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    Dat Kid comes out with steel chair in hand and he sits in the middle of the ring.

    I am a man who has lost time. I look around the IWT locker room and the only familiar face I see the Wisconsin Brawler. And as I walked through this place that used to be my home I realized one thing. Nothing I have done matters.

    The fact is, Frank The Jock will be remembered more than me, hell Jonathan will be remembered more than me, Britanica will be remembered more than me, Incognito will be remembered more than me! I have fought hard, for 3 years and where did it get me?! I'll tell you where it got me, nowhere!

    So celebrate your mediocrity of the past and drown in the mediocrity of your present, because the current roster sucks! You're all shit and you should be ashamed of yourself for destroying the legacy I left behind.

    You have turned your back on God! and for that, I forsake you.

    I hope you all enjoy Alias Antonio vs Dat Kid featuring IWT Jr-mania because I put the I in IWT and without me, it's just wrestling for titles and your roster can barely do that.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid sticks the middle finger up right towards the locker room.
  2. Hey you, shut up.
  3. *A Voice booms through the arena*
    Spawn - "Spawn will be remembered as your God. And Aids Sucks"
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  4. Great stuff, Dat Kid. Big fan of yours.
  5. Dat Kid gonna lose the match just for using Meek Mill for his theme song
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