Promos It's over for Dover!

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  1. *Dover is sat in his dressing room, wearing a replica IWT Tag Team belt*

    Interviewer: Hello Ben, Dino Winwood here. How do you feel now you're no longer the tag champ??

    Dover: The same way your mother felt after I fucked her ass; SCREWED!!

    *Dino looks perplexed*

    Dino: Okayyyyyy........ Why do you feel screwed?

    Dover: I......Am a person that detests cheap tactics......No pre-match shenanigans! No pre-match attacks! To think we lost because of it.... IS A FUCKING OUTRAGE

    *Dover stands up and throws the replica belt at the wall, leaving a slight crack*

    Dino: Dude, don't worry, you'll have anoth...

    Ben: FUCK YOU DINOOO, rematch clause bullshit, unless I change my name to Dolan the duck and use retarded grammar, I will never have the 'psychological' advantage. Maybe I will do that, mayb i talk lik dis and get iwt title pls.

    Dino: Huh? Not sure what you but that's hilarious, you're awesome.

    Ben: Just as I thought, water myself down to sewer waste and I'm beloved...

    Dino: Calm.....Calmmmmm Down! This ain't the place or time; I've to conduct an interview before the Survivor Series for gods-sake! But what's next for you if this is the way you feel!!

    Ben: You know what? Fuck being a pornstar, FUck being articulate, FUCK BEING BEN DOVER. The saying may go that 'Form is temporary, Class is permanent.' That's the issue, my class can't be handled by the IWT universe.

    BEN DOVER is a dead man. At the elimination match, against that team full of no-showing idiots and failed e-feds, you will see a new man, you may not like him, you may want me to be him; BUT TO THAT I SAY FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!

    If 'generic' is high in sugar then every little **** in attendance will be getting type-2 diabetes. Sorry Barney, I've got to do dis sheet.

    Bi dno winwud.

    *Ben transforms into a moron, flapping his hand at Dino*
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  2. *gav the chav is watching the interview at home on youtube*

    (gav the chav) aww poor ben can't take the loss the chin hahaha i've got your title

    ooc i liked ben dover probably my favorite in IWT look forward to see how you change him up
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  3. OOC: To be honest, I've been bored of the gimmick for a while, I was just waiting until I lost the title to change it. ;)
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