Storyline It's been a while...

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  1. IWT Arena.. the lights go down.. the Titantron comes on and starts showing a video package.

    The crowd is intrigued.. what could this be?

    Scene: June 2004, New York City, Enzo's Gym and Health Spa.

    (Voiceover) Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain have known each other a while.. I actually remember the first time they met.. you see, I was there.

    View from a camcorder

    Brandon Pain is doing bench presses as Aiden Ryan walks into the gym... as Ryan is walking past he sees Pain starting to struggle a little and spots him real quick.. Pain sets the weight back on the bar and stands up.. turning toward Ryan he extends his hand.. "Hey, thanks for the help buddy.. ran out of juice there on the 50th rep, the name is Brandon Pain." Ryan shakes Pain's hand and responds, " Aiden Ryan, nice to meet you.. and my pleasure helping you out, would you like to work out together.. you know, spot each other?"

    Scene: August 2004, New York City, DWE (Developmental Wrestling Enterprises) Training Gym, outside

    I heard of DWE in a newspaper ad, it read "Trying to break into the pro wrestling business? Come down to DWE Training Gym August 1st and start your journey!" Aiden and Brandon were there as well.

    "Gentleman, this is it! This is were your journey begins!" Aiden and Jeremy are bent down grabbing the bottom of a slide down door.. they both pull up and DWE Training Gym is revealed. "Come on in guys.. let's get this started!"

    Aiden doesn't even know I was the guy that held the door open for him as he walked into the gym to start his wrestling training. I went by the name Big Zeke back then.

    Footage of Aiden Ryan and Brandon Pain wrestling in the indies is shown

    I watched Aiden and Brandon go up in the ranks together.. through the indies.. some downfalls, some injuries, some good times as well... they were inseparable. I tried my hardest to get them to grow apart... placing little obstacles here or there.. paying a hooker to show interest in Brandon but ignore Aiden.. stealing something from Brandon and leaving it in Aiden's car so it looked like he stole it... nothing worked though.

    Scene: IWT Arena, February 4, 2014

    Aiden Ryan vs Edward Coleman.. Ryan's 1st match in IWT.. I was backstage, I had not made my presence known yet in IWT.. not for another month. "Hey, good luck out there Aiden!" Brandon Pain addressed Aiden as he was about to make his entrance. He walked right past me.. he went out and easily beat his first opponent, it was almost no contest. I was proud... but anxious.. I wanted to make my presence known then and there.. but patience always wins out.

    Scene: IWT Arena, February 20, 2014.. IWT Elimination Chamber PPV

    His first PPV and he was stuck in a 6 man tag with a person he didn't particularly care for in Edward Coleman, his team lost bad, really bad. I remember watching on a monitor backstage and almost feeling bad for him.. I almost didn't want to smash his face in... but then I thought better.

    Scene: IWT Arena, March 15-16, 2014, Aiden Ryan vs Eduardo

    Two of the toughest matches of his career, the first ending in a draw and the second ending lopsidedly in Aiden's favor.. he was being recognized.. he was picked up by The Order of the Night soon after.. not long after that I came out in an IWT Arena for the first time.. I called him out and he was too busy to answer. That pissed me off even more.

    The lights come up and Dr. Attitude is standing in the middle of the ring with a mic

    His career goes on.. interviews, photo shoots, an eventual heel turn, and then a face turn again, friendships made and lost... the typical wrestling career.. I always said there was nothing really special about Aiden Ryan. The only person who stuck by him through it all was Brandon Pain. They are still inseparable.

    On July 19, 2014 I told the story of my absence.. and dropped a date for my return.. July 25, 2014 I paid Aiden a little unexpected visit.. August 30, 2014 I returned to the IWT ring to let my presence be known.. I returned to make Aiden Ryan's life a living hell. September 1, 2014 I let Aiden know I was watching him

    But you see Aiden.. you don't realize just how long I have been watching you.
    I know your story because I lived it with you.. but you never knew me.
    You always hogged the spotlight in the ring.. it's time for you to pay with your blood.

    How long have I been watching you?

    Let's just say..
    It's been a while...

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  2. Very well done

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  3. the camera switches Aiden Ryan is shown staring at the television infront of him in the locker room, the audience erupts with cheers as he slowly rubs his arm anxiously, he looks to his right as the camera follows suit to reveal Brandon Pain standing next to him, the audience once again cheers at the sight of the two friends.

    With a slight sigh he looks back at the television and clenches his hands together in a nervous manner.
    " long has this freak been following us?"

    Aiden lowers his hands and places them in the pockets of his jeans.
    "This is... getting to much, Brandon. I don't think i can take much more of this psychoticness, He's been following our every step, he has been keeping mental notes on our lives, he's... he's fucking insane. What're we going to do?"

    Aiden turns to Brandon with a concerned look upon his face, The desperate fear in his voice crackling as his body is breathing heavily.

    Brandon looks truly bewildered, for once understanding what his friend is going through against this maniacal foe.

    "I have absolutely... no idea. This creep has been around us, from Day 1?"

    Brandon pulls his hair back, the worried look not leaving his face.

    "This is what we're going to do. At Night of Champions, we END it all. We finish him. We finish what he started. We end it all"

    He offers his hand and the camera zooms in waiting for Aiden's response.

    He grins.

    "Just like old times..."

    Aiden looks back at the television and nods slowly before turning and giving Brandon Pain a surprising hug, the audience erupts in a shocked yet happy manner before Aiden let's go and nods again.

    "Y..yeah just like old times!"

    Aiden perks in a bubbly manner feeling assured, he grabs his bag that's left on the floor next to the two before waving at Brandon, Aiden walks his way out of the locker room leaving Brandon there. The camera then slowly zooms in on Brandon's face which has turned alot more serious.

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