It doesn't matter who leaves this company!

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  1. *B.Dazzle makes his way to the ring with his one of his usual nice shirts and nice shades. He has a serious look on his face.*

    "For some reason, B.Dazzle keeps hearing talk about the direction of this company. He want's to tell you that the direction of this company is fine as long as B.Dazzle is in it. This company doesn't need any of those other jobbers. They don't have the testicular fortitude to match up with what B.Dazzle does night in and night out. B.Dazzle is the highest profit in this company. No one else can match up in the level of importance that B.Dazzle is for this company. The fact that new guys and old guys get more chances than me makes me sick. B.Dazzle doesn't care about 36 inch plasma televisions, he doesn't care about poems to Jonathan, he doesn't care about arrests, he doesn't care about resignations, and he doesn't care about retirements. He only cares about being at the top of each card, getting the push and paycheck he deserves. B.Dazzle is the best talent IWT has ever signed in their history, but he didn't make himself into a star. He was born a star. When he was born, the doctor told his parents that he has never seen something more magnificent in their life. After they were done talking about B.Dazzle's dazzling lower parts, the doctor told them that they just gave birth to the most dazzling human being in history. B.Dazzle is saying this now, so you all better listen. B.Dazzle is gonna take all the talk about whats going on. He's gonna turn it sideways, shine it up, and stick it up each and every one of the IWT''s rosters asses. You have all been dazzled by the most dazzling, the most electrifying, the most ass kicking,the most woman sleeping man in IWT history."

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  2. Nick walks out to no theme. The crowd gives him a very mixed reaction after his recent statements about the IWT and those who left.

    "B Dazzle. What are you doing out here man? Just coming out here every week, spewing the SAME old shit every damn week! When are you gonna realize nobody cares? Just like nobody cares about the departures here, just like nobody cares about shitty poems! We get it. You're the almighty B. Dazzle, the most dazzling man we've ever seen. You're under appreciated you need more money you need more matches. Want to know how you can get that?"

    Nick pauses for a moment.

    "You can stop complaining, stop thinking so highly of yourself, and make an impact! You saying that you're so dazzling doesn't effect anyone. Nobody will care if you just keep talking about yourself. Challenge someone for gods sake. Also, I just thought of another thing. You keep on addressing yourself in the third person. Stop it. Who are you? Some sort of wanna be rock who's gonna bedazzle everyone's candy asses? What a joke."

    "So if you really want to be noticed, stop imitating wrestlers, stop spewing the same bullshit, and challenge someone!"

    *the crowd pops hoping for b dazzle to make a challenge*
  3. *B.Dazzle looks at Nick with a serious face. That face turns into a giant smile across his face.*

    "You want B.Dazzle to make a challenge? Fine. B.Dazzle challenges you to shut your damn mouth and remember who you are talking to. B.Dazzle doesn't think that he's dazzling, he knows that he is dazzling. You want to come out here, and tell the dazzling one what to do? Fine, B.Dazzle will make a challenge. He will make a challenge to you. B.Dazzle versus the unknown, unwanted, annoying piece of trash. B.Dazzle is gonna kick your ass so badly you won't be able to stand up for the rest of your life. B.Dazzle doesn't see you as a challenger, he sees you as another opportunity for a paycheck. He sees you as a stepping stone to prove that he is everything he says he is. B.Dazzle is not gonna let you come down here, and talk trash to him. When he says he's gonna do something, he goes out and does it. That's why when he says he's going to beat your candy ass, it's not just talk, it's reality. He is going to make you and your parents regret the day you were born. He is going to make you regret stepping in this company. Most importantly, he is going to make you regret trying to challenge the dazzling one. Understand who's the top dog and who's the little puppy. You will never be as good as B.Dazzle. No one will be as good as him. He is the most dazzling man in wrestling and the most dazzling man in entertainment. He will beat you when we face. Whenever that day may be. You better get ready, because B.Dazzle was born ready."

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic, and walks up the entrance way. He stops at the top of the ramp, takes off his shades, and looks back at Nick. He smirks and walks away.*
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  7. That's great. I'v enjoyed what you and I have done so far.