Itchy Knuckles (Open Challenge)

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  1. Evander Amos sits backstage in front of a back drop with an interviewer. Amos taps his foot on the floor as he waits for the interview to start.

    Interviewer: We're here with the man set to take on Aids Johnson at Summerslam, Evander Amos. You step in the ring with the man who has the most reigns as IWT Champion and you walk into the match with only 1 win under your belt. Do you feel like this has come to early in your career?

    Evander: No.

    The interviewer waits for Evander to say more, but nothing happens. The interviewer fidgets in his seat and goes through their cue cards.

    Interviewer: Let's talk about you Evander. You haven't exactly open yourself up to the fans and we want to know who you are. Who is Evander Amos?

    Evander: I'm a guy that gets paid to fight.

    Interviewer: Alright...but what about before you signed with IWT?

    Evander: I was a guy who fought, sometimes i got paid, sometimes i didn't. It was nice when I did.

    Interviewer: Other than fighting, what do you like to do?

    Evander: I like to train for fights.

    Interviewer: Listen-

    Evander leans forward in his chair, with his eyes wide open staring at the Interviewer.

    Evander: I'm listening, go on.

    Interviewer: Uh, nevermind. You sustained an injury in your match with Arno, that might have cost you the match against Jwab, how is that arm now?

    Evander: My arm is just fine. Are you done?

    Interviewer: Just one more question...

    Evander: No, no more questions. I only have answers. You paint me as this inexperienced kid who doesn't know left from right in that ring. I have not won all my matches, but i sure have held my own in every single one. You think Aids Johnson is going to face me and breeze over me like I'm some sort of joke?! I'm not a god damn joke, I didn;t come here to play around, I came here to put niggas in the ground! You don't get paid to think that Aids is going to beat me, but I sure as hell will be getting paid for beating Aids Johnson at Summerslam. I'm out, my knuckles need scratching.

    Evander walks away from the interviewer and walks out to the ring with no music. Evander climbs into the ring and motions for someone to come out, but no one does. Evander grabs a chair from under the ring, throws it over the top rope. Evander gets in the ring and sits in the chair, waiting for someone to come out.
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