Hell in a Cell It was going to be Jericho?

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  1. So I read a rumor that the original plan was to have Chris Jericho go up against Kevin in a hell in a cell match, and for this to be the main event of the PPV. Now I don't know if this is true or not but honestly... I would have liked to see it. The only reason I say this (I am a Seth fan) is because I know Jericho wont be around much longer and I always liked him. Specially as an annoying heel. lol

    Anyways, Cageside Seats said this:

    “I think the storyline with Kevin Owens and Jericho is just beginning. I think there’s a lot of legs to this storyline and it’s one of the rarest of things. It’s a storyline that basically built organically that was never supposed to be a storyline. I had that with Shawn Michaels in 2008 and Rey Mysterio in 2009. We just end up with this present, this great chemistry between KO and I. A lot of intrigue and mystery. A lot of interest from the people watching from the WWE Universe. I am really looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen at Survivor Series, Hell in a Cell and continuing forward. I think there’s a lot in the tank for Jericho and Owens. Especially from what’s transpired so far.”

    What are your thoughts? Would you have rather seen KO vs Y2J?
  2. Not sure why they would have him in there. Hell in a Cell usually dictates the plot of a long running feud, which Jericho and Owens don't have. It's likely they can have a match down the line if Owens is still champion and if Jericho is still around.
  3. I'd much prefer to have a triple threat than either singles match. Feels like the whole "two friends meet inside the Cell" has the most intrigue at this point
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  4. Ya know, I have to agree with this. I feel like this would have made for an interesting twist. Maybe they will add him in last minute.
  5. KO vs Y2J is probably going to happen at Survivor Series and/or at Roadblock. Hell, might even happen at the Rumble.

    It all depends on when Y2J is going to leave to tour with Fozzy, really.
  6. Yeah, I like Seth and K.O. Don't get me wrong but Jericho is God. And I'd love to see that match if Seth was double teamed at the start but then K.O. And Jericho going after eachother. I do hope he gets one more world title reign before retiring too. Such an awesome entertainer.
  7. Triple threat! Let Y2J shine as long as he is still here!