I've said it before and I'll say it again...

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  1. I don't know about all of you guys, but I honestly think that putting Rollins, Mercury, Noble, Show, I assume Kane will also be with them, Heyman and Lesnar together was pure genius and I personally hope WWE rolls with this as a group until Lesnar leaves, then they can go their separate ways, because they (WWE) have a gold mine with them all together. They don't always have to appear in segments together further down the road since it appears that right now they all have their own focus, but they could really involve Rollins, Mercury, Noble, Kane and Show in some way with the Lesnar/Royal Rumble winner feud. Just my suggestion, because I really like the thought of all those guys together.
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  2. I see it more as Lesnar and Heyman being on good terms with Rollins and The Authority rather than part of their actual group. It's hard for me to consider Lesnar an official part of any group considering he's a part-timer who only shows up every now and then.
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  3. Yeah Lesnar and Heyman are more like "mercenaries for hire" in this program from my perspective that is.
  4. The Authority is back and I'm so glad.
    The new member is Big Show, not Heyman and Lesnar, in my opinion.
    Heyman/Lesnar are going to be on the sidelines, so to speak, Lesnar being a part-timer and all. I'm not sure they could afford Lesnar appearing every week till Mania, but yeah, The Beast will definitely be doing some dirty work for The Authority. Just like Lock said, they're rather on good terms with The Authority than part of the group.
  5. Hey, The Big Show just took Kane's spot in The Authority?
  6. I see both of them being involved.
  7. Nope.
  8. Not necessarily. There's room for two enforcer types in The Authority.
  9. They should've been the bodyguards of Seth Rollins, instead of J&J. J&J are funny, but that's it.
  10. I'm sure they'll be Seth's bodyguards, I mean they already are... As in Show and Kane will be appearing more frequently. I love J&J, they're awesome!
  11. I agree. Lesnar and Heyman right now remind me of Kane and Paul Bearer in 1998. Even though Kane only held the belt for one day, he was the champion that wasn't Austin. Kane wasn't really a member of Vince's entourage, but he wasn't Austin. I don't imagine that Lesnar is HHH's ideal champion, but he's not John Cena and he's not Daniel Bryan and that's how he is important to the Authority. But first and foremost, Heyman and Lesnar are Heyman and Lesnar and not part of anything else.
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  12. Hm. I don't think they're all that gold or anything, but yeah, putting all the heels in the same page never hurts. Or, better yet, it can hurt, but in this case it's alright.
  13. * I * think Seth Rollins should have been arrested in DC, for threatening the life of Edge, **in fulll view of an live audience** It would have served him right if the DC cops had arrived with Cena and hand cuffed Rollins, and then led hi away to the applause of the crowd. I also find it interesting that HHH and Steph were there in DC, with champange glasses at the ready. Cena gave up(so much for 'never give up, ehh?) to quickly, He should have said to Seth."Ok, go ahead - break his neck in full view of a national audience. See how many years *that* gets you!" The WWE stinks,,,stinks...and more stinks...
  14. Ain't nothin' like a true mark. :dawg:
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  15. Yeah I know, right?

    To Nice Person: two things

    Once kayfabe ended, there's less pressure to make story lines realistic. Some things you have to take with a huge grain of salt. When you have Vince McMahon supposedly die in a car explosion or Kane attacking a referee with the power of lightning bolts, having Seth Rollins not getting arrested isn't a stretch.

    Also, we don't have the entire story yet. Are you really 100% sure Edge and Christian weren't in on the whole thing? Triple H's plans are rarely as simple as attack and threaten. Plus both Edge and Christian have been devious heels for large portions of their careers.