ITT: D'Z PRAISES WWE for something

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  1. WWE has done a great job of choosing PPV Cities in 2013. The RR crowd was a little mediocre, but we'll forgive them for that. The choice to host Mania in New Jersey led to the GOAT crowd the following night. The ER crowd was in St. Louis, and performed well.

    Sunday we get a Chicago crowd, which is a top 3 American city for wrestling events.

    MITB is in Philly. Perfect choice considering the hardcore roots of the city and the nature of MITB matches

    SS is in LA like always.... perhaps a weak link, the LA crowd can at times be apathetic

    NOC throw away PPV is in Detroit. Generally a good spot

    OTL is in Buffalo, New York. Hot crowd is almost assured

    HIAC in Miami-- it is Florida, but easily the best spot in Florida

    Survivor Series in Boston-- inb4Seabs

    TLC in Houston

    If you are of the same belief that I am that a good crowd can make a show, perhaps the crowds can salvage some of these shitty PPVs the rest of the year, starting with Payback. sure as hell beats a couple of years ago when we were sitting through dead PPVs because of mark ass crowds in Virginia or DC that only cared about seeing John Cena.
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  2. Agreed. Though the night after Wrestlemania credit can't be given to NJ imo. The fans that travelled from around the world to see Wrestlemania, and stayed for one more night to watchRAW, get credit for such a beastly crowd. Last years was awesome too.

    I like that WWE care about PPV's more now. The match quality has definitely increased from recent years as well imo.
  3. :yay::win:Buffalo finally being recognized as a quality wrestling crowd. I'll 95% be going to OTL this year.
  4. Take Gohan with you.
  5. OH HELL NO! :pipebomb:

    I assumed this was a thread where someone gold Dolph Ziggler D'Z instead of just DZ. Yeah good crowds are a huge positive for an event.

  6. :shock::damnn:

  7. I've read this 4 times now and I still can't tell wtf you are trying to say lol
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  8. I think he means called not gold, he thought it was the wrestler who said some positive and the title was a typo.
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  9. This was my best guess as well
  10. Yeah even i had to re-read my own post.

    I assumed this was another thread where someone accidentally refereed to DZ as D'Z, not that you created a thread referring to yourself in 3rd member.
  11. That's my thing though
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