up Dazzle and throws him into the ring, he puts the chair in the ring. Unknown rolls into the ring and places Dazzle back in the chair*

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! Now before everyone jumps up in arms. A change in look is not a change of power or mental standpoint. I still assure you my power is coming and that the almighty power myself is going to show you the life you have been ignoring and tonight I make a statement to everyone here.

    *Unknown pulls out a revolver, Dazzler starts struggling even more, Unknown puts the revolver to Dazzler's head*

    Beg. Beg for your life. Right now and explain to me why your almighty saviour should not just shoot you right here and now, I put a cap in your skull and you die. All of the pain you inflicted on me, all the mental torture. Tell me why you dont deserve to have a cap put in your skull, tell me why I shouldn't kill you?

    For months I have told you what I am here to take and you have not taken kindly to that and fair dos, I attacked you and you attacked me but you decided to make it personal. Thats where you and I differ. I dont take things to a personal level and I have a threshold and I can control myself and I know where to stop but you just keep on going and you take me to limits where I never want to go nor have I ever went to before until you, you bastard. You have destroyed me and you take advantage of the cracks you make and try and shatter me, NOW I HAVE THE UPPER HAND, NOW I AM IN CONTROL. Its like I am driving a car, and you start poking me at first, I can handle it and keep going, then you start punching me, I start to get distracted but keep going, then you start to try and take control and a brawl breaks out, the car swerves and crashes and it becomes serious. You have taken the control from my hands and the minions walk around with no meaning and no control, I am taking the wheel from you and I may as well just end you and stop you from causing more havoc.

    Now lets hear your final words bitch

    @Simon Belmont
    *Unknown rips the tape from his mouth and holds the mic to his mouth*

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  2. *The Crowd starts Chanting Joey Bryant and Cole is watching Backstage*
    Cole: this Crowd does not stop,even when somebody is about to die........well the bastard had it coming to him,elimnating me in the Rumble
  3. Dazzler: The Dazzler ain't going to beg for you. He knows that you're all talk. You don't have the balls to shoot The Dazzler. The Dazzler knows that, and deep down, you know it too. You're all talk and threats. You can hit me all you want. Beat me down all you want. Your candy ass is just a sneak attacking little bitch. Take that gun and shove it up your candy ass.

    *The Dazzler kicks Unknown in the knee. Unknown falls forward and Dazzler kicks him in the face. He escapes from the chair and begins to attack Unknown. The Dazzler gets the revolver and slides it out of the ring. He gets on top of Unknown and begins unloading with punches. The Dazzler picks Unknown up and sits him on the wheel chair. The Dazzler grabs the chair and pushes Unknown into the turnbuckle. Unknown falls off the chair, hits his head on the ring post, and falls to the ground.*
  4. *Unknown gets up and leans on the barricade, he laughs as blood drips from him, he rolls over the barricade and walks off through the crowd*