Storyline It was destiny that we would meet at Mania.

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  1. *The Dazzler walks out from the backstage to a large mixed reaction of both cheers and boos. He's wearing a Gold Rolex watch around his waist, a gold necklace, a nice Hawaiian shirt that's unbuttoned, and dark pants. Most importantly, he's carrying his tag team title over his shoulder. The Dazzler gets a mic from ringside and gets in the ring. He waits for the crowd to hush down before beginning to speak.*

    Dazzler: Finally......... The Dazzler has come back to IWT.

    *Mixed reaction.*

    Dazzler: The Dazzler is coming to you all hot off a win along with the rest of The Dazzling Chavs, in which they whipped the collective candy asses of Aiden Ryan, Edward Coleman, and that piece of monkey crap, Unknown. The Dazzler took them by the ears, dragged them out of the arena, and checked each of their monkey asses right into the Smackdown Hotel. That, while a great moment, was only second best thing at the Elimination Chamber. The first one being the end of the IWT Tag Team Championship Contenders tournament. At the elimination chamber we had a competitive match between the two other best teams in IWT, oh wait, they're the only other two teams in IWT. The reason for this is because the other jabronis in the back, especially the major jabronis, are too afraid of becoming a tag team because they know they'll just get their monkey asses handed to them by the most dazzling team in all of professional wrestling.

    *Loud mixed reaction.*

    Dazzler: At the Elimination Chamber, it was The Order who went on to win the entire tournament and become the next number one contenders to The Dazzler and Gav's IWT Tag Team Championships. To be completely honest with you, The Order was the team The Dazzler wanted to win the entire thing the whole time. It's not because The Dazzler thinks they'll be an easy win. It's because The Dazzling Chavs have yet to get revenge on those two drug addicted, trailer park trash, pieces of stinking, steaming monkey crap! For months, The Order has run around here and have told everybody to give in. They run around and tell everyone who will listen to give in to The Order, and to their credit, they prove to everyone who closed the door on their face wrong. Trip, Marcus, IWT Mania is destiny. The Dazzling Chavs and The Order is happening at IWT Mania 2, because that's what was supposed to happen. You two were always going to win this tournament, and no matter how stiff the competition was, there was never a doubt at least in The Dazzler's mind that you two were going to lose. You guys were meant to win this tournament, go to IWT Mania to challenge for these titles, and lose. That's what is destined to happen, and that's what will happen. There will be no giving in to The Order. The only Order there is going to be is you two ordering yourselves a ass whipping of a lifetime!

    *Dazzler gets a crowd pop due to the fans disdain for The Order.*

    Dazzler: On the day of Mania, when the bell for our match rings, two teams are going to beat the holy hell out of each other for one prize. That prize is the tag team titles that The Dazzling Chavs hold. When the match is over, the bell has rung, and bodies are left all over the floor. It will be the ring announcer who announces "Your winners and still IWT Tag Team Champions........The Dazzling Chavs". Bring out all the mind tricks and violence you want. The Dazzling Chavs will be ready for everything you decided to throw at them. If you smell what The Dazzler is cooking!

    *The crowd pops as The Dazzler drops the mic. He exits the ring and heads back to the locker room.*
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  2. OOC - God damn these mixed reactions. Why can't this crowd make up it's mind!!!! Eh, but I'm looking forward to this match a lot. Arab & Trip are just beasts at promo-ing in my opinion.
  3. OOC: They can't make up their minds because I'm like The Rock. Heel Rock always got cheers and boos.
  4. OOC: Can't wait to see this, Fucking can't wait!
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  5. I get cheers and boos only to make fun of the fact that everyone gets cheered and boo'd
    D'Z's response draws a mixture of cheers and boos!!!

    everyone in IWT wants to be the cool heel
  6. Well, you are based off.... Dolph Ziggler.
  7. I'm not based off of anyone. people think I'm supposed to be DZ? no way
  8. Well, I imagine that your personality is loosely based off DZ.
  9. my personality has been around way longer than 2010 when I first knew what a Dolph Ziggler was
  10. You hipster you.
  11. Personally I want JBL/Early 00's triple h heat
  12. I thought D'Z was Randal from Clerks.
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  13. now we are on to something
  14. That could be his type of character for a certain........ Squad.
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  15. We need a Dante! And Silent Bob and Jay!