It's time to take over...

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  1. Finally, that useless specimen known as Catwoman has given up and left, leaving way for the real bosses of IWT. For too long she sat and collected her corporate paycheck whilst doing jack-shit, just like those who came before her, whilst great people like me did the dirty work and got paid pennies.

    But from now on, this will all change. No longer will I sit and scrub the walls whilst Britanica sits and twindles her thumbs, relaxing in her recliner. From now on I will be the one sitting relaxing, and so naturally I need a skivvy to do the base work. Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you.... Dat Kid!

    *The crowd go insane as Dat Kid's theme hits*
  2. *Dat Kid limps out on his crutch to the stage, with little expression on his face*​
    Cut the music...​
    First and foremost, I don't even know what a skivvy is, so you can go take that queens' english and shove it up your ass. *crowd pops*​
    *Dat Kid looks at the crowd angirly* Did I ask for your opinions?! Shut up!​
    Jonathan, Brit placed me in the commissioner's position before she left, so she was doing a lot more than finger twiddling before she left. However I would never take orders from a man like you, who invests in bad decisions like Aids Johnson and Victoria Parker. I went ahead and took the initiative to go to IWT cooperate in Cleveland and I had a little chat with the board of directors. It seems like we were in agreement about a couple things, one of which is what you can not run this show alone and having you solely in charge would kill IWT faster than you leaching on to the current IWT champion. That's not the only thing we were in agreement about. You see the IWT Board of Directors agree that I am the best qualified candidate to replace her as GM because of my work as commissioner, which means...I am the new co-general manager of the IWT.​
    I've moved your office to the janitor's closet in the arena. It's going to be fun doing business with you​
  3. Ah well you see, she obviously didn't tell you everything, did she. Because you see, prior to leaving she decided it would be best for business if I took up a more corporate position... you're talking to the Chairman of the board! Who in the hell do you think you are coming here trying to upstage me. And as the Chairman of the board, I vote no. So I guess that means you miss out being co-GM, pity, I would have enjoyed having someone do my work.

    It looks like you're just going to have to suffer as my assisstant for now..
  4. *Kid stares at Jonathan for a moment and turns around to make his way back through the entrance. Before he goes through the curtain he flips off Jonathan and heads backstage*