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  1. I was doing this on MP and decided to do it here now. You give me a wrestler to review and I'll review them. It will help you learn more about my opinion on wrestlers and which ones I like and dislike. Leave some suggestions and I'll start reviewing.

  2. Zack Ryder
    This man needs a push like right now! This man is awesome! At least make him U.S. Champion. I mean at TLC when he won, people loved that. Now like 5 people still know him. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: He is a great wrestler to me and one of my favorites. I would go insane if I see him win a match. Just one match against a jobber and let him win. I think that is all I have to say about Zack. If you enjoyed this, give it a Like. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Daniel Bryan
  4. Seth Rollins.
  5. Rhodes

  6. Daniel Bryan
    Get ready for a long review. This has to be my favorite wrestler right now in WWE. This guy is amazing. The best technical wrestler in the WWE right now. I came back to wrestling on RAW 999 and liked Bryan. I got so happy when he teamed up with Kane and fought for the tag titles. I knew they would win them titles and got really excited. Nearing Wrestlemania is when I thought they would lose the titles to Ziggler and Big E. But I was wrong. When they lost at Extreme Rules, I was sad. Then I heard he might fight for the WWE title soon. I marked out. Money In the Bank is over and then Cena chooses Bryan to face at SummerSlam for the WWE Championship. I also marked out. When Bryan won the title, I was screaming YES! YES! YES! for like 10 minutes. Then Orton had to ruin the moment. :emoji_slight_frown: Now Bryan won at NoC and I'm really happy. But, Triple H had to strip him of the title. Now he better win at Battleground. So overall, I am a huge Bryan. He is a awesome wrestler and good promo guy. Another review done. Give a like if you enjoyed this.​

  7. Already did Seth Rollins for you on SDH/MP.
  8. Haven't checked because it just won't let me get on that account.
  9. Seth Rollins
    He is my 2nd favorite member in the Shield. Ambrose is my favorite. I like him because he is a good high-flyer. The dude also just looks awesome! When the Shield debuted, I liked how they did it. Beating up Ryback and helping my boy Punk retaining his WWE Championship. Then they fight Bryan, Kane, and Ryback at TLC. I wanted Bryan and them to win cause Bryan is my favorite wrestler right now. Elimination Chamber, I wanted them to beat Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback. They did and I was really happy. Wrestlemania, I wanted Orton, Show, and Sheamus to win and they didn't. I got really happy when Rollins and Reigns defeated Team Hell No at Extreme Rules even though I liked Bryan. Right now, I believe Rollins should fight for a minor title. Maybe the U.S. Championship against Ambrose. [​IMG] Review done. Wish I could get likes in this forum. [​IMG] Hope you enjoyed this review.

    Here it is.
  10. Bully Ray.

  11. Fandango
    Not really much to talk about Fandango. I really don't like him much. But I do like Summer Rae. :emoji_slight_smile: He kept delaying his debut cause them announcers don't pronounce his names right. Stupid man. Then Chris Jericho makes fun of his name and we have match at Wrestlemania. Surprisingly, Fandunghole won the match. Then Extreme Rules comes along, and this time loses to Jericho. Me happy cause I hate Fandango. Was happy he didn't win the Money In The Bank. Right now, he just wins and jobs. That feud with Miz is just plain stupid to me. But, Miz does twerk well. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Guess this is it for this review. Give it a Like if you enjoyed this review.​
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  12. How old are you? For real. 13?

  13. Yeah.

  14. Cody Rhodes
    I really like Rhodes. He is really awesome. A good wrestler and good on the mic. To me and probably everyone wrestling fan, Cody is the most underrated superstar in WWE right now. I think he should be World Heavyweight Champion right now. I didn't get to see him in Legacy, but I heard they were good. He got lucky to be with Randy Orton who is a veteran and good teacher. When I came back to WWE, I didn't really like Cody Rhodes because he was a tag team with Damien Sandow. Then at Money In The Bank, I wanted Rhodes. I'm on my feet as he climbs the ladder and...he gets thrown off by Damien Sandow and loses. I was pissed! After, I hoped he fought Sandow for the briefcase at Summerslam. But no, it's just a regular match. Now he is getting married and in WWE, is "fired". Hopefully, he returns soon and eventually fights for the World Heavyweight Championship. Another review done. Give it a Like if you enjoyed this. :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. She's my only favorite wrestler.
  16. Bully Ray

    Man..I saw Bully Ray in the Attitude Era when he was in the Dudley Boyz. They were great. Every match against Edge and Christian or the Hardy Boyz was hardcore and amazing. Love the SummerSlam match when everybody went through tables and just destroyed each other. Then he went to TNA. When I watched, Aces and Eights has just became a group and Bully Ray acted like he wasn't the leader. Then, D-Von was revealed as a member of them. I was surprised. Nearing Bully's match against Jeff Hardy for the World title. Aces and Eights help him win the match and is revealed as the leader of the group. I was happy when Sabin fought Bully and won. Then I got mad cause he lost it in the Steel Cage match. I still don't like him right now cause who can't like MR. Anderson. But I do really like Brooke. :emoji_slight_smile: Another review done. Give it a Like if you enjoyed this review. ​
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  17. I'm not going to like it. I didn't like your review. In fact, I'm going to report you. Nah, it's an okay review. I'll give it a like.