Promos IWT Anniversary - Drake vs Christian!

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Drake (@Shadow) vs Christian (@CM Punk)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is a 2 promo per person limit.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.​

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. [​IMG]

    As Christian's music hits, the crowd gets ecstatic and gives off a loud ovation to him as he comes out on stage. He's wearing a shiny red and black jumpsuit and alongside him is his partner, Alias Antonio. Christian poses as he walks down with Alias Antonio and is giving off a cocky vibe. After getting in the ring and posing a bit more, Alias Antonio hands him a microphone and watches from outside the ring.

    Christian: For starters, Drake! You better not be making excuses this time, because I'm not ready to listen to your bullshit! I know you're in the back right now and I know you were in the back, the day both I and Alias called you and Midas out! It must have hit both of you at that moment, that your days as the IWT Tag-Team Champions... were numbered. And it must have hit Midas on that day, that his days as the European Champion... were numbered. Fast forward a couple of weeks and you're telling us that you've got better things to do? More than that, you have the nerve to call me irrelevant?

    Christian looks onto Alias with a "Is he serious?" look

    Christian: Drake, you can call me anything you want, but Christian will always be a household name that will always overshadow yours! You've had no challenges this entire year because you ran away from it, just like you ran away from myself and Alias! But you just started a fight that you won't be able to finish. Your first mistake was making the Wild Card Tag-Team Tournament with Midas. Your second mistake... was coming face to face with me! Let me put it this way...

    If you were a mouse, I'd be the cat.
    If you were a cat, I'd be the dog.
    If you were the dog, I'd be the lion.

    Christian: And so on and so forth, which gets me to saying that you will NEVER be as good as I am! My entire career, I've carried myself with no help, but you on the other hand, can't seem to walk on your very own two feet. First you aligned yourself with Dat Kid, then you wanted to align sides with myself and now you're with, Midas. But right now, there is no one helping you. It's just Christian and Drake in the middle of this ring on the second year anniversary of IWT. And you best take my word on it that tomorrow night... when you wake up on a hospital bed... your tag-team championship title won't be by your side.

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  3. *The lights start to transition into a shade of orange, and white strobe lights begin start to come off from the stage. A lion is heard roaring, and then G.O.M.D by J. Cole starts to play throughout the arena.*

    *Drake runs out as the music starts to a suprisingly decent pop, he's accompanied by his partner, Midas. Drake makes his way to the entranc ramp and pauses to stare at Christain. He lowers his head and waits, white smoke towers bellow from each side of Drake. He looks up and shadow-boxes inbetweeen them. Wolfe makes his way down the ramp, enters the ring, and grabs a mic.*

    Y'know Christian, you're actually right in a sense. I haven't been alone in my entire tenure here in the IWT, but maaaaaan I sure dodged a bullet by teaming up with you. If some of you weren't watching us at the time then allow me to elaborate. It was a couple of months before Midas and I decided to come together, Christian and myself hinted at a tag team formation. We even had a name picked out in advance, The Selfish Generation. Right before it was going to happen Christian did what he always does after some time. Bails. At the time it was due to his reoccurring drug problem. So, we never came together and here we are. Face to face for the first time, which is pretty surprising. I wasn't expecting you to even show up tonight!

    But what you failed to mention is that you came to ME. You saw that I was coming off hot my first few months here and you wanted a piece of the action. So it doesn't surprise me that you're teaming with Alias with him going into Survivor Series. Make no mistake, I probably would've done the same thing. It's a pretty smart move after all.

    It's funny though that you out of everyone claim that I've ran away from every big challenge. I don't know if you kept up with the IWT when you were in rehab, but I've had a pretty good year. And I've been anything BUT afraid. I stepped up to the plate to fight people that no one else wanted to face at the time, and where were you? Teaming with Michael to try to dismantle a no-good slave? HAH! So, I suppose you can see where Midas and I were coming from when we didn't dignify you and Alias with a response.

    *Drake looks over at Midas and the two exchange some laughter.*

    While I agreed with you on one thing you're still wrong about the majority of what you said. You see, I've made no mistakes. I live with no regrets. However, you made a mistake. You made the mistake of using one of your few appearances to step into the Lion's Den with me. Because no one, and I mean NO-ONE makes it out alive!
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  4. *11 Minute Mark*

    Drake takes advantage of Christian and Irish Whips him into the corner. He gets up on the second rope and starts landing punches as the crowd counts along.

    Alias emerges from his corner and steps onto the outer ring-ropes gaining the referees attention.

    As the referee is distracted, Christian takes advantage and pokes Drake in both of his eyes causing him to get blinded temporarily.

    Midas who is mad goes around to Alias who is still distracting the referee and sweeps his legs making him fall onto the outside mat. Midas looks onto Alias who is lying down and backing up away from him

    Midas gets knocked down by Christian from behind who stormed out of the ring to assist his friend. Christian picks up Midas and locks his arms so Alias can strike him. Alias gets starts with two punches to the groin and hits him with a chop. The referee starts counting out Christian as he's at the count of seven, but Drake quickly runs and leaps over the top rope with a Senton bomb hitting all three men.

    The crowd starts chanting "Holy Shit!" but Drake got hurt as well doing it.

    After a count of five from the referee, Drake rolls back into the ring and rolls back out restarting the count out. Drake grabs Christian by his head and throws him back into the ring. He quickly rolls back in and starts signaling that he's about to do his DDT Impaler.

    Christian slowly gets up and Drake hits Christian with the DDT Impaler.


    Alias distracts the referee as he's trying to get in the ring this time. Drake who is angry moves the referee and gets ready to strike Alias, but Alias drops down back onto the outside mat and tells him to come out.

    Drake goes to leave the ring, but Christian quickly grabs his leg and gets him in a quick roll-up.


    Drake quickly gets up and they both clothesline each other.

    Midas gets mad and goes after Alias and they start brawling outside with rights. They start rolling around on the outside mat striking each other back and forth as the referee looks on. Other referees come from the back to separate the two from tearing each other apart. They end up separating the two and the referee in the middle of the ring ends up telling the other referees to eject them to the back.

    They're both mad, but walk to back with the referees by their side. They both look onto the ring to see both of us lying in the middle of the ring. Midas is being taken away from the ramp and the Alias is being taken in through the crowd with referees.

    Drake and Christian slowly get up and start striking each other with rights.

    BOOO! (Christian)
    YEAAH! (Drake)
    BOOO! (Christian)
    YEAAH! (Drake)
    BOOO! (Christian)
    YEAAH (Drake)
    BOOO! (Christian)
    BOOO! (Christian)
    BOOO! (Christian)
    YEAAH! (Drake)
    YEAAAH! (Drake)
    BOOOOO! (Christian)

    Christian Irish whips Drake onto the corner. He goes for a running clothesline to the corner, but Drake reverses and hits Christian with a drop kick with the assists of the corner.

    Christian who is a little bit dazed goes for another clothesline but this time Drake reverses with an elbow.
    Christian becomes dazed as Drake gets up to the top rope.
    Christian quickly jumps up and hits Drake with a European Uppercut.

    Drake is now dazed as Christian slowly gets up and sets up for a Superplex. After setting it up, Christian connects and successfully hits Drake with a Superplex knocking them both down.

    The referee starts counting.

    Both men start slowly getting up on their knees
    They're both almost up

    Referee: IT'S OVER!

    They both get up and Christian hits Drake with a spear and pins him.

    Crowd: ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR

    Christian is yelling at the referee to start the pinfall, but he's explaining that the match is over. Christian gets up and starts getting in the referees face asking him why he wasn't counting the pinfall. The referee explains and Christian is in disbelief and knocks the referee on his ass.

    Christian is angry and starts yelling.

    Christian: Are you fucking serious?

    Christian puts his arm over the ring rope and over his head.

    Christian: This is fucking stupid!

    Christian leaves the ring and starts limping to the back while he curses.

    RESULT: NO-CONTEST - 15:49
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  5. Damn, I was feeling pretty confident too!

    jkjk, that was such a bad promo on my part.
  6. What makes it worse is that your theme didn't load. lol.
    Was this supposed to be in the PM?
  7. It works on my tablet, lol. It was just something I wrote on the fly in about 30 minutes.

  8. Better?
  9. No. Don't think it matters really.
  10. I....don't get it?
  11. Just a filler match to help build our tag meet up if they win the tournament.
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  12. Do you actually want voting for this?
  13. I don't and I don't think they do either. I was talking about the Indy/Tsar match in that PM
  14. Obviously, Delik. Step your game up already.

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  15. This a new thing with you?
  16. See the promos prefix? That means it's an IWT match, brother. :bodallas:
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  17. Only when I'm being sarcastic, so you'll probably be seeing it quite a bit.
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