Storyline It's time

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  1. The crowd is cheering, they're amped up and excited ready for the night of wrestling action they're about to see. Suddenly the lights go out.

    The screen starts showing static and the lights go crazy. Then the lights go out again.

    "GTFO" by Makeshift plays over the speakers and the crowd starts to cheer and the lights start going crazy to the tune of the song. Suddenly a man walks through the curtain.


    The crowd starts going crazy, Cross then raises both of his arms to soak in the reaction of the crowd. He lowers his arms and begins walking towards the ring. Not showing the fans any love, rather just looking at them as he walks down the aisle. Cross walks up the apron and mounts the corner. He raises his arms then lowers his left arm and points his right into the crowd with his right hand in the shape of a gun. He gets down and grabs a microphone.


    The crowd cheers

    Braeden Cross: You honestly think I give a shit about what you think of me? Contrary to the energy I showed on my way to the ring, I couldn't care less what any of you think of me! None of you people even know who I REALLY am! Allow me to tell you. I'm the guy who will kick your fucking head in just for kicks. I'm the guy who if you badmouth me, I'll hit back and hit harder. I'm the kind of guy that doesn't need any of you to be validated. I'm ONLY here to win championships.

    The crowd boos and chants "You suck"

    Braeden Cross: Why am I not surprised? You people honestly can't handle the slightest bit of truth can you? I speak my mind, a thing that I'm well within my rights as a human being to do, and you can't take that so you boo and tell me I suck. Well boys and girls, it's time for Braeden Cross to teach you all a lesson in humility. It's time for me to kick every one of your heroes in the head until *I* am IWT Champion, then you will all BOW DOWN!

    Cross laughs as the crowd boos and throws verbal insults at him

    Braeden Cross: You don't like me? You can do as my entrance music says and "get the fuck out of here!"

    Cross drops the mic as his music begins to play again. He leaves the arena to a chorus of boos while flipping off the crowd. He turns around on the stage and says:

    Braeden Cross: I don't fucking care what you think! Keep booing me!

    Cross walks through the curtain as the crowd is chanting "fuck you Braeden"