Storyline Its Not Over, Its Just Starting

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  1. *Unknown stands in the ring with a mic*

    Ladies, gentlemen, minions. People all week have been doubting me, they are doubting me after my loss in my IC Championship match. A loss is nothing, losing the IC Championship is nothing, losing to Ben Dover is nothing, the IC Championship means nothing. If anything it didn't further my career it held me back, it may be good for folks like Ben Dover and B Dazzle who know that is the only title they will even have a chance at holding but its not for me. My force and my dominance is something to put everyone on guard about, god works in mysterious ways and it explains me perfectly because I lost the IC Championship on purpose, I didn't want to have to inflict my punishment on Dover, Dazzle and Darven, they aren't worth my time. They remind me of the prototype I had for all you minions, they are just failures and I pity them I really do. Prototypes are failures and that is what they are so do not think for one minute that they are better than god because no one is. Thats why I am taking the next step in the career of .... almost got me there eh? Im not telling you my name, minions do not learn their gods name.

    *Unknown pauses for a minute just to smirk*

    Tonight I take the next step, tonight is going down in history. You know it really rubs me off the wrong way when someone walks out here, reintroduces and title he lost to a rookie and proclaims himself as champion, that is no champion. So @CM Punk get your ass out here and bow down to god.​
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  2. *Christian watches backstage

    Christian: Who is CM Punk?

    *Christian starts chanting CM Punk's name backstage
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  3. Dat Kid walks passed a TV and stops when he hears Unknown call himself God. An already pissed off Dat Kid heads to the entrance of the stage

  4. Fuck you unknown
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  5. It's over, close the doors.
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  6. *Jwab waits for the burial of Unknown*