It would appear that...

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by catlady, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. It seems as though since FNW's ( I think that is what it is called ?) return...
    More and more people are being less & less active in this section & more active there.
    I am not mad or anything like that, but I just have to ask...

    Should IWT remain open?
  2. You ask too many questions.
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  3. Don't close it. Activity comes and goes, valleys and hills and what not. With summer looming around the corner this should be expected. Whilst people get more free time people will also be going on vacation and such.
  4. Reading between the lines

    " I don't want to run it anymore, i'm lazy"
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  5. If you close down the IWT I won't send you anymore nudes
  6. I love IWT, we're setting something big before Payback, also I have a tag team match to know who the #1 contender is.
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  7. I would like to see IWT stay open. I think if there are some people who are interested in putting time into feuds and developing interesting storylines, I think the IWT could be successful.
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  8. Show Spoiler
    Yeah, gonna call you out now
  9. Then Jonathan screws it.

  10. What lines are those?
  11. I can't explain my own joke to you. That defeats the purpose.
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  12. I wasn't aware things were going on... Probably on Skype I'd imagine.
    Points were made. Just was seeing what was going on.
  13. Yeah, we were setting some matches before PayBack on Skype LOL
  14. Keep it open Brit. Now, there we are hyped for FNW but those are monthly shows or something.

    The IWT is a section that actually made me active.

    It was probably the best thing to ever happen to the Off topic section. It's great and we have fun.

    Just because we havent had a match in a week doesnt mean we should close it. Im having my match at PB for the WWE title, we have this unification stuff going on. We have the KOTR idea. It's going to be awesome
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  15. ^That's true, FNW is over tomorrow for two weeks, a month or I don't know how much, almost everyone in FNW is a part timer so won't always fight.
  16. It's a good job Craydog didn't think like this when the forum first opened :lol1:

    We were only active during certain parts of the day for quite a while. As plopspot said, activity comes and goes. It just so happens we're in a 'goes' part ATM.
  17. Shoosh it you! :mad2:
  18. I blame Jonathan for being a bias asshole.
  19. Was Aids not your biggest contributor or at least one of them? Him leaving must have had an impact.
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  20. No it really hasn't. And i haven't been on skype in awhile and know that there are matches set up. She's just not paying attention.
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