It`s just a matter of time

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    The camera places in a dark room, only for a minute, before a lamp is turned on by a hand, we can see a sandglass under the lamp and a guy starts talking
    ???: It`s just a matter of time, a matter of time until I am champion, not a corporate champion, but not a people`s champion, because none of you have helped me, none of you has done a thing for me throughout my entire career, all I have done over past years, I HAVE DONE IT BY MISELF! ,and, as I said before, it`s just a matter of time for me to find my place …and it starts now, it starts when I beat Brandon Cage
    The hand puts the sandglass down, and then, the lights go on and we can see Tyler Freeborn looking straight to the camera, with a look of frustration in his face
    Tyler Freeborn: As you know, last week I lost to Chris Kaizer, a person you consider a Legend around here, I`m not mad about that loss, why would I be?, I dominated the entire match, and I committed a mistake, and he capitalized on it and pinned me, that`s not bad, that loss made me re-think that I shouldn`t be so cocky and concentrate more about my matches, and that… that will start next week, when I take on “Mr Sandman” Brandon Cage, you see, he is the guy that won the TV title match last week…
    Tyler shows a little smirk on his face, before starting to talk again
    Tyler Freeborn:
    This guy says he`s going to put everyone to sleep, and he said we shouldn`t be scared of him, (Laughs while saying) As if someone was scared of him!, I only have one thing to tell you, Mr. Cage, open your eyes, no one is afraid of you, stop putting lies into your own head, you don`t inflict fear and pain to anyone, stop lying to yourself, you are better than that
    He makes a little pause, and talks again
    Tyler Freeborn:
    Let`s forget about that, I want to talk to the guys who are still lost in the world, for them I only have one advise, and that is to follow the Savior, FOLLOW THIS SAVIOR!
    The sand in the glass goes down completely
    Tyler Freeborn: It`s time!
    The lights go out again

  2. Cage won his match...
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