Ivy Hale

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    Availability: Any day but Tuesdays.

    Have you competed here before?:

    Do you agree to the rules?: Sure.

    Character Name: Ivy Hale

    (Bonus)Disposition: Heel

    (Bonus) Gimmick: A sadistic girl with a mysterious, troubled past, she is obsessed with fear and what it does to a human being. Embracing this fact, she has dubbed herself "The Empress of Fear" and is hell-bent on torturing IWT mentally, emotionally, and physically, forcing them to live in a constant state of fear under her own "empire." Doesn't care as much about recognition, glory, entertaining the people who rejected her, but instead focuses on her twisted message, power, and inflicting punishment on her opponents and those who defy her crusade and what it stands for.

    Nicknames: "The Empress of Fear"
    "The Daughter of Darkness"
    "The Girl of [your] Nightmares"

    Height/Weight: 5 foot 8/145lbs

    Residence: Unknown (Not from Parts Unknown, you uncultured swines, just she doesn't claim a place as her home).

    Character Base/Appearance: Taeler Hendrix


    In-Ring Attire: Similar to above, except (usually) black, red and silver colors and adding a few designs. Colours may change once in a while.

    Entrance Attire: Black jacket with a hood. Wears face-mask similar to Ember Moon with "IH" on it.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions: As the theme music begins, the lights of the arena turn red. Ivy Hale walks out wearing her jacket and face mask, glaring around, observing her surroundings. Removing her hood, she heads down the ramp, not paying much attention to the fans. Eventually, Ivy walks around the ring where she climbs up on the apron and she stops to roll her eyes at the fans before hanging upside down the ropes like a bat before going in the ring and stepping up the turnbuckles to remove her mask as her theme music fades away.

    Wrestling Style (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, Powerhouse, Submission, etc): Aggressive. Is a Submission specialist, but also thrives in a hardcore environment.

    Finishing Move (Only 1): The Never-Ending Nightmare (A dragon sleeper with a body-scissors, often resulting in a pass-out)

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.): Halestorm (Spinning Roundhouse Kick/Trouble in Paradise *sometimes used as a finish if The Never-Ending Nightmare doesn't work)

    Mind Games (Straight-Jacket Hangman's Neckbreaker)

    Ivy's Thorn (Running Double Knees to the head of an opponent standing in the corner)


    Bridging Fujiwara Arm bar
    Figure-Four Necklock
    Heel hold
    Surfboard Sleeper Hold
    Chicken wing camel clutch
    Headscissors into an Octopus Stretch
    Stretch Muffler with body scissors
    Straight Jacket chokehold.
    Choking opponent in ropes
    Cobra Clutch to grounded foe
    Claw Hold
    Bow and Arrow
    Gory Special


    Super kick
    Spinning Back Heel kick
    Forearm to face
    Biting opponent’s forehead
    Single-leg dropkick
    Roundhouse to a kneeling opponent.
    Repeated Stomps to opponent on the ground
    Yakuza Kick
    Single-Knee Facebuster
    Lou-Thez press followed by forearms and a headbutt
    Axe Kick
    Spinning Back Heel Kick
    Running Knee-Lift to an opponent laying over the apron
    Double Knee Drop to a grounded opponent.


    Missile Dropkick
    Springboard Kick
    Diving Lou-Thez press followed by forearms and a headbutt
    Diving Double Knee Drop to abdomen


    Flying Head scissors
    Snap Suplex
    Hair pulling slam to mat.
    Multiple Backbreaker variations (ex: Tilt-a-whirl, traditional, hair pulling, etc)
    Jumping DDT
    German Suplex
    Kneeling Jawbreaker
    Fisherman buster
    Forward Russian Leg sweep
    Straight-Jacket Backstabber
    Wheelbarrow into a bulldog
    Sitout Facebuster
    Snap DDT
    Jawbreaker on Knee
    Snap Cutter (Just imagine she holds them in the cutter position and kicks her leg forward to drive their face into the mat)

    Taunts (Optional):

    -Blowing a kiss to the opponent (sometimes as a set-up for Halestorm or Never-Ending Nightmare)
    -Hanging upside down from the ropes.
    -Screaming when the match doesn't go her way.
    -May steal an opponent's taunt to further mess with them.

    Ring Psych (Strategies/Mannerisms in ring): She loves to play mind games with an opponent to leave them open to attack. Then, often focuses on hurting them through submissions, hard strikes, weapons when available, But she can also adjust her game plan if needed. then she puts them away with The Never-Ending Nightmare.