Storyline It's Time.

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  1. The Theme blasts instantly causing negative reaction, Aiden Ryan comes out in casual clothing. He walks down the rampway avoiding any hand to hand contact from the audience members who lean over. He flicks his hand directing the camera man to move out of the way. As the cameraman does he leaps onto the apron with one knee and enters via the middle rope. Aiden makes his way across the ring to obtain a microphone and looks around at the arena who is still booing him. "Cut it" Aiden looks up the rampway signalling the music to be shut off.

    "It's been a hot minute since i've been out here, but i figured it was time to address something."


    The audience yells as Aiden Ryan gives them a stank look, his frown line lowering in disgust and looking around the arena with a slight laughter. "WHAT!?" He mocks with a redneck voice then continuing what he was about to say.

    "There are days that pass in this company that make me wonder if me being in here truly matters anymore, the fans, the talents, I truly have no one by my side. I am merely a mediocre entertainment to all of you watching. I've been labelled so many things, the victim, the weakling, the pathetic one of the bunch. Ha, my former superior spat on me and left me broken before mania because they felt i was nothing to them. These labels, These stereotypes that people throw my direction are getting old, and it's becoming transparent that no one wants me here. Well guess what? I'm not going anywhere, I'm going to stay right here and i'm going to accomplish what i know i'm deserving of. And no this isn't me asking for another championship match, this isn't me cutting lines to get to where i need to be, this is me standing up to each and every single one of you, looking you in the eye and making you understand what i truly mean when i say i'm the most consistent athlete on this roster. I am not going to lay down due to how long someone's been here, or how many championships they've obtained. That doesn't mean jack to me, so gloat about your success, gloat about your history, but the one thing you can not gloat about is presence, and i'm right fucking here."

    He raises his arms out dropping the microphone out of the ring. It makes a static sound as it hits the padding.

    "This is a call out. first come, first served!"

    OOC: I'm bored, i have time and i'm willing to do a match with anyone.
  2. I am accepted it
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  3. Dat Kid makes his way out past the curtains, wearing gym shorts, a black tank top, and a bookbag. He pretends to be shocked by the return pop. The music fades and Dat Kid shyly raises is hand.

    I don't know if I'm welcome here or not anymore, but perhaps you'd like to go one on one with me.

    The crowd pops. Dat Kid folds his hands and bats his eyelashes at the crowd.
  4. Ok
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  5. I can setup the match anytime, From.
  6. OK can u make me one
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  7. (This was two weeks ago, I don't exactly have time to do this at the moment.)
  8. Dat Kid is never even around. If you would like a match BigE we can get it setup for this weekend. Can you cut an intro Promo in the IWT section and create a challenge of your own? Look at the other threads if you need guidance.
  9. Still alive bro?
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  10. more than you guys think
  11. Busy getting reared in Bangkok?
  12. I came back from Shanghai like a month ago and idk is your sister 18 yet?
  13. Nah, but you should try u-cant-c-me. Seems like your type
  14. Hey, i texted you and challenged you to a match weeks ago. Where you at?
  15. Got a new number, I'll PM you it.