It's time for some respect

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  1. *Senhor walks down the ramp with a disgusted look on his face*

    You people make me sick! Here I stand the GREATEST champion this poor excuse for a company has ever seen and I have to come out here to remind of it! I should be praised and adored, instead you morons clamour for a foul mouthed weirdo who can't string a proper sentence together. You're intrigued by a group who calls themselves the Cure, led by a man who's a disease. How stupid are you?

    You're looking at the longest reigning champion ever, the first triple crown winner, a man who held 4 titles at once! I have more wins than 99% of you have had matches. Where's my respect? Where's my appreciation night? Would it kill you neanderthals to show a little thanks to the man who built this company on his back?

    Jesus H. Christ I had to recite poems in my last victory to get some damn support. I guess to get back to the top of the mountain I'll have to lower myself to your subhuman standards and be a clown. The whole world loves a clown doesn't it?

    Speaking of clowns, let me bring up Aids Johnson again. This guy turned his back on this company, spit in all your faces, and now you're all his fan girls. I tried the old keep your friends close, enemies closer routine on him but I couldn't handle being in his presence anymore. It was a blessing when he joined the cure and I didn't have to pretend to like him anymore.

    Eventually you all will realize to stop worshiping false idols like Aids and praise a true wrestling god.....the triple threat....SENHOR PERFECT!
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  2. Aids theme hits, as he walks out, briefcase in hand. He stops outside the ring, before cracking a smile and sliding in, standing face to face with the man who he won his First IWT championship over. AIds grabs senhor's elbow, to move the microphone up to face him.

    Senhor Perfect. If you are perfect, then i am your creator. The biggest match of your career was when i took the greatest gold off of your shoulder, and put it onto mine. You are the man with the irrelevant title, the shame to Mr Perfect, and a shame to Canada. You are the man who has held the belt for month, and month, and months, yet no one can even remember one single match, while i am making history weekly. You want to talk about the champ? I hold a briefcase, what do you have? I'm in the semi-finals in the IWT title tourney, hows your vacation?

    Someday i will bring you back up to my level. Until then? watch your back, Georgie is coming for your gold.
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  3. Your pal Georgie, the chihuahua. All bark and no bite, couldn't show up to his last match, I doubt he'll show up to this one.

    People like you want to put down my title because no one has been able to beat me for it. People want to forget about it, forget about me, but like the herpes that you no doubt have on your genitals, I keep showing up when no one wants me to. You and Kid are obviously in bed together, literally and figuratively. You keep getting shot after shot after shot even after abandoning IWT. If I were Kid I would have had you set up the ring and work your way up from there after you decided there wasn't enough 15 year old boys to fawn over you at FCW like there is here.

    "Oh Aids swears and insults people, he's so cool. One day when I can grow some facial hair I wanna be like Aids"

    How pathetic. These kids don't know what a real man is, but I'll continue to remind them and you until you have to pry this IC title out of my cold, dead hands.
  4. Aids goes to the corner, and grabs a mic before he goes on the top Turnbuckle. He puts his hands up in a Victora Parker like pose, as the fans boo. He jumps back as senhor ignores what he is doing, pretending to be dis-interested.

    You. Want to joke, on me?

    These kids see a hero in me because they want someone who is around to keep them entertained. You might as well picture yourself as the rock, while Bork Parker shows up when her contract delegates, Me? The Peoples champ? *crowd boo* I am making huge dollar to actually show, since these people want to see me more than once a month. You stick to your deal, ill be IWT champ, keep your midcard belt. George will take that
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  5. One day... one day. They will learn the hard way.
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  6. You're the worst Don King impersonator I've ever seen. You're trying to build up these cure guys like they're big player or important. Not a single one of them has done anything of note.

    As for you, let me tell you something brother, I put you over at WM cause it was good for business. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm the personification of a company man to a fault. That's right folks, ol' Perfect is breaking down that fourth wall. It's time to look out for me now, no more laying down for anyone.

    Prepare yourselves, my time is now Aids, your time and the cure's time is up. :umad:
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  7. No, you using my catch phrase only points out how irrelevant stars need to cheat to even get a cheap shot at the champ.

    Aids slaps senhor in the face, and laughs as he stands next to him, waiting for his move.

  8. *Senhor smiles starts to turn and walk away, waits until Aids begins to pose and lays him out with the IC title*


    *Senhor then leaves the ring with the young males booing and the older males cheering*
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  9. ooc: i'm assuming that line in the opening paragraph was aimed at gav the chav

    *gav the chav comes out*

    (gav the chav) oi where do you think you're going gavs talking now so shut the fuck up and listen you think gav can't string a sentance together do you know who i am? I'm gav the chav and i'm the greatest thing to ever happen to this company who the fuck are you? Senhor perfect? Perfect? Hahaha your suppose to be this great senhor perfect everyone talks about? Wow standards must have been low whilst Britanica was in charge thank fuck Big E Rection took over also you think your the anti hero hahahaha you hear that knowone gives a fuck about you l think we all know whos time is up it ain't the cure it ain't Aids Johnson and it certainly ain't gav the chavs oh no we all know its yours you stupid prick!
  10. *Senhor stops half way up the ramp and demands a mic*

    There you have it, the human run on sentence himself Gav. You spoke for 30 seconds and if you took out the profanity you might have said 5 or 6 words of importance: Senhor Perfect and great senhor perfect. Funny how you call everyone stupid but probably don't know and words that are longer than 6 letters. What gutter did they find you in? This is what I mean by how low this company has descended to. Where's the pride in being professional, where's the action behind the words?

    I'm not going to waste any more time on some two-bit hooligan wannabe. I hear your schtick goes over well in Ireland and Cornwall, no one in civilized countries like Canada care about imbeciles.
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  11. (gav the chav) hahahaha you thick bastard obviously you failed at maths in school g-r-e-a-t-e-s-t that spells greatest that has 8 letters you thick fuck don't critisize my english skills when you can't even count you just went and justified why your a stupid prick also the company hasn't decended if anything its on the rise now me and the cure have arrived in IWT even though i think there a bunch of pricks you have to give them credit for how they took over summerslam that ppv may as well been named cureslam they fucked shit up that day anyway gav's gotta go now got a big match tomorrow and shouldn't you be watching the match thats happening right now it is for that belt you're carrying

    *gav leaves the arena*