Storyline It's Here

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  1. *The Crowd is dead as they wait to see who it is, then all of a sudden the light's come one and roadsters music hits!*​

    *The Crowd gives a pretty good pop, Cena rated, Roadster comes out wearing a full leather jacket reading "The Loose Cannon* and wearing black jeans with Roadie following behind looking like a fat oily Van Hammer when he was in the flock*

    Ladies and gentlemen, It's Here *He waits to let the pop rise*
    The wait is over Brian Mandela is here! The....Roadster is here.
    The Loose Cannon is here and i am about ready to tell you piglets a story.....
    Once upon a time lived a bison, he was the biggest most popular bison of them all.
    All the other Bison's loved him but he couldn't be seen out in the open or he will get killed by the Native Americans.
    So one day the jealous bison devised a plan to get him out in the open, so he could get killed.
    After a month of perfection he lured out the great Bison, and he waited, and waited.
    Once he saw shadows approaching he told the bison "i will be right back"
    That little Bison was captured, haha
    and his eye punctured with a perfect arrow ripping through is skull and brain.
    He was brought to their camp, where he skinned, and he cut in half.
    THey ripped out the bones, slush crackle, as they did they took out his organs and drank the blood one drop at a time,
    and they ate him.

    You see ladies and gentlemen Brian Mandela (My Ring Name and Real Name) knows this story because i got a message
    Those "Native Americans" were really not native Americans, haha.
    They were apart of the Cannon's Clan! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Follow Brian, Follow Mandela, hahaha ​