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  1. *Britanica walks in the ring with mic wearing a long, black dress with a cross around her neck*

    "Did you really think you people got rid of me? I started this franchise, I molded it with my own bare hands. I may no longer lead it but my shares are still validated. When I first established this company, it was no more than pipe dreams and a crazy imagination. Who would have thought that little ol' me could have made such an impact on so many people? I have shed blood for this company, tears, and many broken doors... But I stuck it all out. I did it for all of you."

    *looks down at the logo in the ring*

    "What happened months ago.. was, to say the least, uncalled for. I was taken advantage of by a power hungry man known as FTJ. It was a bad time in my life. I stopped caring about the company, stopped showing up... I all but let it burn down. And for what? A man... No. A BOY who left town and quit the IWT. Well... I tried it in rehab. It didn't do much for me. I came to the realization that there is only one man out there who can fix me... Who can save me. This broken road I took is behind me and in front of me I only see one man. One champion. Someone who has made this company a better place..."

    *looks to the stage with a crazy smile*

    "You all know him... You all fear him... You should all respect him. This man... I can say many words about but.. I will let him do the talking now..."

    *drops the mic*
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  2. *People in the crowd are scarred :silva:*
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    The lights dim, and the fans go wild as the pyro hits for the music. Britanica is in the ring dancing to the music, as Lady Deathbane comes out first, at the 30 second mark, dancing with Britanica in the ring, while the fans go wild. The pyro goes off a 2nd time, at 00:48, as aids walks out seconds later to the theme.

    Aids walks down to the ring, holding his MITB contract, wearing a brewers jersey, dress clothes underneath. He walks down to the ring and goes to the corners, while LDB goes to the announce table, reminding people who her favorite IWT memebr is, as Britanica and Aids go to the corners together, as Aids Holds her up above his head, while on the corner, to a crowd filled with jeers. The crowd chats "holy shit" while aids walks over, and grabs a mic from the center of the ring.

    *Aids grabs a mic, and laughs while he and brita throw up the middle finger salute to the fans, to a huge boo, before starting.

    IWT universe, your uncrowned champion is here! *crowd boo*

    You want to jeer? You need to cheer, i am the past iwt champion of this company, and you are all looking at the future. Today we get to enjoy an event only worth of the term "Aids-esque" where i am about to take on 2 members of the same faction, 2v1. I am here tonight to give you a preview, as i stand next to the only decent looking females in this industry *crowd boos*

    You want to boo? I cured your shareholder, im the reason this company still exists! You want to hate, direct it at Jonathan and Dat Chocolate From Jersey as they have invested 0 into this company, and talk shit while collecting their paycheck. You want to hate? Direct it at @b dazzle and Shannon_724 because they will be putting me over on my way to the future of this company. The future looks bleak, and without Aids Johnson there is nothing to keep Dat Failures group from becoming champions. You're welcome people, because without me, our past would have no future. Brita IS IWT, and without us you have no past, and nothing to look forward to.

    I am the future, and you all know my past. Are you ready to evolve with the champ?
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  4. *Suicide's theme hits and he appears on the titantron,the world title rests on his shoulders*

    Suicide: "Are you done giving those imbecilic fans a laugh yet or are you going to keep talking shit? You see Aids you weren't IWT's past,you aren't its present,and, you sure as hell aren't going to be its future. You don't mean anything around here. You won't even beat the two no-bodies you're facing tonight. I'd admire your effort though,it's cute. I just wanted to say I'll be watching your match tonight and I'm going to enjoy watching your ass be beat."
  5. OOC: What happened to Jonathan's car?!
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  6. *Alkaline's theme comes on and cuts of Suicide's promo. Alkaline walks out on the stage in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and with a bottle of water in hand.*​
    AK: Sorry to cut you of suicide when you are trying to sound stupid, I'm sure that's an easy feat for you but I just have to cut you off here.​
    *Alkaline turns towards the ring*​
    AK: First of all Aids it seems I have to remind you that your little handicap match was turned into a tag match. You'll have to team up with me to take on B Dazzle and Shannon_724 and after we leave those two schmucks lying on the ground it will be you vs me. Second of all: You can have as many dumb groupies as you want, just make sure they don't get in the way when the bell has struck. Because if they get in my way it will be on your conscience that they end up in the hospital. But you're used to visiting people in the hospital aren't you Aids? I don't like you and I haven't forgotten about that little stunt you pulled on my friend Seabs so I look forward to paying you back in kind. And then you will have to do that cripple Dat Kid's bidding for a month. ​
    So come the tag match, and come our match, I will show everyone that what R.E.M sang is true, everybody hurts sometimes.​
    *Alkaline throws the water bottle into the titantron before walking backstage*​
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  7. *Crowd member pisses his pants*
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  8. *grabs mic*

    "I find it quiet comedic how you all 'think' or 'feel' Aids is the lesser man... How many titles have you held? Who is currently the owner of the briefcase with a title match written all over it? Well... *laughs obnoxiously* it certainly isn't either of you. Why don't you take your lost causes, pathetic records and botched move sets back to whatever half assed indie company you came from. This one is for the big dogs... Not neutered little puppies."
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  9. *Crowd member starts crying*
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  10. *Crowd member starts crying*
  11. *Backstage Senhor is watching on a monitor*

    Aids getting gohan's sloppy seconds? *shrugs* to each his own.
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  12. *Jacob comes out with no theme gets into the ring and smiles*

    Another big announcement? This is your company, but it was better when you fucked FTJ in Jonathan's car. Everything was a chaos, and people actually enjoy chaos. Right now your man has left and you're looking for another man to use in your own benefit. You won't find it here, but you can contact FTJ, I've heard he's working in a whores club near your house. Now forget about the decent people and go for your man!
  13. *turns to Jacob and starts laughing obnoxiously again*

    "I find it quite funny that you out of all people step into my ring and want to throw words around like you were never in my office... Like you were never trying to take a pass at me. You are just jealous of Aids and jealous of Frank... You wish it was you in Jonathan's back seat. And you know what I - ..."

    *back hands Jacob right across the face*
  14. *turns on music and tries to impress Britta with dance moves*
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  15. *Jacob facepalms*

    Is that all your strength? Actually it's fine because you're stronger than some men in this company, but not stronger than me. I didn't even feel that kick, and I don't care what you did with FTJ, there are prettier women in this world, and they don't need so much makeup :pity:

    *Jacob gets near Brit and touches her left leg*

    I can do what FTJ did with you, but I respect myself and I won't touch that dirty, dark and wet place.
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  16. Aids breaks the silence, and grabs the mic out of brita's hand. He points toward the wood warrior, who is still dancing to mase's song.

    You know there's more man, where that come from, you want to get on the Johnson of Aids? Take a number.

    *Aids gets inbetween brita and Jacob, giving him a solid shove, sending him to ringside. Aids hits Colton with a suicide dive, giving the crowd a huge pop, and hurting both stars. Aids gets up first, and carries Jacob by his baggy jeans and shirt, walking him to the entrance before throwing him into the backstage area. He walks up to the wood warrior, and has his theme hit before doing the dougie vs WoodWarrior. The crowd goes wild, and has no idea wtf is going on, as the two warriors get intense while having a dance off.
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  17. *Senhor does a face palm and throws up in his mouth a little bit*
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  18. *Jacob's in the backstage because of Aids attack he's a bit hurt*

    What the hell is going on there? Doesn't matter, I'll finish this stuff with Brit other day, or maybe I'll interrupt them later on...
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  19. OOC the camera wouldnt even pander to your bullshit, shouldnt you be up in the rafters?

    Stinger Perfect?
  20. OOC - You both tag me and not B. Dazzle?...And do it twice? :(
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