Storyline "It's Mine."

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown walking backstage in a furious manner, with tears of anger pouring down his cheek he continues to walk as the cameraman struggles to keep up with a much more faster Aiden, turning to corner one of the elder trainers grabs Aiden by his arm. As the camera turns it shows it is the same trainer who helped Aiden Return after his leg injury.

    "Aiden, Are you okay?"

    He asks as Aiden stares down the trainer, tears still pouring down his face, heavy breathing, his fingers twitching in an unusual way. The trainer pulls Aiden towards him and sits him next to him. Wrapping a towel around Aiden he then attempts to dry off the tears off him only to have Aiden turns his face away.

    "It's mine."

    The Trainer looks oddly confused at Aiden's comment, he rests his hand on Aiden's shoulder and asks.

    "What's yours, Mate?"

    Aiden looks over at the elder trainer and wraps his fist in his shirt, with no hesitation he slams the trainer agasint the cement walling and glares into his eyes. "You really wanna know what's mine!? HUH!? DO YOU WANNA KNOW!?!" Aiden flicks the trainers hair fringe out of his face before giving him a slight smile. "What's mine is that contendership that is constantly taken away from me, What's mine is the success i deserve but never receive because i'm constantly viewed as a hooker, or a freak, or someone who has mental issues. Well you know what? I'm sick of just being that guy who only wants that X Division Title... You wanna know what's mine!?"

    A sadistic smile begins to brew on the face of Aiden, as he then rests his elbow against the cement walling

    "What's going to be mine, is blood, blood of those who have dared to cross me, who have dared to fuck me over time and time again. Because i am no longer just after that X division gold, I'm out for blood, Vengeance, and i will fulfill my desire of making each and every single person who over looks me, To cry, suffer, and wish that they never, never ever, crossed me... Got it now, Old man?"

    Aiden releases the trainer and steps back slowly, looking at his hands he then looks back up at the trainer and an instant concern on his face begins to occur. His hands begin to shake in fear before he covers his mouth in shock.

    "I'm so sorry, Henry!"

    Aiden Ryan looks around in confusion, with no look of guidance to be given Aiden then runs down the hallways in fear and disappointment of himself. ​

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  2. *Dr Attitude exits a locker room as Aiden is coming down the hallway.. he looks up at him and smiles*

    You see Aiden, another match outcome showing that you are nothing special at all.
    You couldn't even beat Lee, a person who showed up late and unprepared and couldn't give a shit about the X-Division.
    It's very sad Mr. Ryan, to think that you work so hard yet never get the result you want.

    *Dr Attitude approaches Aiden, he lays a hand on his shoulder as Aiden tries to back up in fear.*

    You'll wake up one day Aiden.. You know how I know?
    Because I will be the one to wake you up.. I will beat you senseless and you will awaken a new man.
    You and your pal, Brandon Pain.. you will both get what you deserve for never taking notice.

    *Dr Attitude slams Aiden against the wall and punches the wall next to his head*
    *He then backs off*

    I need to control myself, the time will come but it's not right now.
    I will see you soon Aiden.

    Remember, I'm always watching.

    *Aiden slides down the wall into a sitting position as Dr Attitude turns and walks away*

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