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  1. *David comes to the ring with a black hoodie that says "NO MERCY"*

    "Since my last match, I haven't made an appearance in IWT. I haven't been answering phone calls, emails or text messages. I packed my bags and had a well deserved vacation. While in that vacation though, I watched IWT. I watched everything that was going on, but one thing that really stuck out to me was in the Champ Johnson vs. Joey Bryant match for the IWT world title. It wasn't the match that stuck out, cause hell, I am better than both Champ and Bryant, but it was one simple frays Bryant said; "Let me go off topic for a second and ask what he's done since winning that title? He's taken all prestige and respect out of it and if I don't beat you Aids he better know he's next." With little respect due, Joey, I just gotta say... who the hell do you think you are? You want to try and threaten me by saying you'll come after me and beat me? Well, you can go to the back of the line, because people have been saying that for over 6 months now, and with all do respect, you're no different than Adam, or Forrest, or even the two wack job brothers. But for once, this isn't about you Joey, I have something else to get off my chest."

    *David looks at the crowd, they are screaming "JOEY BRYANT"*

    "During a long hiatus, I was informed about 2 matches. Own of my former best friends, Antonio Alias vs. Nick. The second match is Black Jesus vs. Forrest, and if the rumours are indeed true, those matches will be for the #1 contender ship for my title, where I will be forced to defend it in a triple threat at Royal Rumble. Now, I am a champion of pride and glory, not to mention the best champion in IWT. So, I'm not angry at this match, hell I am quite pleased, there is a 33.3% chance I may face two nobodies that I've already beaten before, there is another 33.3% chance I'll face a mix of someone I haven't beaten and someone I have, and there's a chance I'll face two people I've never beaten or faced. Which ever one it is, I simply do not care, because I'll over come it like I've been doing for over 6 months! No one believed I could have won it that time, and people are still saying I don't deserve it now, but deep down they realize they wish they could have a fraction of my success. YOU wish I could have a fraction of my success... Alias, or should I say Jack?"

    *The fans start chanting "JACK! JACK! JACK!"

    "In the Cure, you were always the weak link. Although you were always put on a pedestal by everyone, you were always believed to be one of the best newcomers IWT has to offer, but where are you now? You've won a few matches, you've lost a few matches, but in the end you can't hold a candle to me, and that's the TRUTH. Not some opinion a random mark has. Speaking of opinion's, word has spread that you also think I don't deserve this title, and that no one I've faced has been credible. While, some of that is true, who have you beaten, Jack? Did you beat DK, Farooq and B.Dazzle in a fatal four way? No, I did. Yes, I'll give it to you, you have a win over the IWT world champion, and the current superstar of 2013, I'm not doubting your skills at all, you have had one hell of a resume back in FSW, you're still pretty good now, but if you end up winning your match and facing me, I'll show you a side of me no one has ever seen, and I'll send you back to that hell hole of a home you have with a broken neck."

    "That goes for the rest of the four future threats that are willing to do anything for this title, I'll do the same to all of you."

    *David drops mic and leaves the ring*

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  2. You know it.

    BTW, Jack and Alias are two different people, ayy lmao.
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  3. Dude keep this shit up, don't disappear again. I liked it.
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