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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by NexFlax, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Hello It's NexFlax and I'm looking for Deathclaw. If you find him tell him I was looking for him and that I miss and love him.
  2. we banned that guy
  3. Shit, he's such a good guy.
  4. to each his own
  5. I understand why you would ban him, but you gotta give him some time.
  6. I didn't ban him. So what he's like disappeared? You know him from another site or something
  7. Yeah, I know him from another site. Been looking all over the place for him. Putting up flyers right now.
  8. Aren't you the Zack Ryder mark on TWF?
  9. Yes, and I couldn't upload my profile pic since its "too large".
  10. Zack Ryder mark, eh? You and @Harvey Specter should get along just fine. Welcome to the forum dude, hope ya enjoy it here.
  11. Yes, NexFlax.
  12. Do you not remember who I am...?? :emoji_cry:
  13. At first no, but now I see the "@JwabTV".
  14. lmao you just have to save it to file and it will adjust for you automatically.

    And no, @Mike Ross just because someone is a Ryder mark doesnt mean we are BFF's, If you dig deathclaw i think he is on one of the other forums now, we dropped his ass for turning every wwe thread into a bullshit AJ Lee posting argument. "I dont really watch this guy, but AJ Lee is the best" made just about every thread for weeks at the least.

    Dont tag me for this kind of shit please.
  15. I've searched every forum I could find, and I still can't find him.
  16. Have you checked the Angry Joe forum?
  17. probably rolled over on his scissors one night and bled out

    leave a damn rose
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  18. Never been there, since I've never heard of this guy. Checking now.
  19. Why are you looking for him again?