It's time for Perfect Dragons to defend their Tag Team title

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  1. It's time to introduce all of you, the insignificant populace of WWEF, to the next big thing. This tag team is bound to destroy all of your hopes and dreams of being the best because we ARE the definition of excellence.

    You can refer to us as Parker and Rodrigo. I, Victoria Parker, have superior intelligence that puts me above and beyond the pathetic low-lives I have to surround myself with. @Rodrigo is my intellectual match in the ring. You will all find out soon enough that we cannot be stopped.

    We challenge @Danielson and @"Senhor Perfect" to a tag team championship match. Your reign has been far too easy and we are a proper opponent. Our dominance is unmatched to any other opponent you have seen before and our prowess in the WWEF has just begun. We know that when the bell rings in the ring, your time is up.

    We WILL be the new tag team champions - are you brave enough to defend your title?
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  2. You and your reign is a joke , for months you have being the undisputed champions. I say stop it ! Your first promo was lame you were never suppose to be tag teams champs . You don't even deserve to be at WM and less as tag team champions ! Because of you , the title has became a joke . But we are gonna step in . This forums doesn't even deserve us . I don't even know why are we here . We are just sure of one thing ....
    We are getting a freaking shot and becoming tag team champs at WM29.
    Now that's perfect bitches.
  3. Name calling and catchphrase stealing? You call that superior intelligence? The only thing that's a joke is this challenge. I have no problem disposing of you two like yesterday's trash. If my partner thinks its not too much of a waste of time you're on! Unnamed mixed gender team.
  4. It's best not to throw trash talk back at my partner. He has quite the temper and you'd be wise not to push him too far. He can be quite the...animal in the ring. Ruthless, demented, and motivated are some words that come to mind. Hopefully you can understand those terms.

    We do not need to make up a tag team name for the sake of having one. We're different and will not be confined to the way things have historically been around here. In my experience, to make an impact you do whatever needs to be done. And the first victim on our radar? You and your partner. Prepare to meet your worst nightmare.
  5. @"Dat Kid From Jersey" you want to settle this before we face each other?
  6. ZZzZzZZzZzZzzZ .............. oh you want to challenge us? You're on. ZzZzzZZzzZZzz

    @dw33bgoddess @rodringo let's do it.
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    @geekgoddess @rodrigo
  7. Something tells me we won't even need the double dragon kick.

    Just hit em with the lights out and call it a night.

    Ta ta
  8. I won't even have to spit out my gum before the match.
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  9. Really boys, this smack talk is quite horrendous. Hopefully your wrestling skills drastically improve in time for the match because if this is any indication of your wrestling skills then I'm sure we'll be the ones having all the fun knocking the crap out of you. Picking up a book or two and developing some form of an intelligence might be a start.
  10. You're teaming with botchzilla, good luck with that.
  11. Old School NWO vs Dungeons & Dragons? :hmm:

    I say yes
  12. :pity: lets put them out of their misery.

    God i hope people get the reference.
  13. Excuse me @AidsJohnson and @"Dat Kid From Jersey", I don't recall involving the two of you imbeciles in anything. What are you doing in my thread? Keep your nose out of things that don't concern you. The Perfect Dragons agreed to fight us. Get to the back of the line where you belong.
  14. We dont spend time at the back of the line, or in any lines here at all. Go ahead, have your match, we wouldn't want to deny all the IWT fan's their squash match...If i were you i would worry about the match ahead of you before being buried by the future of IWT.
  15. Excuse me? Why don't you go back to the kitchen where you belong and make me a sandwich while you're at it. This is a man's job, and far is being in line, I'm first in line for everything sweetcakes :rock:

    Now get a move on before you make me pull an Eddie
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    kayfabing of course
  16. ZzZZZzZzZZzZZZzZ whatever
  17. You dw33bs can fight it out, let us know who sucks less.
  18. Someone watching Arby and the chief lately? ^
  19. Oh sweetheart I'm so sorry...did you perceive me giving a damn? There's a reason I can fight with the boys and I am more than happy to show you why. But I'm afraid that after I knock you out cold for a few days you'll have a hard time remembering your own name.

    Let me know how your sandwich tastes. By the time I'm done with you you'll struggle to remember.