Its Dolph's time!!!!!!!!

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  1. Its Dolph's time!!!!!!!! im so happy he won MITB he is gonna be champion I just know it he has everything in a wrestler to succeed as champion. And that promo he did on Raw last night was awesome. Forget Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus its Dolph's time!!!!!!!!
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  2. Indeed. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
  3. He's gonna be first person to lose
  4. Couldn't agree more
  5. Finally a thread where no one will troll you :emoji_slight_smile:. Liked.
  6. Like we would, BLFFL is widely regarded as a community babyface.
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  7. THE community babyface.
  8. Oops posted another thread on this by mistake as I couldnt find it anyway Dolph is the man now and he will be champion
  9. Do you like him more than Brock and KK?
  10. Dolph's Time is actually between 12-4 AM.

    Idk wtf this thread is about
  11. Ye this time WWE better not troll us with a 30 minute reign :serious:
  12. He's releasing a new single, it's a remix of hammer time. They're expecting it to sell incredibly.

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    Seriously I guess it's a tribute to Dolph winning, it's the first thread the OP has made which hasn't been about someone "snogging" or Kelly Kelly so I left it.
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