Storyline "It's Time I Stood Up For Myself."

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  1. Aiden Ryan is shown backstage stretching, Renee walks up to him and taps him on the shoulder with two fingers. "Aiden, Do you have a moment to spare?" Aiden looks up and nods.
    "Okay, Your absence as of late has been a little different from what we usually see with you, you normally are representing the company and in my honest opinion one of the well known x division faces in the company. So my question is... Why have you been so distant towards IWT and are you feeling okay?"

    Aiden lifts himself up and grabs his waterbottle.
    "You Know, Renee. Lately I've just been so worked up with everything that's going on . Vickie and Parker are making it their prime goal to ruin my life and they've done a pretty good job of it thus far, I've had to remove myself from the company numerous times just to explain to everyone that my twin brother is running around dressing up like me, ruining my social life, manipulating my friends... and it all reflects on me. I feel stuck, I can't do anything or say anything to plead my innocence and it's driving me out of my bloody mind!

    What makes this ten times more worse is that thanks to my silly stipulation for our upcoming match, Parker can stay around IWT and make my life as depressing as he wants. I can't stand it, Renee. And honestly... If i get pushed any further then I already have... my retaliation will not be pretty...

    I am sick and tired of being the one who is constantly walked on, I am sick and tired of being victimized and I am sick and tired of being poor little Aiden Ryan. It's time I stood up for myself."

    "Oh How adorable, The little bullied victim trying to stand up for himself... Ha!"

    Vickie Appears on the screen as the fans give her a negative reaction.
    "Beat it, Blondie. " Vickie glares down Renee as she rests her hand on Aiden's shoulder in assurance.

    "It's okay." Aiden nods as Renee walks away.

    "You know it's incredibly pathetic that the only person who feel's sorry for you, Is that modeling reject. I mean granted you do deserve a little bit of sympathy... I mean look at where your career is heading... you might as well grab a microphone and be an announcer for TNA. "

    Vickie Laughs as Aiden fakely laughs with her.
    "Are you done?"

    "I mean... When you first came into this company you used a female's wrestling track, Then you went ahead and lost your damn mind and now... you're being tortured by me... I mean how pathetic can you be... I think you should start considering what to do with yourself"

    Vickie rambles as Aiden nods to her poorly used insults.
    "You know, Vickie... You're right... Maybe I should start thinking of some life decisions. Such as right now I've decided I do not want this water anymore and it would be terrible to waste... so..."

    Aiden pops the bottle lid open and holds it above Vickie's head.
    "Shouldn't let this go to waste."

    He pours the water on Vickie and throws the bottle to the side.
    "Now that I've done a good deed for the day, I'm going to go think of more ways to be more like you, because being an intrusive bitch is exactly what I inspire to be like. " Aiden Ryan walks past Vickie leaving her absolutely humiliated and insulted. ​

    Talent Needed (open)
    If anyone would like to do some backstage segments with me on this storyline, please PM me. :) It would be appreciated if I could have someone join in even if it is for a small part of it.

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