Storyline It's Been A Long, Long Time, Amigos.

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  1. A small number of IWT fans have gathered in a small arena. In the arena, the ring design and props are still from IWT Retribution, having not been changed yet. The fans wait eagerly as the debut of a new superstar has been advertised and promised.

    ‘Lord Of The Land’ by Kevin McLeod plays throughout the arena as the debuting luchador, Guernica, bursts out onto the stage from behind the curtain. He gets a positive reaction from the crowd, who cheer as The Golden Eagle paces the stage for a few moments, before beginning to make his way down the ramp.

    The Gladiator Of Lucha Libre slaps the hands of the outreaching fans on both sides of the ramp as he steadily heads towards the ring. He goes around the ring, continuing to slap the hands of the fans before rolling into the ring.

    The young man from Tijuana is handed a microphone, and he wastes no time in beginning to speak:

    ‘Buen Dias, my old friends!’

    There’s a small pop from the crowd as Guernica uses his signature opening.

    ‘It’s been a long, long time, amigos; since I last stepped into a ring with another man. It’s been too long, as a matter of fact. That’s why I decided to come here, to IWT. When you have wrestling blood like mine, you just cannot stay away for long. Everywhere you go, you see resemblances between the real world and the ring. These resemblances drag you back, and that’s why I am here right now.’

    ‘The reason I love the ring, and places like it, is the way that I use it. When I have my way, it’s a place of respect, harmony and fairness. It is traditional and pure. There is no blood; there is no injustice; just sweat and determination. The best man wins.’

    ‘And I like to bring that tradition everywhere I go. It’s what I do, but unfortunately, as much as I try, there is always the new breed of chicho who makes his way to the top with bloody, dirty hands. The death match masochists; the cheating chicos; the controlling, manipulating authoritarian heads above us. They all forget tradition, and try to drive my ways away.

    ‘But as much as they may have tried, they never stopped me. Nobody has every stopped me, and everybody listening to me right now can mark my words: I am not going to let anybody in this place do what the others could not do. They are not going to stop me from making this place pure.’

    ‘I don’t want to make any enemies immediately. I’m here to make as many people agree with my ways as possible. But if anybody dares to go against me, I will make your time here a lesson to you: not to go against the traditions that made this business in the first place. All of the legendary, immortalised men in wrestling history have a good image; and those who decide to go down the alternative path will not get that image.’

    ‘And that’s what the overall goal is: Immortality. I’ve captivated the audiences that I’ve performed in front of, I’ve won many times. I’ve beaten some of the most brutal men that you’ve ever imagined, and that is not just because of my style, but also because of my courage, my heart, my soul and my endurance. I might look small on the outside, but inside me is a lion waiting to pounce. It will take over, and no matter how hard you try to beat me using your un-pure ways, I will last longer than you.’

    ‘If anybody backstage wants to agree or disagree, you can tell me to my mask; and I will inevitably grow humble respect or great dislike towards you. That’s the way I am; it’s the way I always have been; and it is the way I always will be. Those who share my beliefs will agree, and welcome me with open arms, and those who don’t will inevitably meet me at some point in the future. That’s the way this chain works.’

    ‘I understand right now that I am at the bottom of the aforementioned chain; this pyramid of levels. I can guarantee all of you people, that by the end of my time here, I will be at the top of that chain. I will disarm the leaders that you all hate, and I will make IWT a better place. I promise that, by my heart, by my mask and by my position as a traditional wrestler. If I don’t leave this place a better one by the end of the day, I have failed as a traditionalist.’

    ‘But as I have promised, I will not fail you.’

    ‘Adios, y’hasta la vista’

    Guernica drops the microphone to a loud chorus of cheers. He goes to each corner of the ring and hypes up the crowd, raising his arms up and down before jumping back down to the canvas. He bows to his knees, and points both index fingers to the sky as sparks fall down from the rafters. El Salvador then rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope and steps onto the concrete.

    Guernica goes around the ring slapping the hands of the fans once more before making his way up the ramp, once again slapping the hands of the fans on either side of the barricade. One child loses his balance and falls over the barricade. Guernica reacts by hastily jogging back down the ramp towards him, picks him up under the arms and lifts him back over the barricade back into the arms of his parents. Guernica then gives the child a playful squeeze on his cheek before heading back up the ramp.

    On the stage, just before the curtain, Guernica turns one more time and once again raises both of his hands to the sky, pointing both of his index fingers upwards. He gets one more huge round of cheers from the crowd before he heads behind the curtain and out of sight.

    Not my finest work, I will admit, but I wanted to get an introductory promo out to shake off any ring rust I may have. Please, do not reply.
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