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  1. For the last few months and since the start of the IWT here in WWE Forums, things changed alot.
    I used to have one of the best careers here, many used to consider me the legend of IWT, I won the EURO TITLE and had a great reign with it.
    But for some reason things went downhill for me from there, I had a losing streak that is yet to end, and I gotta say and be honest with all my loyal fans, after my 2 losses at WM, I seriously considered retiring. :downer:
    Yes I was devastated, but then I remembered, I remembered one important thing, one thing that will give me the chance to correct the wrongs that happened to me, one thing that will give me the chance to even get back and make an impact even stronger than before.

    One thing that will get me to the spotlight that needs me, that will get me to the main event, @Christian it's time for our forgotten World Heavyweight title match.
    A few months ago, I challenged you to a title match, and you said you were busy with your worthless non drawing feud with Farooq who - as I expected - lost to you at WM.

    I told you that I will be waiting for you at Extreme Rules, and I'm really here now waiting for you, and since you are finally here, why don't you get you ass down here and stand in front of me, stand in front of the man who will end your historical reign as World Heavyweight Champion, the one and only, Baraa!
  2. You were going to retire after 3 loses in total :dawg:
  4. Great reign he said :haha:
  5. *Theme hits

    Comes out holding a mic and still wearing the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Before I get to you, Stopspot. You see this gold that I carry on my shoulder? This could have been yours! But you decided to go and betray me to join the Kliq and side with the WWE Championship on RAW, Aids The Jock! Now I said that I would give you this title if I won, but seeing how you've failed me, that promise is broken!

    As for Baraa, I'm devastated to hear that you were about to retire. After such a long and illustrious career of holding a mid-card title... that gets to you, doesn't it? You've lost two matches and you expect to be handed a championship shot just like that? That shot, was when you held the European Championship and where is that title now?

    But seeing the nice guy that I am, I'll let you have a shot.
    @"Respect Gohan6425" Vs. @Baraa for a ticket onto Extreme Rules to face the man who retained against your 2013 Royal Rumble Winner! You face "The Instant Classic" your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, CHRISTIAN!
  6. Why do I need to put my shot on the line against a joke of a "man" who is named after the most boring anime character ever?

    I deserve this shot, this match was booked more than 4 months ago, but it seams that you are shiting your pants off because you know that your reign is coming to an end soon.
    You know that the only way you can get away with the title at ER is by facing the "Santino Marella" of the IWT, so you want to give him a way to have this match.

    I have no problem with kicking both of your pathetic asses all around WWE Forums, but I'm not John Cena, I won't be so generous and give Gohan what he doesn't and won't ever deserve (although there is a big difference between CM Punk and Gohan).

    What's it gonna be Mr.Champ?
    Will you keep hiding behind your title forever?
    Will you keep bragging about how you came out victorious at WM and forget about the future ass kicking that you are gonna get?

    Or will you realize the threat that you are in and fight like man? (which doesn't much of a difference since you are also gonna get your ass whipped anyway).

    It's your choice "Champ"!

    EDIT: BTW Gohan is RAW superstar and can't compete for the title!

  7. As Baraa stands still in ring, The lights dim, followed by a blast of pyro, as Aids Johnson comes out with mic ready in hand.

    Hello Ladies. I couldn't help but hear you calling out to me. Well, never fear, your champ is here :obama:

    Baraa congratulations on being the 3rd member to speak of retirement before you even had a chance to win anything of any importance, whatsoever. You come in begging for a World title match, when you couldn't even keep your European title? Has no one here heard of earning contention to the title. As i've been forced to state before @"Dat kid" was my stepping stone to MY IWT title. @"Respect gohan6425" seems to confuse our titles @Christian, so i will be here to set it straight.

    What a laughable idea, me facing Jesse "Cm punk" 'Christian' Pinkman for a non title match at RAW? I am taking time off keeping the women of the IWT entertained, @Grammarnazi82 and i spend enoughtime having matches in the mattress, i just cant see myself fitting you into my schedule.

    What i will do, is put myself in line in the next 2 weeks, in order to be your #1 contender, and after i crush @"Senhor perfect" again, i will gladly unify the titles, and put a hush to all the confusion. I am Aids Johnson, and your time is up, my now. :notamused: :stopspot:
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  8. Show Spoiler
    Dammit, Gohan lied to me. Real promo starts now.

    So your logic is that since... this match was booked 4 months ago, I have to keep my word and give you a free World Heavyweight Championship shot, regardless the fact, that you lost your European Championship and two matches on Wrestlemania week. I'm now outta the blue supposed to waste my time with you? I have better things to do kid, I don't want to be fooling around and wasting my time on a guy that can't even retain a mid-card title. And now suddenly after two losses you have thought about retiring? If two losses is going to consider yourself to retire, I'll just seal the deal and end it right there for you.

    I will NOT waste my time for a small fish in a big pond, I will NOT give you a free ticket to Extreme Rules and I will NEVER... and I mean EVER, get my ass whooped by such a pathetic wrestler such as yourself.

    As for Aids, I don't want to hear excuses, if you're scared, just admit it. The reason that it's a non-title match is because the clock is ticking for you. Which means... as every second goes by until Extreme Rules, the WWE Championship is slipping away. And it will once again be with Senhor Perfect as he holds HIS WWE Championship once again, which he should have never lost in the first place. I still proudly still hold my World Heavyweight Championship, 113 days and counting as the face of the IWT.


    [size=x-large]Welcome to the era of the PEEPS![/size]
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  9. Dont be upset Christian, i would face you, but unfortunately i wont waste my time on people who couldn't even win their WM match. Congrats on Randys vote you NEEDED to tie, forcing a draw. Maybe you should face him like he asked, it looks like you owe him the same way he tried to force a tie between myself and senhor. You might be better than me at promo's but there is no chance in hell @"Senhor perfect" pulls a win out of his ass. Funny you should even say that he is going to beat me, he couldn't beat HBK, he couldnt beat From and Crayj EVEN WITH YOU, and he certainly will never be able to beat me. I'm the IWT champion for a reason, and it certainly isn't a bribed vote from @"Respect gohan6425" . #YOURWELCOME :pipebomb:
  10. I never asked him.

  11. I WAS THE 1ST IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMION! And there are no brand really ones that is! i wrestler for the us title at wm and no of u got piss off about that as that was a nicto title not a raw title so :sftu: about this raw and nitco BS! AND WHY SHOULD I VS HIMHE HAS NOT BEEN FOR MONTHS IN IW!? @Christian if it have not been for me u would not have won at WM29 i gave u the tieig vtoe to keep the iwt world title! I DESAVRE THIS SHOT AT E.RULES!
  12. Ok so when will this no 1 contender match between me and gohan take place?