Storyline It Was Only a Matter of Time

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  1. Michael is sitting in his dressing room, slouched down on the bench with his gear unpacked on laid carefully on the floor next to him. He sits up and bends forward while he fiddles with a small pin. He begins to whisper to himself before he begins to talk.

    Michael: Would you look at that? A man known as, Alkatrz, The Big Guy...Jwab's Lap Dog? The man that has been walking on thin ice since the moment he betrayed for that ingrate, Danny Jacobs. I set aside my problems with him so I can work on other things far more important than Alkatrz. Then came the moment that he became a personal security guard for the one and only Jwab. I'm not sure if you know about this, but Alkatrz was my protégé, and one of my closest friends in The New Generation. I made that ungrateful piece of shit into what he is. I morphed his sorry ass from a good-for-nothing steroid head, to a legit competitor.

    Michael: I singled handedly put him on the radar, and what does he do? He waddles his 5'3 stubs into Jwab's office and threatens to beat me senseless? Listen hear you vanilla midget, when you're laying flat on your back, staring up at the lights as my hand is raised in'll wish you never had left The New Generation. You would wish you never stepped out of my protection and you'll KNOW that what happened to you, is the first of many to come.

    Michael: I can't say I didn't see this coming because ungrateful pieces of shit, such as yourself are known to do horrible business deals. It's typical to step on the feet of the people who built you from the foundations-up. It's only fitting that people like you would allign yourself with people like...Danny Jacobs... It was only a matter of time before you had the absolute worst ass kicking of your life...make sure you're ready.

    OOC: Sorry if it's too short. I'm saving some stuff up for our match.
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  2. OOC: Tumbas isn't 5'3, he beat up a guy that's 5'3.
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  3. *The big guy appears on the titantron*

    Haha. Michael, I get it.
    You are scared to say the truth. The truth being that you are nothing.
    I used you Michael. I used you like a ladder. I climbed each of your rungs, until now. I know your every weakness. I know you are the most despised man in all of IWT. So when I claim this bounty on your head, the boys will see me for the king I am.

    You say I make horrible business deals? Yeah, my worst. Having to join your failed faction, and having to run it to the ground from the inside.

    You remember when I first signed here, what I said? I said I was here to feast. I was here to eat the biggest meal IWT has. Then I saw you. And my plan was in motion.

    No one is scared of you Michael. I know you better than you know yourself. I know you aren't a threat. But the one thing you surely know by now. Is that you. Have underestimated, THE BIG GUY!
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  4. *When Michael is about to grab his mic and speak again, he gets attacked by Danny Jacobs at the last second. Danny Jacobs hits his Double-Arm DDT, grabs the mic out of the hands of Michael, and begins to talk*

    ''Michael, you've made a lot of enemies in the time you've been here. I don't know anyone that likes you, that respects you, or can even stand you. I know how it feels, to be hated. I was an outcast as well. I didn't have any friends, and I didn't need them. At least, that was what I thought. When I was a rookie here, I remember that everyone didn't want to talk to me because they were disgusted by who I am. There was only one man, one ''BIG GUY'' that wanted to talk to me and that guy was Alkatrz. He wanted out of The New Generation, not because he hated the stable, but because he hated you. And, let's be honest, who doesn't hate you? You're not a likeable person at all. Hell, even I've developed a feeling of hatred towards you because even though nobody likes you and you haven't won a match in maybe 5 months, you still have the feeling that you add something to this IWT product but let me break down the news for you: You couldn't even draw a dime if you were having a match with the IWT Champion himself. The only place where you can ever main event a show is in your own mind. You're a delusional piece of shit. You're so bad that even the GM, Jwab, wants you off the roster. That's why he hired me and Tumbas as his bodyguards, to deal with his ''problems''.

    At IWT's Anniversary Show, when you face Alkatrz, it'll be the last chapter in the story that is your life because Alkatrz is going to kill you and that's not just a threat, that's a promise. BIG GUY OUT!
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