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  1. The arena is shown as the cameras scan the crowd.

    Commentator 1: "We have a fantastic show today but let's not forget the tag match we witnessed last week with Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain winning against the influence"

    Commentator 2: "It's also clear that at the end of the day, Brandon was caught under the influence"

    Commentator 1: "That is a damn sha-"

    The commentator is cut off as the tron comes to life and the lights go red.

    At 00:07 Brandon emerges to receive a considerable pop from the ground, he is visibly bruised and has his ribs taped up as he walks down to the ring, rolling under the bottom rope and is handed the microphone. Looking around as the crowd continues to cheer.

    "Last time I was in this ring, I promised that we would beat The Influence, that we would get the 1-2-3."

    He pulls his hair back wincing a little from the pain.

    "But they got the last word. They couldn't handle being second best and ... this happened"

    He points to the tron where a badly edited video plays.

    As the video finishes the camera focuses back on Brandon.

    "Sometimes, you never get a chance to go back there... to go back to that moment and fight back"

    A smirk breaks across his face.

    "But sometimes, you get that chance, that opportunity to redeem yourself, to go back into the darkest place and give your anger a target, give your vengeance a prey"

    He clenches his fist as he visibly gets agitated about the past events.

    "Michael... you and your crony might have gotten the last word that night... but fate is on my side. Destiny is on my side and when I get my hands on you in the title tournament when everyone else is fighting for that title. I'm going to be fighting for one thing, one thing that is the best motivator around. I will be fighting for my vengeance."

    He walks around the ring looking down.

    "When we brawl in this ring!"

    He points to the mat.

    "It wont be for a 3 count, it wont be for just another win on my belt, it wont even be for the tournament. It WILL be to END this! To END you!"

    He drops the mic rolling out of the ring as his theme hits, making his way up the ramp, the commentators and the crowd letting an eerie quiet sink in. ​
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