It's NO DQ when Tommaso Ciampa takes on Cedric Alexander

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  1. Road to Final Battle - 11/22 Baltimore, MD

    Tommaso Ciampa has always been a loose cannon. Be it in the ring, on the microphone, or even in the locker room - he has the nickname of "psychopath" for a reason. No one is ever 100% certain what Ciampa will do next. And this was never more evident than just a few months ago, when Ciampa went on a rampage that resulted in his immediate suspension from ROH.

    That night, after failing to win the ROH title, Tommaso Ciampa unleashed his fury on a number of ring crew members, ROH officials, and even Kevin Kelly. After drilling ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise in the head and nearly ending his career with a severe concussion, Ciampa was immediate suspended from Ring of Honor. He's since been reinstated under what Nigel McGuinness calls a "zero tolerance" policy. And if he violates it by touching another ROH official, he's gone for good.

    While thus far Tommaso has been adhering to the specifics required by Nigel, he's still erratic and unstable. And recently that rage has been taken out on Cedric Alexander. First, unconfirmed reports strongly indicate it was Ciampa who took out Cedric before the Honor Rumble, snagging a spot for himself. But there's nothing in question about what just went down on ROH TV.

    The one-on-one encounter between Ciampa and Alexander ended in huge controversy and Nigel McGuinness himself had to step in. Originally, the official awarded the match to Ciampa on a submission victory when Cedric was unable to respond after three opportunities. However, the reason Alexander was knocked out? Not the submission - but he was choked out by Ciampa's illegal use of the tag rope while the official was incapacitated. Nigel, of course, witnessed this and stepped in to reverse the decision on Cedric's behalf.

    But today we can confirm this rivalry WILL continue at TAG WARS in Baltimore on November 22nd! It's just been signed: Tommaso Ciampa vs. Cedric Alexander - NO DISQUALIFICATION!

    Clearly, Ciampa intends to skirt the rules whenever he sees fit. But Cedric Alexander has proven himself to be competitive and honorable - and that can be a disadvantage when your opponent is willing to use illegal tactics. Now at TAG WARS virtually anything goes, so the playing field is wide open. This is going to be brutal!

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