Storyline I've Had To Improvise, y'know?

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    *Alias' theme song begins to resound throughout the PA system all over the IWT arena, which results in a BIG mixed reaction, as he's in the turf of his rivals just a week or so before the big Team IWT vs. Team FSW match-up. He walks out on stage, not looking too joyful, and commences to amble down to the ring, glaring at the crowd with contempt. Alias slides in the ring and asks for a mic violently.*

    I've been forced, I've been coerced, by the goddamn "POWERS THAT BE", to remove Dat Kid from my team because of the ever so prestigious stipulation that Trip imposed. WHO THE FUCK CARES IS MY QUESTION!? No one wants to see Trip ever compete in a ring again let alone ANOTHER Trip/Kid match, and if I knew that this bullshit company war was just done and originated to lead up to an eventual match between Kid and Trip this whole run would have CHANGED DRASTICALLY, A WHOLE LOT. I wouldn't have even joined FSW, but now I'm stuck in an inescapable, abysmal, dark hole and I am left here to assume the consequences by myself and make the best out of something, the best of a bad job, make something out of nothing and THAT is exactly what I'm doing.

    I can't have Kid on my team, well then, so be it, worse things have happened in life . I've been given no choice but to improvise, investigate and find, as quickly as possible, a new team member for Team FSW. And that's just what I've done. Every big name in this business always has roadblocks, hurdles, glass ceillings, iron curtains, set in his way that he MUST overcome to prove why he SHOULD be a big name. I feel now is my time to do so. Next week, I walk into an arena, possibly for the last time as a wrestler, into a match, a high-risk match, the biggest roadblock that you could ever imagine, with my heart on my sleeve, and with my head unadulterated, my mind clear of any bullshit.....and my career....on the line. It's a tough going right now, but that's what each of us must go through in this business.

    *Alias pauses for a moment*

    I will win at Survivor Series, dammit, I will fucking walk out of that arena VICTORIOUS and with my career intact I swear to god, I am WINNING at Survivor Series. Team FSW, is going to win. Not even Trip and the rest of his tyrannical, dishonest bunch of bigots can do anything.....ANYTHING to stop it. Jwab, Aiden Ryan, Midas, Aids Johnson. Say goodbye to your dignity and pride come Survivor Series, because I'm taking it all and burying it 6 foot under.

    But first, I must announce the 4th member of Team FSW. Come on out.

    *Alias points to the stage*
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  2. Christian walks out on stage to a louder pop than usual. He gestures the crowd as he walks down the ramp and makes his way into the ring. He looks onto Alias as they embrace each other by shaking each others hands and following it up with a hug. Alias Antonio hands over Christian another microphone.

    Christian: Thank you, Alias! Thank you, Alias... on finally seeing the light. You see, the time that we've been together, it seems that we have more in common than most people would think. We've both been tag-team champions, check. We've both been World Champions, check. We've both been a part of notable factions, check. And we've both been screwed by the higher ups in IWT... check! It seems like no matter who is in charge of the IWT, there will always be a man in the back pulling strings and corrupting this company! I've been a victim of it, June 17th, 2013, where I was forced to defend my title without prior notice, where I wasn't given a rematch for my title, TWICE! I've given my all to IWT, WE'VE given our all to IWT! Only to be screwed...

    Christian looks frustrated as he strokes his jaw and looks down. Alias pats Christian on the back and Christian gestures that he's alright.

    Christian: Even though corruption within the IWT won't end, I'll take my chances to end the Authority, Trip and Jono. I'll take all my frustrations over the past two years and take it out on their team, not only for me, but for every person who was ever screwed within this company. And I will show why FSW is superior in every aspect than IWT.

    OOC: Would write a longer promo, but time constraints. My bad, THG?
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    *Alias smirks and shakes Christian's hand.*

    Thanks for putting your point across, Christian. This addition to Team FSW is a valuable one and one that I deeply appreciate. Y'know what though? It's funny how this exact time last year we were fighting in unison for Jonathan but this year we're fighting against everything he has done negatively in this company and everything his sorry ass stands for. This Team IWT hasn't been put together by Trip, it has been put together by Jonathan and every single being knows that. But that's besides the point, we'll still kick ass at Survivor Series I guarantee it.

    Oh, as for the last remaning member of Team FSW? Don't worry, he'll be coming soon. Maybe he arrives just in time for the match. Hahaha.

    *Alias shakes hands with Christian once again and they both leave the ring.*
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