I've grown to hate The Rock.

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  1. I have turned against you all, I hate The Rock, no idea why. He pisses me the fuck off now. Is there anyone out that agrees?
  2. I don't hate him but some of his marks who can't accept the attitude era is dead do annoy me.
  3. I semi-agree.
    His jokes are old and the same thing over and over.
    He's only using this Mania match to promote movies and make a shit tonne of money.
    I mean who could blame him, but he's stopping young guys from moving up the ladder.
    Hogged the spotlight for too long.
  4. 1 or 2 months ago I found myself really hating on Rock and really rooting for Cena, mainly because of how obnoxious and retarded the Rock marks are in the IWC. But I went and re-watched his past and I've learnt to love him again, but I'm still completely rooting for Cena in this feud.
  5. Same.
    Cena's worked shoot on Monday was his best promo from 2007+ IMO.
    I loved it and marked out like a mother trucker.

  6. It's obvious that Cena will win. It's just one of those things, WWE won't bury Cena just to get Rock over so he can leave and go shoot a movie.
  7. The Rock marks frustrate me (I'm generalizing, some are completely fine) the most though. I don't care if Rock's come back for payday, it's Rock, he's one of the greatest of all time and is back to wrestle at WM. I couldn't give a damn if he's back to promote a movie, as long as he's entertaining me and putting current stars over that's fine. I just despise the Rock marks who go around worshiping the guy. He's a black version of John Cena with some over catch phrases, I don't see how no one gets that, yet Cena gets a shit load of hate (most of the time it's personal, I've seen countless Rock marks wish death on Cena) and as does anyone else who's at the top (Punk is the target of abuse now).
  8. Does Cena really need to be put over?
    He's the top guy.

  9. Really, the IWC hates Punk now too? Or am I reading that wrong?
  10. I don't hate him, but I don't like him either.

  11. I tried clicking to play...

  12. :hehe::tongue:
  13. I like the Rock, but this isn't the attitude era as somebody pointed up earlier. He's not the same; he feels so... old. Cena's promo made me jizz in my pants; I love it.
  14. Good post.

    It's way past time for the AE stars (other than Christian and only due to circumstances Jericho) to get out of the spotlight. I don't hate the Rock in general, but ever since the epic promo on Raw when he was announced as guest host, he's been exposed as a guy with only a few catch-phrases. The Miz, except with better mic skills.

    But hey, he's keeping Cena from hogging the spot at the top for a little while. Less Generic Champion FTW!
  15. Miz has 2 catch phrases, Rock has over 20.
  16. They both feel like you get a small amount of content in the middle of a bunch of catchphrases, but Rock does have more of them, and much better content in-between.
  17. I think Cena should chill about the whole movies thing with the rock considering he kinda gave more of the opportunity to guys like Cena to appear in
    hollywood movies, dont get me wrong though wrestlers have appeared in movies before the rock bigged them up. But again 'appeared' not really have the lead role of the movies...Cena for me was good on the mic on raw though
  18. Content is out of Miz' hands, it doesn't take a genius to realise he's being told to say what he's saying. At least Miz sells the PPV's instead of ranting about non-kayfabe things :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Rock has complete freedom.

    As for Rock paving the way for movies - I don't think that's a reason for Cena to ease up. John doesn't want to be a big movie star, he insulted his own movies this week on RAW and would never leave WWE for movies, it's a nice thing to add to his goody goody character. The feud is better with more things being allowed to say as Rock and Cena are legitimately not friends, lol.

  19. True true but it pissies me off the fact that he says all this for his promo then 30 secs later they show that 'Be a Star' video package which is just stupid within its self I mean seriously Pro Wrsetling is about entrainment in the ring. I couldn't care less about Cena out of the ring...I mean CM punk thats ok cus its something to do with fighting, verbelly but that 'i'm so nice and kind and humble...wait a min how does my hair look' is just
    bull shit
  20. I agree there, I remember when Miz cut a promo on how he decimated Cena countless weeks in a row and started mocking him, cut to a be a star promo where Miz is asking people not to bully. Was pretty humorous.