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  1. *A camera zooms in on a dark room with a single spotlight shining on the floor. A few seconds pass before a figure in a hooded sweatshirt walks in to the spotlight. The figure is looking down at their feet as their hand takes off the hood. Victoria Parker reveals herself, smiling into the camera.

    "IWT, I've been watching you for quite some time. After my disgraceful loss against Anonymous, I took some much needed time off. With my hiatus came the great downfall of the IWT. Leadership was lost and petty arguments took over this company. The IWT is hardly a shell of its former self. Jonathan's leadership is nowhere to be found and superstars are left scrambling looking for a way to stay relevant. The current PPV has to be one of the most poorly executed of all time. But, don't worry IWT, a savior has arrived.

    *A dark laugh escapes Victoria's lips as she leans into the camera.

    "It's time that I address the man I despise. The man who took everything I loved away from me. Aids, the self-professed savior of the company has done NOTHING of value to revitalize this company. After all the hype and criticisms about my title reign, you just can't fill the shoes necessary to carry this company out of its impending destruction.

    *Victoria starts to shout, getting a wild look in her eye.

    "You NEVER had what it took to be a champion! And now that you're all alone with The Cure no longer around to protect you, you're more vulnerable than ever. Your lies and arrogance can't protect you now, and soon I will have you right where I want you. In that ring...I will not stop until I have ripped you apart LIMB BY LIMB just like you deserve!"

    *Victoria puts her finger up to pause. Another spotlight illuminates showing several of Aids' family members gagged and tied down to chairs. Victoria walks over and stands behind the individuals.

    "But Aids, since you enjoy playing games and enjoy watching the suffering of others, I thought this would be an excellent surprise for you. You see, I can get to you whenever I want. If I want-" Victoria walks over and pulls roughly on his mother's hair "I could find numerous ways to make her suffer and have you watch." Victoria lets go and looks back at the camera. "Luckily for you, I'm giving you an opportunity to be better than you have your entire career. This time, you get to act like a true professional and have a fair and even match with me. No games, no tricks...just you and me alone in the ring. Then, and only then, do you have the hope of saving your family. Let's see if the arrogant paper champion of the IWT actually has an honest, loving bone in his body. The stakes have never been higher, Aids - and I look forward to being the IWT Champion that this company really needs to survive."

    *Victoria smiles darkly into the camera before the screen goes black.
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    glad to see you return, I enjoy your promos
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