Storyline It's always darkest before the dawn

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  1. Inside a dark room with a single ray of light passing through it, smoke can be seen rolling through the light. The sound of an animal's claws walking over wood can just barely be heard.

    Then a body moves through the room quickly, briefly disrupting the smoke illuminated by the light. And then, the sound of the wolf's howl is heard.....

    Trip in the Head then steps into the small beam of light and begins to speak......

    You know, they always say it is darkest before the dawn. And IWT, the company I was once in charge of, has been dark for months now. Not one "champion" of this company has stepped forward in any attempt to defend his title and cement themselves as greats in this industry. But now, the dawn of new age in IWT is about to begin. But it will be just as dark, now that the Order of Night has officially returned.

    *A wolf growling can be heard*

    *Trip looks down* Calm yourself Fenris. Soon I will have the opportunity to prove that the Order is and always will be the most devastating force in IWT history.

    Whether it's in tag team competition, *Trip looks up at the camera again* or singles. This weekend I face off against a newcomer to IWT in Jay Forte`.

    I know nothing of the man other than the fact that he stands between me and my shot at earning my first singles title - the resurrected IWT intercontinental championship.

    Fitting, as IWT itself has been resurrected from the ashes like the phoenix, trying to make it's way into the light again. But when I win the tournament and the IC title - darkness will reign once again.

    *Trip closes his eyes and drops his chin to his chest*

    Once again....IWT will......*Trip raises his Head once more* Give in to the Order...

    The single beam of light suddenly disappears, leaving the picture black, but a creepy voice can still be heard lightly singing -

    One...two…..the Orders coming for you. Three….four…..that’s what the cover of night is for….

    End camera feed
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  2. I decided in Jack, just letting you know. As for our match, I'm ready to start when you are. I'll start a promo to post before the match just in case Aids doesn't get it up in time.
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  3. Oh ok, change it after I ask you. That's cool. :heyman:I'll have time later I think
  4. We can get this rolling anytime TBH, I just need to grab some dinner quick and a drink(s) and i'll get work done.
  5. Was actually bout to finish this pipe and get to work lol
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