It has come to my attention...

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  1. I have not seen @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane" or @cloud in this section in some time. If ever(?)

    I am requesting that @"dat leofarooq deathbane" & @cloud notify me in a weeks time or I will be forced to strip you both of your titles.​

    Both of you have challengers waiting.
    If you do not respond in a weeks time, I will make two threads for other contenders to to challenge for both belts (under vacancy).

    You have until March 4th to respond.

    (My apologies if I have over looked either member.)
  2. If you are one of the people who wanted to challenge for the Hardcore belt or the US belt, let me know here.
    Thanks! :otunga:
  3. Facing US Champ at WWEFMANIA!
  4. I have a European Championship match at WrestleMania, then I have a World title shot at Extreme Rules, so I don't need neither of these shitty titles. :smug:
  5. I wanted to challenge for the Hardcore Title v. @Cloud
  6. If he does not respond, then a promo battle will be held to name the new Hardcore Champion the week of/prior to WM. If it happens, you can enter for it if you would like.

    Not sure if anyone else wanted to battle for it.
  7. Has Farooq even had a promo battle since he's been Champ? :willis:
  8. :nope:
  9. :rock: Farooq doesnt HAVE to do anything, He is our GOAT here.
  10. If Farooq doesn't appear, I'll face Gohan for the vacated title since he is too afraid to face me in a non title match.
    I'll win the US title, go on to WrestleMania and win the CW BattleRoyal and my rematch against Danielson for the European and title, and then win the big one at Extreme Rules since I'm waiting for the winner of the WH title match at WM to have my rightful shot.
    MAN...I really do have a chance to win all my brands titles here. :punk:
  11. There's a max of two now. My multiple titles are grandfathered in.
  12. That's right :sad:
    Okay, I win the US title, go one to Wrestlemania and win the Euro and the CW titles, then the next day on RAW I'll cut a promo on how I'm holding 3 titles now anf how the I should vacate on, and I'll announce that I'm vacating the CW title.

    I then, will go on to Extreme Rules and win the WH title, and then again vacate the US title the next night on RAW.

    BTW you should thank God that you are not on the same brand as I'm. :rock:
  13. :LOL1: You're funny, I'll give you that.
  14. Well now that I think about it...
    If I win the Cruiserweight Title, as well as the Hardcore, Double Champion.
  15. Of course I'm, but I was serious too :rock:
    There is nothing difficult about being funny in your statements and promos, I think I should teach Sheamus and Cena something about that.

    You can't. they are on different brands , you can only challenge for the titles that belongs to your brand that is Nitro, so you can't compete for the Hardcore since its a RAW title, you can only compete for the CW title which you will fail miserably to get since it has the name of yours truly Baraa all over it. :rock:

    Maybe You can compete for it after I vacate it after WM since I'll be holding too many title.
  16. @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane" is on Skype - told him he has to respond here.
  17. Not touching that.:mad2:
    I forfeit my World Champion.
  18. :phew: That was a close one. lol

    So now... where is @cloud :hmm: