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  1. LIVE from Madison, Wisconsin's Alliant Energy Center...IWT Presents...IWT Anarchy!

    Sven: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to IWT Anarchy! My name is Sven Stevens and with me is IWT superstar, Rio Nakayama!

    Rio: IWT Superstar, one fourth of the Bullad Club and your soon to be new Television Champion.

    *Graphic for Aids Johnson vs. Luis Ovaldinho*

    Sven: Our main event of tonight, is the IWT Summerslam rematch for the IWT Championship between Champion Luis Ovaldhino and Challenger Aids Johnson.

    Rio: Two men, one asshole, one great guy. They're hopefully going to give us a great show and hopefully it's a similar result to Summerslam.

    *Graphic for James Dragon vs. Jack Forté*

    Rio: Now the real Main Event of the show! The man, the myth, the legend and my best friend! James Dragon will become the new IWT Intercontinental Champion!

    Sven: That's if he can get past the seemingly unbeatable Jack Forte.

    Rio: Seemingly is right Sven! It's just an illusion and Dragon is going to perform a magic trick of his own by making Forte's title reign vanish!

    *Graphic for Virtue vs. D.T.F*

    Sven: And to crown the inaugural IWTTag Team Championship it's Virtue, the team of Michael and Joey Bryant vs the team of Tyson Storm and Slate Bass, better known as D.T.F!

    Rio: What does D.T.F stand for again? Something stupid about funk I bet.

    Sven: Let's get started with the action for tonight!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from London, England, weighing in at 210lbs, Adam "The Twilight Prince" Burke!

    Adam Burke walks out onto the stage, walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring.

    Sven: Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam Burke out here once more and ready to give us another great performance, possibly one of the bravest wrestlers on the roster today.

    Rio: You say brave but I'm going to go with blind, the man needs to take a look in the mirror and slap himself, he's got to realize that the same old words and the same old Adam aren't working at this point. That's why I beat him.

    Announcer: And his opponent from Brooklyn, NY, weighing in at 225lbs, Nick!

    Nick walks out onto the stage, pausing briefly to take in the sights of the arena and crowd. He smirks when he sees Adam, and heads towards the ring. He leaps onto the apron, hops the top rope and smirks at Adam once more.

    Sven: Well, Rio whilst we're on the subject of guys you've faced, I'm sure you aren't exactly eager to see Nick tonight!

    Rio: Why? Because I lost, the guy can hold his own in the ring and yeah he snaked a victory from me but I ain't going to start acting like Nick isn't a great competitor, because he really is.

    Both men wait in their respective corners. Adam leans forward while holding on to the ropes, while Nick leans against the turnbuckle of his corner. The ref calls for the bell and Adam comes storming out of his corner, getting in the way of Nick moving anywhere, waiting for him to try anything.

    Nick smiles at Adam. Adam, comes charging at Nick, trying to take his leg, but Nick moves in between the ropes to cause the ref to call for a break. Adam lets go before the ref starts his count, but motions aggressively for Nick to get out of the corner.

    Sven: Maybe a little hesitation from Nick early one here.

    Rio: Maybe a little too much simple-minded anger from Adam. Nick is willing to take his time.

    Nick takes about three steps out of the corner before Adam immediately comes flying at him with a jumping knee- Nick side steps the knee, Adam's knee hits the corner and it buckles as he lands.

    Sven: Adam aiming for the jumping knee but missing wildly and that could be a fatal mistake!

    Rio: What did I just say? Once again simple-minded, come on Adam think a little.

    Adam holds at his knee as he lies on the ground. Before the ref can check on Adam, Nick drags him by the leg with the injured knee to the center of the ring.

    Nick slaps on a Single Leg Boston Crab, Adam screams in pain as he scratches and claws for the bottom rope. Adam manages to make it to the bottom rope, but is holding on to the knee as he uses his other arm to hug the bottom rope.

    Sven: Nick now knows he has Adam right where he wants him.

    Rio: This ones aleady over. Adam blew it five seconds in! Pretty much a summary of his career.

    The ref checks on Adam and his nodding no, while keeping Nick at bay. It seems like the match is about to be called-

    Nick rips Adam off the bottom rope, picks him up aggressively, and slams him head first with the snapmare driver! Nick covers Adam.

    Sven: Oh wow it really is all over right Rio?

    Rio: I was freaking joking! It's only been a minute!


    Announcer:The winner of this match by pinfall, Nick!

    Sven: Well Nick, picking up an incredibly easy win in the opening match here at IWT Anarchy.

    Rio: Adam, once again is all bark and no bite!

    The ref raises Nick's hand and he gestures a title around his waist. Nick out of the ring, passing Adam who is outside the ring being tended to by the ref and two medical personnel. Nick just looks back before continuing to move backstage.

    As Nick is about to go through the curtain a stretcher cuts him off and heads to Adam. Nick goes through the curtain.

    Adam: I'm fine. I said I'm fine, get off me!

    Adam uses the apron to get up, the crowd appluads. Adam starts to limp his way to the back, it's borderline a hop before he makes his way up the ramp. The ref holds Adam up and assists him up the ramp.

    Sven: He tried at least Rio, what more could you ask for?

    Rio: An actual match?

    Adam walks through the curtains. And the camera fades to a outside shot of the arena!

    A golden limo pulls up to the garage area of the arena, the chauffeur runs to the back, and hurriedly opens up the butterfly doors. A seemingly unending line of women step out of the limo, followed by Sage, and the ghost of Harambe all of them wearing IW3 merchandise.

    Alias, Kid, and Aids step out. Kid in all white, Alias in all red, and Aids in a suit made to look like a brewers uniform. Not a second later security swarms the three. The men argue with security to back off.

    Micheal: Kid, don't make this any harder on your partners. Your suspension means you stay away, you don't want your suspension affecting others.

    Security stars pushing Kid out of the arena as he struggles.

    Kid: You can't do this to me! I'm the reason you have a job Micheal! IW2 doesn't even sound right, you need me Micheal, you need me-

    Kid's voice fades off into the distance. The camera resumes on the inside of the arena.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Sven: We are set for Chris Kaizer vs. Chris Young!

    Rio: Now this! This has got to be a great match, Chris Young is not the mostly widely respected competitor in IWT but if he can pull out a great performance or dare a say a victory against one of the most beloved on the roster than that'll change quicker then The British Kid's employment status here.

    Sven: Who?

    Rio: Exactly.

    Announcer: Introducing first from Tokyo, Japan! Weighing in at 215 pounds, "The Amazing One" Chris Youuung!
    Chris Young walks out to the ring with Ashley and Lilith by his side. He has an arrogant and intense look on his face while he charges down to the ring.

    Announcer: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at 225 pounds, Chris Kaaaaaizer!
    Kaizer's theme hits to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He walks out onto the stage as the lights begin flashing to the beat of the song. He stands at the top of the ramp for a few moments, before beginning his walk down to the ring. He high fives a few fans on the way down before climbing the steel steps, he wipes his feet on the ring apron and then enters the ring. Kaizer spins around in the ring while extending his arms. He looks over at Young before stepping into his corner to begin this bout.

    As the bell rings, both men circle the ring. Chris Kaizer extends his arm looking for a test of strength. Young goes to extend his hand but surprises Kaizer with a swift kick to the leg knocking Kaizer down to one knee. Chris Young goes for another kick, this time to the head. Kaizer ducks it and goes for a roll up on Young. Young quickly reverses out of it, hitting the kneeling Kaizer with a dropkick! Young goes for the pin but Kaizer kicks out before the ref can even get to the mat. Young picks up Kaizer and sends him running into the corner. Young follows behind him and hits the cornered Kaizer with a clothesline, as Kaizer starts to fall forwards, Young hits him with a stiff kick to the back of the head! Young begins his ascent to the top rope, he reaches the top and looks around a bit before diving off! He goes for a diving headbutt but nobody is home as Kaizer rolls out of the way! Chris Kaizer shakes his head before going over to Young and pouncing on him with strikes from left and right!

    Sven: No water in the pool! And he's going to get punished for that one Rio!

    Rio: Kaizer is a veteran, you've got play a lot smarter and safer than that against him.

    The ref pulls Kaizer off, but Kaizer goes right back on the attack and picks Young up. He sends Young off the ropes, and is hit swiftly with a Chris Kaizer clothesline! Young shoots back up though and is thrown back down by Kaizer via an armdrag. Kaizer quickly applies an armbar. Young struggles while reaching for the ropes, but as Kaizer applies more pressure. Young doesn't give up though as he loosens Kaizer's hold before escaping and rolling out of the ring. Kaizer stands up and wipes his forehead before mouthing a few choice words to Young outside. The ref begins his count to 10 as Kaizer backs off to allow Young his entry back into the ring. Chris Y. takes his time climbing the steps and re-entering the ring. He and Kaizer circle around the ring a bit more, before locking up. Kaizer takes control and gets behind Young, but Chris Young quickly hits Kaizer in the head with some elbows causing Kaizer to back off. Young hits a few more elbows knocking Kaizer back into the ropes. Young runs opposite of Kaizer and rebounds off the ropes before hitting a brutal looking running knee! Young goes for the pin!


    No! Kaizer kicks out as Young moves his hair out of his eyes. Kaizer starts to lift himself to his feet using the ropes but Young is right back on the attack with several kicks to the torso and back of Kaizer. Young grabs Kaizer and pulls him to the center of the ring. Snap suplex! Young picks Kaizer up and looks like he is going for his Venom Injector! But Kaizer fights his way out and drops behind Young! A devasting Kaizer backbreaker! Young rolls around in pain as Kaizer catches a breather. Young begins to rise back to his feet as Kaizer has his eyes set on finishing this bout. Young stands up with his back to Kaizer and is immediately spun around. Kaizer lifts Young up, and hits the Kaizer Screwdriver! Kaizer goes for the cover


    Announcer: Here is your winner...CHRIS KAIZER!

    Kaizer looks down at Young as the ref rises his arm in victory

    Sven: Chris Kazier picking up an expected victory but not with the greatest of ease might I add.

    Rio: Well, both men earning a bit of respect from me tonight, round of applause for these two men.

    The screen fades back to the old garage. A line of security stands between Kid and the garage area of the arena. Kid paces back and forth, eyeing every member of security with a harsh look. Kid points behind security.

    Kid: WHAT'S THAT?!

    The security does not look.

    Kid: Welp, i tried...

    Kid starts walking away- he rushes the arena at full speed and tries to jump over security only to be thrown to back to the pavement.

    Kid: You guys are lucky I don't want to kill you. Im fucking dangerous man, you'll see!

    Kid runs away, possibly wiping tears as he does it. The camera resumes on the arena, with a graphic for Ivy Hale vs. Spawn on display. The camera fades away again for a pre-match vignette.

    After her debut match against Reagan Cole, we can see Ivy Hale has returned to her, supposed, locker room area

    Ivy: "Every beginning has an end, and every end, a beginning. So it was so fitting that Reagan Cole's end was my beginning in IWT. "The first of many who I will make certain will suffer the same fate." While looking at the interviewer and smiling. "Isn't that lovely?" “I'm going to break each of these men down one by one. No matter how strong you are, we all live in fear and I personally will unmask each and every person. They will be exposed and will only become footnotes in my nightmarish empire. Because when you are the Empress of Fear, you're always the girl in their nightmares.”


    Spawn is busy training away in his gym. He walks to the dumbbell rack and picks up the 75lbs in each hand as he starts curling with a sharp inhale at each raise.
    Gym Owner: Hey, Spawn! You've got mail.

    Spawn's face twists in confusion as he reads a small note partitioned inside.

    "The Lord Detests lying lips...yet he found forgiveness in you. All while those who live as they are, become rejected in his kingdom. This needs to change."

    Spawn turns it over looking to find out who sent it, but there is no name.


    The camera soon enters the church and it shows a high roof with rows upon rows of seats separated by an aisle leading towards a preacher’s podium standing on a stage in front of white banners with golden crosses on them. This place gives off a sense of purity, forgiveness. That is why when Ivy Hale walks in with her signature fiery red hair and wearing her usual black dress, she sticks out like a sore thumb. Entering from the side, she glares around the room and steps carefully.

    Ivy: I don’t fit into any of these molds. I don’t place myself in any groups, very few I relate to and I’m insulted even if people tie myself in the use of the term “new era” and anyone involved in it. But…there was one person I thought was just like me." “A loner, someone who was a reject to society. I thought they had no empathy for those who turned on us and that they truly understood that with all this world tries to be good, it is made of the evil and fueled by fear. But, it all was a lie…he was a lie, but most of all, he’s bought into these lies!” My crusade of fear has its next target set…and his name…

    Spawn stands in the ring with a mic in hand and a frustrated face.

    Spawn: My dear sender, I think you forget the roles we play. We step into this ring and we fight for the people. Do not be scared and come at me in the shadows. I would rather you come out here like a man and get in my face, and show me a real message! I don't think you know who I am, because otherwise you would have sent no letter. You would not have poked the bear. Whoever sent that letter, you should not of spoken up because I hear your voice loud and clear. You have been heard, and now you are my target.

    Ivy Hale herself enters the arena.

    Ivy: "Oh my, you have it all wrong. If you haven't figured it out by now, I was the one who sent that letter. It wasn't for laughs, but that was the first warning shot. Spawn, you at one time were seen as monster. Someone remorseless, unstoppable. But soon enough, that illusion was unmasked and I see you now scraping the bottom of the barrel for an opportunity to get in the spotlight. You may still be a powerful person, but I'm unlike anyone you faced and our paths will be crossing very soon.

    Spawn: Ms.Hale to me you just seem to have an unhealthy obsession with a dead man. You are searching deep for a monster that you do not wish to know. You are bringing back ghosts from the past that should certainly remained buried. You may not like to hear it, but the old me is gone. I hate to disappoint you but he doesn't exist anymore. You can send me all the little love letters you want because you can't bring him back. If you want to see the real Spawn, I suggest you call a cab and get your tickets booked, because I will be at Anarchy and I will be waiting to show you what Spawn is truly about.

    Ivy: "news flash, God doesn't accept rejects in his kingdom! If you don't fit his mold from the very start there is no forgiveness. For weeks, I've been trying to explain my journey to all of you miscreants, instead it is focused on past IWT stars, dream chasers and of course, this comeback story of Spawn. Someone who lied to all these people, and gains respect, forgiveness, yet someone like the old me is herself and for their entire life gets laughed robbed...ousted...and when I seek forgiveness, am given none of it.

    I'm not trying to get the old Spawn back. He never existed..."

    "Dear Spawn, welcome to the game of Ivy Hale, Spawn. A game where monsters thrive and an Empress rules over to bend her will upon others. Just be careful, you're playing with fire. See you at Anarchy."

    The camera once again resumes to an interview with Spawn.

    Spawn is in the middle of a sparring session in his segregated locker room. It's just Spawn, his coach and two of his training partners, one of which is trying to lock various submissions on Spawn, to which the superstar counters and slams him on a small mat in the middle of the room. There is a knock on the door and all the men stop the practice as the coach opens the door.


    [Coach] Do you mind lady? We are in the middle of some very important training right now. Come back another time!

    Spawn peeks over to the door and sees Ingrid Vines with a microphone in hand with an unsure look on her face as she locks on to Spawn looking to double check with him.
    [Spawn] She's cool. Let her in.

    The coach moves out of her way as she barges in with an exited smile on her face.

    [Ingrid] Sorry to interrupt... I was just really hoping you wouldn't mind doing another one of these interviews before you have your match with Ivy Hale later. I can come back if you-
    [Spawn] Guys, go catch a break. We shouldn't be too long.

    Spawn waits for his crew to leave the locker room before talking to Ingrid again.
    [Spawn] So what did you want to ask?

    [Ingrid] Well firstly I guess we should see, how you are feeling? This is your first match after this big change in your life. Not to mention you are against a real tough opponent in Ivy Hale. Whats going on inside your head right now?
    [Spawn] I'm feeling confident. I thought I would of been more nervous coming back out here. I never knew what to expect when I came back here, but the opportunity I have received is not going to waste. I can't wait to get out there and show everyone how serious I am about the new me. I just want to show people how much this all means to me.

    [Ingrid] That's great. We caught you locking up with a couple partners here in your locker room. What were you working on? It looked a lot more intense than just a stretch.

    [Spawn] I have watched Ivy since her first win. She might be smaller than a lot of the guys around here but she packs all her tools in that little body. She chokes people out. Makes them sleep. My team and I have gone through some of her tapes and we have worked on an arsenal to counter her offense. When she tries to wrap around me she is going to be in a shock. My power is far greater than hers, and I am waiting for her to strike so I can turn it against her.

    [Ingrid] That all sounds great, but training like this literally hours before your match could easily injure or harm you before the fight that really determines who Spawn is. Are you not worried that going hard like this before your match could have a serious effect?
    [Spawn] You said it yourself. Ivy Hale is good. I need every minute I can get to prepare myself for her. Sure it could be taxing, but I would fight with broken bones if that is what it took to beat her.

    [Ingrid] Clearly you have done your homework for this fight and you have a very confident game plan. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans before we wrap up?
    [Spawn] Yeah. Whatever happens tonight, just know I am grateful. I can't say I will beat Ivy. All I can say is I will try until my last breath. It's not about me tonight. It's not about Ivy. It's about everyone who tunes in to watch. I hope I can show everyone how sorry I am about my past actions. I only hope that at the end of the day that these people will see that I don't want to be a monster any longer. I know that I was an ass. I know people point and they laugh. I know there is no one in my corner when I step out tonight.

    And rightfully so. I don't expect anyone to appreciate me or want me to win tonight. I just hope that someday I can earn that sacred bond...

    Ingrid motions to wrap up and Spawn extends his hand for a handshake as Ingrid's crew leave the locker room. Ingrid shakes the large hand of Spawn as she leans in and whispers to him.

    [Ingrid] Don't beat yourself up so much. I will be cheering you on. I always did like a happy ending to my stories.

    Ingrid gives him one last smile as she walks out of the room. Prompting another live shot of the arena.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from..well...we're not sure, weighing in at 145lbs "The Girl of Your Nightmares, The Empress of Fear" Ivy Hale!
    She has a mask in her hand. It is black and red and looks somewhat similar to the mask Spawn once wore. She walks slowly towards the ring, smiling. Her mind games have no end it seems as she raises the mask to taunt the fans and walks around the ring to the side closer to the hard camera. Sliding on the apron, she hangs upside-down from the ropes and laughs. She eventually goes between the middle and top rope and enters the ring where she paces around the ring and her theme music fades.

    Announcer: And her introducing her opponent, from Long Beach, California weighing in at 270lbs, Spawn!

    At the 0:14 mark Spawn steps out from the curtain as he slowly walks to the ring he extends his hands to the fans hanging over the guard rail, but his focus is on Ivy. He climbs in the ring and wastes no time.
    Spawn walks towards Ivy who is leaning against the turnbuckle, the ref gets in his way, and he argues that he wasn't going to do anything. Ivy blows a kiss at Spawn, who points at her, shouting something at her.

    Sven: Spawn makes a B-Line straight for Ivy. Spawn said weeks ago "don't poke the bear" and I'm afraid Ivy has.

    Rio: Honestly Sven, Spawn is a mess. Just look at him, no kind of showmanship, he's just a brute and Ivy has already won this match, he just doesn't know it.

    Spawn heads to his corner, looking over his shoulder. The ref rings the bell.

    Sven: Well Ivy, one of the greatest female competitors in recent memory but she still has the disadvantage strength wise and Spawn is one of the strongest IWT have to offer.

    Spawn takes a knee by the turnbuckle to say a quick prayer. Ivy's cool demeanor is gone in an instant as she rushes over and pulls Spawn by the hair. Spawn has no choice but to go back and Ivy immediately puts Spawn in a cobra clutch while on the ground.

    Rio: Not the smartest of moves from Spawn but oh boy is he going to get punished for it.

    She has a sick smile on her face as she wrenches the hold, sneaking pulls at Spawn's hair. The ref warns her. Spawn quickly stands up with Ivy on his back with no struggle at all.

    Sven: Look at the strength of Spawn!

    Rio: Well, like you said she has the disadvantage in that department.

    Spawn runs towards the turnbuckle and goes back first, squishing Ivy. She still holds on. Spawn runs to the opposite turnbuckle and does the same. Ivy's grip starts to loosen a bit as it looks like the air was taken out of her. She gouges at Spawn's eyes, who rips her hands off of him before tossing her hard on the mat. Ivy holds her back as the ref checks on her. Spawn gets his vision back in order.

    Spawn heads to the corner, waiting on Ivy to get up.

    Sven: Spawn perhaps looking for the Clothesline From Hell to put this one away early.

    Rio: Despite that she's deluded herself into thinking she's heartless, Ivy has a lot of it in that ring, it's going to take more than this to put her away anytime soon.

    Ivy gets to her feet and turns, and Spawn attempts a clothesline from hell, but gets caught with a superkick that rocks him. Ivy starts hammering forearms to his face over and over. Spawn gets his guard up to protect from the shots. Ivy's shots aren't going through and she screams, before hooking her arms for a jumping DDT. Spawn stops it before it hits the ground and dead lifts her up and flapjacks her 7 ft in the air.

    Sven: Ivy may have bitten off more than she can chew in this match. Spawn's may not be a monster mentally, but physically nothing has changed.

    Rio: Nothing actually changing is Spawn's biggest problem.

    Ivy holds her ribs as she struggles to get to her feet. Spawn holds his hand out, looking at her from afar. He puts his hands on his waist, almost in a disappointing way. Ivy quickly runs at Spawn and hits a single leg drop kick that catches him off guard, sending him through the middle rope. Spawn lands on his feet.

    Ivy makes her way to the apron and nails a springboard kick to Spawn's chest that takes him to a knee. Ivy quickly gets up, but Spawn who is pissed charges her. Ivy quickly jumps up and wraps her legs around his head for a hurricanrana, sending Spawn face first into the steel steps. Spawn's body slides off of the steps slowly.

    Spawn is out cold and the ref is at a count of two. Ivy tries to lift Spawn up.

    Sven: That's more than 200lbs of dead weight, Ivy's not going to be able to lift him up.

    Rio: She should just take the count out win honestly. I'd do it.

    Ivy screams in frustration, she stomps on Spawn's lifeless body until the ref reaches the count of 8. Ivy slides back in and then out. Ivy continues stomping the crap out of Spawn who's now got visible welts on his back.

    Rio: She is kicking the crap out of Spawn, Sven...I think I'm in love.

    Sven: Yeah? I doubt she will recipicate those feelings.

    Ivy turns Spawn over and she gets on top of him choking the life out of him. The ref gets out of the ring and tries to pull Ivy off, she lets go, arguing with the ref. She makes her way back over to Spawn and before she can choke him again, Spawn suddenly palms her face, squeezing it. Spawn's got her locked in the Iron Claw.

    Spawn slowly gets up, looking more like a monster the more he rises. Ivy clutches at Spawn's wrist, but she can't shake him. Spawn walks up the steel steps, dragging Ivy with one hand as he does it, dragging her through the ropes as well. Spawn slings her in front of him, then back to him, nailing the Ura-Nage dead center in the ring.

    Sven: Just pure unrivaled power! Ivy didn't even have a choice in the matter as she goes straight down.

    Rio: Now that! That could be enough to put her away.

    Spawn goes for what is a sure pin. 1...2...-

    Ivy very slowly manages to get a shoulder up as if her arm is numb. Spawn is more angered than shocked as his face shakes with red rage. Spawn grabs her by the head to lift her up and whips her into the ropes and nails a devastating Spinbuster, roaring as he gets up. He slices his throat with his thumb to call for the end, but he sees Ivy and stops halfway through, losing that intensity he had. You can almost see a bit of concern on his face.

    Sven: Ivy looks done, I've never seen someone get slammed like that. Spawn's giant frame compared to Ivy's made that Spinebuster finished.

    Replay: Spinebuster shows Ivy Hale's head ricocheting off the canvas in slo-mo.

    Ivy's eyes shift over to Spawn while she lays on the mat, she laughs a bit. You can see her mouth the words "liar". She starts to say liar, louder and louder. Spawn clutches at his head yelling and shaking his head no! It only makes Hale even louder as she gingerly stands to her feet. Spawn quickly grabs her for a Tombstone Piledriver.

    While upside down, Ivy knees Spawn right in the face, allowing her to slip through his grasp. Ivy quickly takes his back and grabs him in a dragon sleeper hold while he still stands. Spawn tries to grab her, but she pulls back, getting him off balance, and taking him to the ground, to fully lock in The Never Ending Nightmare.

    Rio: Out of absolutely nowhere! There is no escape, Spawn is finished! SPAWN IS FINISHED!

    Spawn is unable to get out of this position, he tries rolling, but Ivy's death like grip won't let him out. Spawn slowly starts to fade as the movement of his arms become weary, until nothing. Spawn has passed out.

    The ref calls for the bell.

    Announcer: The winner of this match by submission, Ivy Hale!

    Rio: Ivy taking down Spawn in what was a fantastic match but I feel like she might have got a little lucky.

    Sven: Be that as it may, these two competitors just fought to the end, but Ivy's reign of terror continues tonight.

    The camera fades to the back where Michael and Joey are preparing for their entrance.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the final of the IWT Tag Team Revival Tournament and it is for the IWT Tag Team Championship!

    Announcer: Introducing first, Michael & Joey Bryant...collectively known as...VIRTUE!
    Michael and Joey Bryant somberly walk out onto the stage. The tag tournament has begun taking it's toll. Michael and Joey hype up the crowd on the stage and begin their march down to the ring. Joey slides in and walks over to the corner of the ring where he poses, as Michael steps out on the outside of the ring-post to a barrage of camera flashes. Michael and Bryant step down as the crowd cheers them.

    Announcer: Introducing second, Slate Bass & Tyson Storm...collectively known as...D.T.F!
    The music of The Head Pimp in Charge, Slate Bass, begins to blast throughout the arena. Only, Slate Bass isn't the one to come out. Out comes Tyson Storm, with a very confident/smug look on his face and his hands behind his back.
    As the main drop in the music hits, out comes Slate Bass with a spin. Slate stands still with his back towards the camera and points at Tyson Storm. Tyson brings his hands up from behind his back, holding Slate's fedora in the air. With a
    quick movement, Tyson tosses the fedora towards Slate, who catches it while doing a bow. Slate rolls the fedora onto his head, walks over to Tyson and shakes his hand. The two men walk down the ramp, Tyson snickering at the two men in the ring and Slate inaudibly mocking the very fans Virtue showed some love to. Tyson Storm is the first man to enter the ring and stand facing Virtue.

    Joey and Tyson are the first two in the ring. Joey and Michael tag hands just before the opening bell for some good luck. After the bell, Joey and Tyson lock up with Tyson getting the upper hand. He wrenches his arm, and leans him on the ropes. Tyson wrenches even tighter and delivers a stiff kick to Joey's gut. Joey lets out a painful grunt and slouches over, while delicately attempting to relieve the pressure on his arm. Tyson bounces Joey off the ropes, but Joey hits a clothesline on Tyson, on the rebounds, knocking him down. Joey spends little time recuperating and jumps onto Tyson. He lands a series of punches and elbows that render Tyson groggy. Tyson wiggles out of Joey's grip and quickly jumps to his feet. Joey runs at Tyson, but Tyson hits Joey with a high knee. Joey falls back and clutches his mouth and squints in pain. Tyson lets out an arrogant laugh and proceeds to lock on a Dragon Sleeper. Michael runs in and breaks the submission. Slate runs in to equalize the situation but the referee handles the situation. Michael and Slate return to their respective corners while Joey makes it to his feet. Joey slouches on the ropes while Tyson runs at him. Joey reverses and backdrops Tyson out of the ring. He lunges forward and makes the tag to Michael. Michael quickly scales the turnbuckle and waits for Tyson. Tyson makes it to his feet and Michael leaps, hitting a Flying Crossbody onto Tyson onto the outside of the ring. Michael is able to land on his feet while Tyson cracks down hard. Michael hypes up the crowd before being attacked by Slate Bass. Joey drops down and runs for the save, but Slate scurries off. Joey helps Michael to his feet but Slate attacks Joey with a Chopblock. Tyson gets to his feet and they proceed to lay in serious kicks. The referee gets to a count of 5 when Tyson rolls in. By a count of 9, Michael finally gets into the ring but is immediately hit with a Spinebuster.

    Sven: The effects of this contest really taking their toll on Michael now, he might not be able to last much longer in there.

    Rio: Tyson is doing a very careful destruction of Michael right now, that Spinebuster was beautfiul, this is like watching a surgeon operate.

    Tyson goes for a pin - 1...2.- Michael kicks out just after two. Tyson looks at Michael with anger, and grabs him by his hair. He drags him to his corner and tags Slate in. Slate stands in the middle of the ring while Tyson Irish-whips Michael. Michael is caught and thrown with a T-Bone suplex. Slate Bass doesn't spend any time and locks on a Headlock. After around 15 seconds of struggling, Michael begins energizing thanks to the fans rally of support. Michael turns side-ways and begins elbowing Slate in the gut. After around 3 shots, Michael is set free. Michael attempts to lunge at Joey for a tag, but Slate slams Michael down by grabbing his hair. Slate stands Michael up and lifts him up. He drops him neck first on the ropes with a Stun Gun. Michael bounces off and lands on the mat. Slate laughs at Michael as Joey stretches out for a tag and screaming for Michael to respond. Slate drags Michael over to his corner where he tags Tyson in. Slate steps out and Tyson climbs the top turnbuckle. He jumps and attempts a Five Star Frog Splash but Michael gets his knees up. Tyson bounces off Michael's knees and screams in pain. Michael, with the help of the support of the crowd, crawls over and tags Joey Bryant. The crowd pops for Joey. Joey runs in and big boots Slate off the apron and drags Tyson to the center of the ring and stands him up. He wedges his head in-between his thighs and hits a Double Powerbomb. Joey Bryant is red in the face as he signals for the brainbuster. Tyson is unresponsive so Joey stands him up. He hooks him and lifts him up before landing the Brainbuster. He goes for the cover, but Slate runs in to break-it-up. However, Michael runs in and delivers a fast, elevated, Head of State Shining Wizard. The Joey resumes the count - 1...2...3!

    Sven: We have new IWT Tag Team Champions!

    Rio: There ain't no doubting it now! Virtue are a great team, only second to one other team in IWT.

    Sven: Who's that?

    Rio: Oh I don't know, I'm just wearing this Bullad Club shirt as a fashion statement.

    on as Michael and Joey hug. They are handed the titles and they hoist the titles up. Michael runs to the top rope and screams in victory. Joey Bryant walks outside and shows the title to all the ring-side fans. They walk back into the center of the ring and thank the fans before leaving the ring. Slate and Tyson are helped to their feet and to the back. Michael and Joey pose on the stage to a few blasts of pyro. They leave as soon as the last explosion takes place.

    Sven: Well, it's going to be all celebrations in Michael's office tonight!

    Rio: And you're not invited Sven!

    Announcer: The challenger is from Skullshore, Georgia. He stands at 6'8" tall and weighs in at 278 pounds, Cousin Eddy!
    The lights are dimmed before Eddy walks out. He walks out, rolling a hotwheel in front of him and makes it to the ring.

    Announcer: And his opponent is the IWT Television Champion. He is 6 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds, Schizo!
    Schizo slowly makes his way over to the ring. When he gets halfway down to the ring, he drops the belt and runs to the rest of the ring. First, he goes to the referee and points away, indicated to him not to get involved.

    While Cousin Eddy is watching what happens, Schizo moves quickly towards him and jumps on him. Cousin Eddy easily overpowers Schizo and shoves him to the ground. As Cousin Eddy goes to pick him up, Schizo jumps onto his opponent again and uses the iron claw on Cousin Eddy's stomach, reminiscent of Killer Kowalski. As Cousin Eddy tries to get the claw off his abs, Schizo uses his other hand to poke Eddy in both of his eyes. Eddy moves to protect his eyes, but the cheap shot by Schizo doesn't slow him down. Cousin Eddy grabs Schizo by the head, lifts him up and then tosses him right over the top rope. Schizo lands hard on the outside of the ring, his head hitting the mat hard.

    Cousin Eddy looks at Schizo laying on the floor and a big grin spreads across his face. Schizo doesn't look like he is moving. Cousin Eddy walks over and slowly climbs to the top rope. As Schizo finally stirs and tries to pick himself up, Cousin Eddy jumps dives off the top rope and hits Schizo hard. Not giving Schizo a chance to stand up, Eddy picks him up off the ground and immediately power bombs him right onto the mat. He then picks Schizo up again and power bombs him a second time. While Schizo is lying on the ground, Cousin Eddy looks curiously at the mat. He picks Schizo up and easily tosses him into the ring. Then, he pulls up the mat to expose the concrete floor. Once done, Cousin Eddy comes back into the ring. He picks Schizo up and indicates that he is going to power bomb Schizo over the top rope and onto the concrete floor. However, right before he thrusts Schizo down, Schizo grabs onto Eddy's head with a guillotine choke. Schizo uses his weight to pull Cousin Eddy's neck down on the top rope as Schizo himself falls out of the ring and onto the concrete, hurting his knee. Cousin Eddy falls down in the ring.

    Schizo gets up and shakes his leg a bit. He quickly jumps back into the ring. He quickly elbow drops Cousin Eddy four times in succession in an attempt to keep his bigger opponent grounded. Afterwards, he quickly runs up to the rope and hits a top rope elbow drop. Getting up and almost falling from the injured knee, Schizo runs over and jumps up on the turnbuckle again. He drops another elbow drop on Cousin Eddy. Schizo then gets up, moves backwards and hits Eddy with a rolling knee drop.

    Schizo looks around, trying to determine what to do next. He looks out of the ring and sees the concrete floor that Cousin Eddy exposed earlier. He then grabs his bigger opponents legs, trying to pull Eddy over and out of the ring. He manages to get Eddy over a bit but Cousin Eddy recuperates and kicks Schizo away from him with his other leg. Schizo falls back into the ropes and staggers forward. His knee falters again. Cousin Eddy gets up, shakes his head a little bit and quickly hits Schizo with a clothesline, knocking him hard to the mat. Cousin Eddy comes forward and he easily picks Schizo up off the ground. He bear hugs Schizo and runs him into the turnbuckle without letting go. Still holding Schizo much like a rag doll, Cousin Eddy once again slams Schizo into the turnbuckle. After the second hit, he throws Schizo hard on the ground. Looking again at the concrete, Cousin Eddy picks him up for a power bomb. This time, Schizo doesn't react and Cousin Eddy holds him in the ring and power bombs Schizo over the top rope and onto the concrete floor. Schizo arches his back and rolls over onto his the protective mat that Cousin Eddy rolled over earlier.

    Slowly, Cousin Eddy makes his way out of the ring. The referee is watching from the ring and has stayed away from the violence. Schizo, barely moving looks to be crawling under the ring very slowly. Cousin Eddy walks over to him and grabs him by the leg. As he pulls Schizo out from the ring apron, Schizo has a hammer in his hand and he slams it onto Cousin Eddy's foot at an angle in which the referee cannot see it. Cousin Eddy doesn't fall over though, just grabs at his foot which has been severely injured by the hammer.

    Putting the hammer in his waistband, Schizo staggers to his feet. He grabs Eddy and uses his leverage to push him into the ring. Then, Schizo runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs up it. Schizo takes the hammer out and although the referee finally sees it, Schizo ignores his demands to put it down. Schizo holds the hammer out, prepared to use to to reinforce a double axe handle from the top rope. Cousin Eddy staggers to his feet. Once he is standing up, he looks around for Schizo. As soon as Eddy turns around, Schizo jumps off the top rope, ready to strike with the hammer. Cousin Eddy, however, realizes what is happening and grabs Schizo in the air and gets him in a bear hug. Eddy squeezes hard and Schizo drops the hammer. Schizo struggles to get out of the bear hug, but isn't able to. Cousin Eddy swings him around like a ragdoll The referee keeps checking to see if Schizo taps out but he doesn't. Schizo does begin to fade however. His eyes begin to glaze over a bit and he begins struggling less and less. The referee lifts Schizo's arm up once and it falls down. He lifts it again and it falls again. The referee lifts Schizo's arm a third time and it falls down. The referee calls for the bell.

    Announcer: Here is your winner and the new IWT Television Champion, Cousin Eddy!

    Cousin Eddy drops Schizo's body to the mat. The referee hands Cousin Eddy the belt and he puts it over his shoulder. Cousin Eddy then reaches into his pocket and takes out the hotwheel car. He places it on Schizo's chest. Standing up, Cousin Eddy admires the belt before leaving the ring. The screen fades back to the outside again.

    A cardboard box approaches the arena. There's obviously someone under it. Security looks dead at the box. One member of security crouches by it. A small bendy straw comes out of the air hole and black mist sprays out of the straw into his eyes. The officer falls to the ground screaming. The other members of security help the man. Kid pops out of the box.

    Kid: Gotcha Bitch!

    Kid starts to run into the arena and another line of security pours out and steps in front of Kid.

    Kid: Are you joking?!

    Kid throws his jacket on the ground and storms off. The screen comes back to the arena with flashing lights, around the arena, in anticipation of the Universal title match.

    Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IWT UNIVERSAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

    Coming out first is Tyson Storm, who is competing in his second match tonight. The crowd fills the arena with boos as Tyson makes his way down the ramp. He marches right up the steps and into the ring. Storm stands on the turnbuckle facing the ramp, motioning a title around his waist as he waits for the champ to make his entrance.

    Sven: Putting on admirable performance earlier tonight and now competitor for the bigger gold here against your comrade Rio, Scott Fargo.

    Rio: The fans showing their disliking for this overrated smug prick and I don't blame them, in fact I would take off my headset and join them if I didn't want to call his utter decimation coming up next.

    As Scott Fargo's theme hits, the crowd erupts in a flurry and cheers. He walks out in his signature black and gold attire, with the Universal Title firmly around his waist. Fargo doesn't take his eyes off Storm for a second as he makes his way down the ramp, paying no attention to the crowd. He enters the ring and walks right past Tyson as he raises the Universal Title high above his head before handing it to the referee.

    Announcer: Introducing first, the challenger! From Dublin, Ireland, weighing in at 235 pounds. TYSON STOOOOOOORM!

    Announcer: And his opponent. He is the reigning and defending IWT Universal Champion! From Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 240 pounds. SCOOOOOOT FARRGOOOOOOOOO!

    The ref shows both competitors the Universal title, before giving it a ring attendant. And with that, the bell rings! Immediately the two lock up, with Tyson taking the advantage early on. He takes Fargo down to the ground and gets a side headlock applied. Fargo quickly escapes, though, but Tyson is right back on the attack with kicks before Fargo can get back to his feet. A standing elbow drop to the back of the floored Fargo. Tyson looks to end this quickly with an early pin attempt.


    The ref barely begins the count as Fargo kicks out. Tyson scoffs before pounding Fargo's heads with his right fist. Storm stands up, and taunts the crowd. He points over to the title, before motioning a title around his waist. He turns around to pick up Fargo, but is hit right in the gut with a Scott Fargo elbow. A stiff uppercut sends Storm back into the ropes, he bounces back into a hiptoss from Scott Fargo. Tyson stands up but is immediately sent right back down to the mat as Fargo sends him flying with a belly to belly suplex! Fargo shakes his head before walking over to Storm and giving him a few hard stomps. Tyson is picked up by Fargo and sent right into the corner. Fargo stands in the opposite corner and runs at the cornered Tyson Storm. A huge running big boot! Storm flops to the ground and Fargo goes for the pin.


    Storm gets his shoulder up before the 3. Storm crawls over to the ropes and begins to pick himself up, but Fargo is right behind him and tries to go for a German Suplex! Tyson holds onto the ropes and elbows Fargo in the face. Fargo rushes back at Tyson, but Tyson pulls the rope down sending the running Fargo to the outside! Tyson takes a breather before following Fargo to the outside. Fargo is getting to his feet as Tyson barrels towards him and connects with a brutal knee to the side of Fargo's head. Storm laughs a bit before lifting Fargo back up. He smashes Fargo's head off the barrier before throwing him back into the ring. Tyson looks to go to the top rope. Fargo begins to get to his feet and turns around to a flying crossbody from Tyson Storm! Storm with another pin attempt


    Fargo kicks out as Tyson shows some frustration and starts pounding Fargo in the head with lefts and rights before the ref pulls him off. Tyson shoves him out of the way and walks right back and begins stomping on Fargo. He picks up the tired Fargo and sends him into the ropes, and as Fargo comes back at him he runs into a Tyson Storm signature spine buster! Tyson Storm stands up and gives thumbs down before laughing and yelling some explicit at Fargo. He picks him up and puts him in position for Storm's finishing pedigree. Storm takes his time though allowing Fargo to battle out and hit Storm with a lariat! Fargo rolls out of the ring to get a breather, while Tyson recuperates from the lariat. Storm follows behind Fargo soon after and leaves the ring. Fargo is hunched over the announcer's table. Storm comes behind him and goes to smash Fargo's head onto the table, but Fargo resists and hits Tyson with a few elbows before smashing Storm's face onto the table. Fargo grabs Storm and looks like he is going to send him back into the ring, but turns back around and sends Tyson Storm flying over the announcer's table!

    Sven: Look out Rio!

    Rio: That was close! What a coward Storm is! Trying to hide from Fargo's wrath by jumping over our Announce table!

    The ref's count is at 7 when Fargo enters and exits the ring to reset the count. Storm is crawling his way out from behind the table as Fargo walks up and grabs him and sends him into the ring. Fargo mockingly motions a title around his waist as Storm picks him self up using the ropes. Tyson get's to his feet and turns around right into a stiff elbow that sends Storm reeling! Fargo picks Tyson up looking for a suplex, wait, Fargo hits a Kaizer Screwdriver! Fargo wastes no time though and picks Tyson right back up and into a suplex position. This time though he hits his finisher, FARGO TO SLEEP! That's it!


    Announcer: And the winner of this match, by pinfall, and still YOUR IWT UNIVERSAL CHAMPION...SCOTT FARGO!

    The ref hands Fargo the belt as the crowd roars. Fargo stands over Tyson and raisies the belt above his head, before mouthing the words "Fargo Slept".

    Sven: Scott Fargo with another retain here tonight.

    Rio: Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! This show just went from a seven to a ten baby! Hey Fargo! Come over here and give a brother a too sweet!

    Sven: And now maybe, the most anticipated match of the night. It is time for Jack Forte against James Dragon.

    Rio: Yeah, I think I really needed to bring up how personal this match is for myself. All of the guys in Bullad Club are good friends of mine but James really is my best friend, he's family to me and my heart is thumping in my chest, just begging, pleading, hoping that he can pull this off. I believe in him.

    Smoke begins to caress the top of the stage as the familiar cry of “I just up yours baby!” echoes throughout the arena. The crowd boo’s but a select few make some audible cheers, various Bullad Club signs and shirts being held proudly in the audience. Amongst the smoke a black figure appears, holding out his arms and looking up at the sky in an almost Christ like fashion. The figure stares ahead at the ring and marches through the smoke to reveal James Dragon, wearing midnight purple tights with the Bullad Club logo in a sparkling white gold on his legs. Dragon carries himself with his usual arrogance and houses a small smile on his face, but his eyes are intense as he makes his way to the ring, largely ignoring the crowd and their mixed reception. Dragon enters the ringring, and he spends a few moments silently staring out at the entrance ramp. As if staring into the bowels, looking for Jack Forté.

    The theme that was heard on IWTMania IV finally kicks in, and is met to a gracious reception. The lights start pulsating from green to brown, as Jack's entrance video finally starts to play on the titantron. Forté walks out moments later looking noticeably different. His hair is let down, and his beard has grown back out. Jack also doesn't have his standard attire either, sporting only black cargo pants, black combat boots, and white tape around his hands. The Intercontinental Title is seen dangling from one hand. Forté wastes no time as he marches towards the ring with a stern expression, and enters the ring.

    The referee takes the Intercontinental Title from Jack, and shows the competitors just what they're fighting for before handing off. He signals for the announcer to do the introductions.

    Announcer: Introducing the challenger... from Montreal, Canada, standing at 6'1'', weighing in at 220lbs.. THIS. IS. JAMES. DRAGON!!

    James taunts Jack as he's met with a mixed reaction.

    Announcer: Introducing the reigning, defending, Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion! From Sin City, Nevada, standing at 5'9'', weighing in at 180lbs... JAAAAAACK FORTÉ!!

    Jack turns around, and climbs the turnbuckle, riling up the crowd. James feeling disrespected, runs across the ring, and shoves Forté as hard as he can. Jack falls over the ropes, but doesn't fall to the ground. Dangling by a leg which is bent in a weird angle. Dragon takes advantage and begins kicking away at the trapped leg, before the referee breaks James away. The referee proceeds to work on untangling Forté's knee, and Dragon goes right back into the mix. Jack falls on the outside padding, James taking no time to meet him there. He stalks Jack, waiting for him to get back to his feet, and hits him with a chopblock! Forté screams out in agony as he crumbles back to the ground. Dragon immediately picks Jack up, puts him in a scoop slam position, and drives him down leg first onto the apron! James taunts the crowd, and the referee finally breaks them up. Dragon heads back into the ring with a smug look as the referee checks on Forté. A few moments later Jack is finally able to get in the ring.

    Sven: Well, the referee having to interfere to check on Forte. Dirty, dirty work from your friend there Rio!

    Rio: I hate to say it but Dragon took a cheap shot at Forte there but I guess whatever gets you through the day.

    The referee signals the bell:

    James charges Jack and immediately hits him with his patented basement dropkick, slides, and poses for the cameras. Greatness personified! Dragon tries to pick up a limp Forté, but is met with a vicious European uppercut. Before James can fire back, he gets hit with Jack's good knee. Now hunched over, Forté transitions behind him, and hits a jumping elbow to the back of James' neck! Jack quickly capitalizes, and starts throwing punches to the back of Dragon. Even throwing in a knee or two. The referee pulls Forté off as he's met to a mild reaction.

    Dragon crawls to the nearest set of ropes, and begins to get to his feet. Jack trails right behind him, waiting to take advantage. Forté tries to hit James as soon as he turns around, but he ducks it, and hits the Love Gun! Before Jack can even react, James hits a back suplex. Dragon puts his foot over Forté's throat, and tells the referee to count. James flexes as the ref begins:



    Jack kicks out, visibly angry. Dragon sizes up Forté, and runs the closest set of ropes. He attempts to hit Jack with a lariat, but he ducks it. As soon as James turns around he's met with a huge elbow! And another! Dragon returns the favor threefold!

    James taunts Jack, and tells him to go ahead and hit back. Forté hits another one, and then yells at Dragon to hit him again. The crowd going back and forth as the two try to out elbow eachother. James starts to get the upperhand, and proceeds to hit smaller ones repeatedly. Jack slouching further and further back, almost about to fall, and then lands one more big one that dazes James. Forté looks at Dragon, and just nails him with a headbutt that takes James to his knees. The camera pans in on Jack, who has just busted himself open!

    Forté picks up Dragon by the head, gets him into position, and nails the Cradle DDT!! Jack's finisher! Forté quickly goes for the pin and the crowd counts with them. Everyone thinking that it's over:







    Jack quickly goes for the Dragon Sleeper, the move that retired Bishop. Now hoping to end Dragon's dreams. James seems as if he is fading, but the starts to nail Jack's bad knee. He hits it over and over, and Forté lets go unable to take the pain.

    Jack takes a moment to pull his kneepad down, trying to give it some air. Forté not paying attention to James as he does so. Jack focuses back on the match, and Dragon is almost back to his feet. Forté tries to put James into the Full Nelson, hoping to nail his old finisher that put away many men. However, Dragon breaks the hold, grabs one of Jack's arms, and flips him over.

    James hits Forté with a swift kick to the bad knee as soon as Jack was in view. Dragon charges the opposite side of the ring, and hits another basement dropkick! Greatness personified without all the flash.

    James wastes no time, he picks up Forté, and hits him with a Package Fisherman Buster. Fortuna!! Dragon keeps a pin on Jack, and the referee starts to count:




    FORTÉ KICKS OUT!!! James composed, picks Jack back up. Dragon hits another finisher. Fortuna! James doesn't keep a pin on it, and repeats the process a final time. FORTUNA!! Dragon keeps the pin in as the referee goes for the count:




    Announcer: Your winner and NEW Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion... JAMES DRAGON!

    Sven: James Dragon! Doing what many deemed impossible, defeating Jack Forte to become the new IWT Intercontiental Champion!

    Rio: I've done a lot of great stuff in my career back home in Japan, but sitting here, watching my best friend hold that title? This place feels like home.

    James leaves the ring and cherishes his title, as the ring is set for the main event. But the camera fades away.

    Kid stands outside rolling a joint on IW3 rolling papers, until he sees Ingrid pass by.

    Kid: Hey! I know you?

    Ingrid stops and points at herself.

    Kid: Yeah you, come here. You're that interview lady right?

    Ingrid seems hesitant.

    Kid: You want compelling interviews right? I got one for you.

    Ingrid walks over to Kid, passing the wall of security, her crew shines light on both of them.

    Ingrid: I'm here with Dat Kid who has been suspended and has spent the entire PPV outside if the arena. Is there any update on how long you'll be suspended for?

    Kid: Good question, that's why i always liked you Ingrid. We are in a state of unfamiliarity with IWT. Micheal's decisions are sporadic and careless. He doesn't care about the fans or the men who made him, he only cares about himself. I honestly think we should wake Jono up from whatever diabetic coma he's in because it's been piss poor treatment since i've been back. Ratings have been up since my return and I don't get shit in return other than a suspension for making this place great again. But that's okay Ingrid, you know why, because i can be sporadic and careless to, for example-

    Kid lights his joint and takes a hit and puffs out smoke in Ingrid's face, who coughs.

    Kid: You coughed on me you dirty ****!

    Kid grabs Ingrid by the hair and puts out the joint on her face, she screams. Security comes rushing down!

    Kid: What?! So now you want to move out of the way right?! Stay the fuck back! You should have listened!

    Kid pulls Ingrid by the hair as he backs away. He approaches a limo that has "Bullad Club" written on the side of it. He slowly lets go of Ingrid's hair, cautiously eyeing security. Kid slowly backs away from Ingrid. Ingrid leans on the side of the door catching her breath.

    Kid comes hits Ingrid with a big boot and her head goes crashing through the window! Kid runs away and security quickly rush to Ingrid. You can barely see her face through the crowd of security, but when you do you can see blood as she lays on the shattered glass. Ingrid is out cold.

    Finally, a medical team shows up and checks on her. They place a neckbrace on Ingrid. They put her on a stretcher onto a gurney. An ambulance pulls up and a few of the IWT superstars gather, Micheal is one of them.

    Spawn is sat in the trainers room with an ice pack on his neck after the grueling match with Ivy Hale. Sweat still running off his large body as he patiently waits for Miss Vines to make her scheduled post match interview. A good 10 minutes have passed as Spawn waits and he leaves the trainers room to see what the hold up is. He walks through the hallways and no one is around. Spawn is very confused as to where everyone is. The main event was just about to start but it seemed like the arena was dead. Suddenly the trainers blasted by Spawn shoving him to the side. The large superstar roared at one of the trainers, still upset by his defeat.

    [Spawn] Watch it buddy!

    [Trainer] Sorry Spawn, its an emergency.

    [Spawn] Whats going on?

    [Trainer] No time to talk, keep up!

    The trainer runs off the hall and Spawn lets out a confused sigh as he chases after him, following him all the way into the parking lot where Spawn saw a huge crowd of workers murmuring to each other. The trainer and Spawn pushed through the crowd and that was when Spawn understood what was going on. On the floor lay Ingrid Vines. Laying in a pool of her own blood. Glass was everywhere. Spawn can't believe. Just hours before the show this woman was so happy and exited. Now she lay unconscious and drenched in her own blood. Spawns face quickly drops from shock to rage as he shoves past all the workers and some of the superstars as he strides right up to Michael, yanking him around by the shoulder and getting in his face.

    [Spawn] Who did this!!

    Spawn stares right into Michael's face with a fire in his eyes that no one has ever seen before. This woman wished Spawn well. She wanted him to do good, and as a result she lays broken and beaten.

    Ingrid is lifted into the ambulance and it drives away. The camera fades back.

    Sven: It's time for our Main Event!

    Rio: Rio: I've got ten bucks and a IW3 shirt on Luis Ovaldhino, so I'm conflicted whether I want him to win or lose.

    The vintage tune hits to a nice pop as Ovaldinho appears from the curtains. “NEW BELT! NEW IWT!” Ovaldinho shouts with the new IWT belt around his waist. Ovaldinho’s attire has seen a mild alteration, the secondary colour of his singlet and Umbro jacket changing to a gold, the laces on his boots also changing to gold. He takes a moment at the top of the ramp to proudly lift the belt in the air with both arms. His grin getting wider the more the crowd cheer. He puts the belt back around his waist, before applauding the crowd and making to the ring. He hands his jacket to the ref.

    The Madison, WI crowd goes wild as the intro hits, chanting "We love Aidsey" as the music begins. Aids walks out holding the now former IWT title above his head as he stops at the center of the stage. Aids looks up and around the arena before pulling the belt over his shoulder and yelling out "The champ. is. here!" laughing before running down and sliding into the ring.

    Announcer: Introducing first, he is the challenger, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, weighing in at 220 Lbs...AIDS...JOHNSON!

    *Aids Johnson raises his hands with a smug look on his face and he is met with a big pop from his home-town crowd.*

    Sven: His hometown crowd is hyped for him, tonight!

    Rio: What a dump right?

    Announcer: Introducing second, he is the reigning, defending, IWT Champion, from Cardiff, Wales...LUIS..OVALDINHO!

    *Luis raises his title in the air with determination as he is met with appreciation from the crowd.*

    Sven: Well this dump seems to have a little love for your man too Rio.

    Rio: Every junkyard has a few scraps worth something in it Sven.

    As the bell rings Luis lunges at Aids Johnson, in an attempted takedown. Aids Johnson is able to resist and gains a grip on Luis' head. He locks on a front face-lock, before dropping down with a vicious DDT. Aids Johnson goes for a quick cover - 1...2..- Luis kicks out. Aids Johnson lays Luis out and tries for another cover - 1...2- Luis kicks out even faster than before. Aids Johnson stands up and allows Luis to get to his feet. Aids Johnson bounces Luis off the ropes and hits a back-body-drop. Luis clutches his lower back and flops over to his stomach. Aids walks over and drops a knee to the lower back of Luis Ovaldinho. Luis screams and attempts to wiggle away but Aids Johnson gives another stomp to the back of Luis. Luis rolls around and clutches his lower back. Aids Johnson stands Luis up and gives him a thunderous Belly-to-Belly suplex that sends Luis rolling out of the ring and landing on the outside. Aids Johnson follows up and walks outside. He grabs Luis and lifts him onto his shoulder and rams him into the apron. Luis falls down as Aids Johnson starts taunting. He stands up on the announce table and raises his hands in victory. He steps down and throws Luis back into the ring. Aids Johnson goes for a cover - 1...2..- Luis kicks out.

    Sven: Well, Aids Johson getting up close and personal to our table to brag but that might of actually just cost him the victory there.

    Rio: Yeah not the smarte-Wait a second, that asshole stood on my notes!

    Aids Johnson pants but stands up gives another stomp to a grounded Luis. Luis tries getting to his feet but is cut off but a shoulder block to the lower back of Luis. Luis is virtually helpless. Aids Johnson climbs the ropes and points at Luis' lifeless corpse with a large, arrogant grin on his face. He steps down and tries to pick up Luis, who has rolled to the outside part of the ring. He grabs him by his hair and tries to throw him through the middle ropes but Luis counters with a shoulder to Aids' gut. Aids stumbles back and charges Luis. However, Luis bends down and Aids goes flying out of the ring. Luis recuperates on the apron, and allows Aids Johnson to stand up. He's groggy but as soon as he turns around he is met with a Missile Drop Kick. Luis struggles to get to his feet, due to the lower-back, but is able to roll into the ring by a 7 count, with Aids Johnson following up at a 9 count. Luis and Aids are both on the mat, but Luis gets to his feet. Aids Johnson makes it to his knees, but is met with a vicious kick to the sternum from Luis. He connects another 4 before hitting a sickening super kick. Luis goes for a pin - 1...2..- Aids kicks out!

    Sven: Absolute barrage from Ovaldhino!

    Rio: This is turning into some kind of kick party with all these variations.

    Luis gets to his knees and pants with sweat showering down his face. He stands up and awaits Aids Johnson. As Aids makes it to his feet, he is met with a Roundhouse that launches him into the corner. Luis struggles to stand with his hurt back but makes it to the opposite corner. He charges Aids and connects with a Stinger splash. Aids crumbles down to the mat, with his eyes rolled back. Luis hypes up the crowd to a barrage of boos, but large pockets cheer him. Luis stands Aids up, and slams him down with a suplex. Luis seems hurt, but gets back up to his feet. He pulls down the straps of his singlet and runs at a seated Aids Johnson and connects with a knee to his face. Luis seems psyched but his back is still dragging him down. He stumbles for a while, as he raises Aids Johnson to his feet, but he slaps his lower back and screams in a fit of passion. He raises him up and just barely connects with a vicious Brainbuster! Luis goes for a cover - 1...2...3! Luis wins!

    Announcer: Here's your winner...and STILL IWT Champion...LUIS OVALDINHO!

    Luis stands up and grabs his title and hoists it up. He has near-tears in his eyes as he is over-joyed. He walks around the ring. Luis Ovaldinho has done it! He has beaten Aids Johnson convincingly for a second time, and has cemented himself as the true IWT Champion and maybe even the future of this company. Lord Lee jumps up and down in happiness as the referee gets the newly-designed IWT Championship and gives it to its rightful owner.

    Sven: Man, he has proved all his doubters wrong tonight indeed. Not only that, but he proved IW3 wrong with it!

    Luis Ovaldinho keeps celebrating, posing on the second rope with the IWT Championship as suddenly, Alias Antonio and Dat Kid come out and attack Luis Ovaldinho and his mentor Lord Lee from behind. Aids Johnson slowly gets up, and as the sore losers that they are, they put the beating on Luis Ovaldinho in a brutal three-on-one attack, similar to how they did it at SummerSlam the month before. Alias Antonio signals for the Psycho Driver and is about to put Luis onto his shoulders as the lights suddenly go out...

    It's Danny Jacobs running towards the ring, to a maybe unexpected ovation from the crowd. He gets into the ring, and the 7-foot monster looks to clean house. He clotheslines Dat Kid down, ducks a clothesline from Alias Antonio and grabs the back of his to hit a German suplex. He tries blocking it but Danny Jacobs won't let go, so Alias tries to hang onto Aids' back. Instead, Danny Jacobs gets both up and hits a giant double German Suplex which causes them to roll to the outside as the crowd is going wild. In the meantime, Luis Ovaldinho slowly gets up and clotheslines Dat Kid out of the ring as the crowd shows appreciation for these two clearing the ring. Both Danny and Luis look down at IW3, but Danny transfers his concentration to the IWT Champion, Luis Ovaldinho. They stare eachother down for a little while as the crowd claps, obviously looking forward to this potential match. Danny points at the title for a little while, as Luis looks back at IW3 who have gotten back up and are now surrounding the ring. They didn't expect Jacobs to come down, but the number advantage and the regrouping will probably help them beat them up. As they surround the ring with each member taking a different side of the ring, Luis Ovaldinho and Danny Jacobs decide to team up and beat them both down, but the numbers game seems to be too much. They poke Ovaldinho in the eye and low-blow him, and as he goes down, they divert their attention on Danny Jacobs and like the pack of dogs that they are, they take him down and beat him up. They throw him to the outside and clear the announcers table as Alias Antonio signals for the Psycho Driver again. However, another known theme song starts playing to stop them in their tracks.

    It's The Bullad Club making the save! They drop Danny to the ground and go right after the new Intercontinental Champion James Dragon, the Universal Champion Scott Fargo and Rio Nakayama and get into a huge brawl on the ramp. Nothing but punches and brutal kicks where The Bullad Club seems to get the better of IW3, who are slowly retreating to the back much to the delight of the crowd, who have developed a liking for The Bullad Club as of late. The Bullad Club, minus Danny Jacobs who's still struggling to get to his feet in the ring, go after IW3 to the back as the crowd is cheering these developments. Meanwhilst in the ring, both Luis Ovaldinho and Danny Jacobs are slowly getting up inside the ring as the crowd gives another round of applause for Luis and Danny, who have certainly won the respect of the crowd. Both of them are back to their feet, and have another staredown. Danny points to the title again and then points to himself, making his intentions clear about wanting to face Luis Ovaldinho. Luis Ovaldinho shakes his head in approval, and then offers his hand to Danny. Jacobs looks at it, looks at Oval, and then slowly shakes it as the crowd is clapping once again. Danny Jacobs leaves the ring and makes another gesture to the title as he leaves Luis Ovaldinho to celebrate his retaining of the title with Lord Lee, who looks at Danny Jacobs with a stressing look on his face as Luis' theme song plays again...

    The last shot of the PPV is of Danny Jacobs and Luis Ovaldinho staring at eachother with the crowd going crazy. Danny has set his sights on the IWT Champion and his title!

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  2. @THG?: Alias Antonio
    @Shadow: Jack Forté
    @Gav in da BPL!: Gav the Chav
    @Nickelodeon: Nick
    @Jacob Fox: Schizo
    @King B: Declan Zanotto
    @impactking: Chris Young/Lilith Young/Ashley Young
    @CBK_15: Vitor Mata
    @Ring Rust: Perceval "Rusty" Holloway
    @Drag: James Dragon
    @Ryan Davis: Ryan Davis
    @rydogg: Braeden Cross
    @MaD Dojax: Scott Fargo
    @Ovaldinho: Luis Ovaldhino/Lord Lee
    @Indy: Danny Jacobs
    @B1skit: Cousin Eddy
    @Forrest OAKADA: Leo Taylor
    @Chrxsiie: Raine
    @TheTNHMaster: Chris Kaizer
    @Blind: Mark Knight
    @Botchie Botcherson: Arno Frye
    @Dylan™ : Guernica
    @Dat Kid: Dat Kid
    @RedDwarfTechy: Colt Hellbeck
    @TheWUKMaster: The Blackfire
    @Gino Bambino: Louie Aldo
    @Aurtle the Turtle: Rio Nakayama
    @Beaver: Ivy Hale
    @Jet Starr: Slate Bass
    @TheFrostyBlur: Tyson Storm
    @NickThePenguin: Brad Blitz
    @Black Iron PJ: Paul Ravana
    @SmackChat-Luke: Artemis
    @SupaHeeroh: Buster Gate
    @Y2JCake: Alexander Adams
    @randy Savage: "FTJ" Frank the Jock
  3. I feel like as these shows get longer and longer there needs to be a color scheme implemented to easily identify story segments and matches.

    Enjoyed the show a lot, each one gets bigger and better and it feels like IWT has its own bunch of stories going on, rather than people just fighting each other every month.

    Thanks to @Dat Kid for writing all segments involving me & my characters. and props to creative.
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  4. I read this show from beginning to end because I slept at 12 and woke up at 4AM and I'm not very smart.

    Like Tumbas said, I am a huge fan at all the branching storylines going on rn. I would like to see a few people get more active to only add to that but even now it's very enjoyable. My one dream is for IWT to become like Lucha Underground in a sense by having some storylines overlap. Feel like IWT can very quickly feel like a real sort of promotion where every character is involved in something.

    The show itself wasn't bad. ME felt a little short and the formatting could certainly do with some spit and polish overall. There needs to be something to break up the flow of the wall of text aside from theme videos, maybe an indication of the next match in bold? Some more segments (Indicated by an underline) or maybe some match graphics by Tumbas or Arthur might help as well.

    In summary, nice lil PPV, easy read.

    I beat Shadow and I'm your new gay ****.
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  5. Neither does IW4 but that ain't stopping them either~
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