Storyline IWT 2nd Anniversary Show (Dec. 15th - Dec 21st)

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    2nd Anniversary!!!!!

    Main Event - Non-Title Match - Dec. 21st
    (@DK James) Joey Bryant vs. Nick (@Nickelodeon)

    The new World Heavyweight Champion vs. New IWT Champion! Will Nick gain respect from Joey Bryant after, what some would say, stealing the World Title after Joey just got back his IWT Title? Or will Bryant stump Nick's momentum and leave him as an injured animal for anyone to easily take the World title?

    IWT Tag Team Championship - Dec. 20th
    Midas (@Stopspot) & Drake (@Shadow) vs. ??? & ???

    European Championship - Dec. 19th
    Midas vs. Alias Antonio (@THG?)

    The captain of team FSW vs the de facto captain of team IWT. There is no love lost between these two men, who have never seen eye to eye, and tonight they collide with IWT gold on the line. Midas has been silent since Survivor Series, how will he respond to the brash Alias Antonio?

    #1 Contenders Match for the Tag Team Championships (Later on) - Dec. 18th
    Alias Antonio & Christian vs. Rita (@Majour) & Lee

    After what can only be described as a turbulent tag tournament, with one competitor dropping out due to the unforeseen promotion to interim GM, his partner turning AWOL and two teams suffering scheduling conflicts, we've ended up with a final sooner than expected! The teams of Lee & Rita and Christian & Alias will square off for a shot at the Desperadoes.
    Drake vs. Christian (@CM Punk)

    X-Treme Championship Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match - Dec. 17th
    Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber) vs. Rayn (@rayn) vs. Lariato Lars (@Larsosc)

    After beating Jwab for the Xtreme Championship. Lee seems to be slowly gaining his mojo back but with Jwab getting screwed over at Survivor Series in the main event by old friend of his, Rayn & with the debut of the mysterious Lariato Lars that shocked the IWT Universe. Jwab squeemed his way into the role of General Manager and getting out of in-ring competition with either of these men while also punishing the man that took his title. Will Rayn win the Xtreme Championship on his first match back? Will Lariato Lars shock the IWT Universe two times in the same week by becoming Xtreme Champion in his first match back? Or will Lee overcome the odds and prove that he is truly back and better than ever?

    Normal Match - Dec. 16th
    Drake vs. Christian

    Tables Match - Dec. 15th
    Alkatrz (@Tumbas) w/ Danny Jacobs at ringside vs. Michael (@Tsar)

    After being targeted humiliated by Jwab's Bodyguards, Danny Jacobs & Alkatrz, he stormed into the office and told Jwab what he feels about him becoming the new GM and how Alkatrz betrayed The Next Generation (or new? I don't care). Jwab warned Michael but he kept on ranting and this put him in a match that he'd rather not want to be in. A tables match, a tables match with Alkatrz's only instructions being "End his career." Can Michael fend off Alkatrz & Danny Jacobs for one more night and keep his career somewhat alive? Or will Allkatrz & Danny Jacobs help reshape IWT in the spit image Jwab wants it in (AKA WITHOUT ROADSTER)?

    OOC - Thank you @Stopspot for halp on descriptions. Also, we have no idea which days would work best but it starts tomorrow. Have any problems post them below. Hype? HYPE. "#IWT"
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  2. Tumbas can choose, and I'll be there.
  3. Probably the worst build to a show ever since I've started with IWT. But oh well, I get that people may be busy. We still have a decent card though. Very possible we'll be pulling triple duty @CM Punk, lets do this.
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  4. I'm on nights at work Monday-Wednesday, but if the match happens on one of those days I can deal with it.
  5. I'll switch it with Punk vs. Shadow. :)
  6. ILY, thanks!
  7. I can't do Monday you dumbfuck, just give me any day that isn't Friday-Monday.
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  8. You are welcome, ya redneck.
  9. No official theme song?
  10. The theme song is silence. Cause we are all sad over the loss of Trip as GM.
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  12. Good Sav.. I mean. It's not going to be the same without you, @Trip in the Head

    seriously though... no more power trips? </3
  13. And sad that we have to deal with you.
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  14. Boooooo, why would you use the 'Mania theme?
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  16. If there is an opening and someone is looking, i'd be down to have a match. Either way, great card.
  17. Can't we just have Adam play some bagpipes as our theme song? Fits the theme of trip's funeral PPV