IWT Backstage Fallout: Summerslam

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  1. Hello my name is John Carterson! I am the new interviewer for IWT, doing backstage interviews. Well, dont want to keep you waiting, lets go!!

    *camera cuts off and shows John with Victoria*​
    John: First person to interview here is Victoria Parker. Now, What did you think going into your match with Shadow?​
    Victoria: Shadow was certainly more competitive than I realized, but like my other opponents, I found a way to win and stand victorious at the end of the match. He wasn't anything I couldn't handle.​
    John: Hmm interesting.... second question, How did you react to when WoodWarrior left you and dropped the tag team championship?​
    Victoria: It was the ultimate betrayal. I had revived his career and made him worth paying attention to again. He had the audacity to betray me and turn his back on the tag team titles. Well, I'll have a lot of fun destroying his feeble little life from here on out. I'm very dangerous now that I'm completely on my own.​
    John: Well then...classy....last question, are you worried about Aids cashing in on you anytime soon?​
    Victoria: It wasn't too long ago when I had an allegiance with Aids going on when I betrayed Dat Kid on our wedding day. He enjoys being the center of attention and having groups around him gives him that attention he craves. Not only that but he feels most comfortable when people have his back. Whenever he cashes in, I'll be ready for him and The Cure won't be able to save him.​
    John: Well that's all the time I can acquire for Victoria, onto the next person.​
    *camera cuts off and it shows John and Dat Kid*​
    John: Im here with our GM and cane swinging performer Dat Kid. First question, how come Joel didn't show up tonight?​
    Dat Kid: I don't know why and honestly I do not care anymore. i put my trust in two talents that I thought would become the next stars of this business and they both let me down. You know what they say "you can lead a horse to the water but you cant force them to drink". So I don't know where Joel Rain is, but when I do see him, I'm going to kick his ass for embarrassing me tonight!​
    John: Honestly expected that much...next question, How did it feel, to watch the woman who betrayed your love, took your belt, and attacked you, how did it feel to watch her become the first ever undisputed IWT champion, and now is apart of history?​
    Dat Kid: Oh is that what you saw? I think what you should be asking Victoria is how did it feel to have cane snapped across the back of her head and get embarrassed in front of thousands tonight. When people look back on tonight they won't remember her championship win, they'll remember her getting beaten like a housewife!​
    John: But...she still has the belt and all you have is a cane....​
    Dat Kid: *Dat Kid smiles*​
    ....and you have a concussion. *Dat Kid pulls the interviewer to him and clotheslines him. With a hand still on the interviewer he picks him up and puts him in a piledriver position. Nearby staff plead with kid to let him go as he holds him over a concrete floor. Kid piledrives the interviewer right on the concrete. Kid hovers over the interviewer*

    By the way, you're fired. *Dat Kid puts a pink slip in the interviewer's hand*
    *WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons walks to where the staff and interviewer are*​
    Ron Simmons: DAMN!​
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  2. *Camera comes up to Adam*​
    Camera Man: Adam after your loss tonight, How are you feeling, Whats next?​
    Adam: Tonight, We fought, And I lost, I fucking lost, It isnt over, You know what? Im done here. Im gone.​
    *Adam starts walking as the cameras follow, He enters the locker room, He packs his bags and starts leaving*​
    Adam: Im done here, I have nothing left to do, Whats next? You will see.​
  3. *A camera man prudently approaches a relaxed The Cure, who are resting in their locker rooms sipping cold drinks with their titles and briefcases lying next to them. Alias glares at the camera man with a not too happy look. He nods to The Cure members and commences to speak*​

    Hey, shhh. You don't need to say anything poor little man, I'll do the talking for ya.​
    *Alias asks himself*​
    How does it feel winning those tag team titles along with Jwab Atom?​
    *Alias sarcastically thinks for a good minute*​
    Well, you know, it feels absolutely great. Knowing that we have just Cured two so called veterans of this place has made us feel special, really special. And they gave us these tag titles as a reward to go along with it. Awesome, we are now champions. Next question.​
    *Alias asks himself again*​
    Who do you think are worthy of a tag team title shot?​
    To be honest, absolutely no one. We've beaten all the tag teams here. But a little birdie told me that we have those senseless excuses of wretlers Rodrigo and Jacob have challenged us for these self-made prestigious title belts. I know we will win that, so there's no need to give an answer out right now.​
    How does it feel being close to full control of this company?​
    Man, that's an easy one. Look at us, we're on top already! Look around this locker room, look at all the gold that rests here, look at it damn it!​
    *Alias displays the X-Division title, the tag titles and the MITB briefcase held by Aids*​
    *Alias now changes attitude and begins to talk in a more slow-paced manner*​
    One more thing left for The Cure to conquer is the World Championship......and George is going to be the man who will take pride in capturing that title.............from a woman! Hahahahahaha.​
    *The Cure burst out laughing*​
    Anything else to say boys?​
    OOC- JwabTV King David Mystical George @Aids Johnson​
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  4. Aids stands up, setting his briefcase on the ground before striking a heisman pose.

    I'm only going to say one thing, and we are going to keep it short and simple. That title will be cured, but it could be me holding the title *Aids points at the briefcase, as George stands up and they stand next to one another* and if it isn't me you're facing? This beast of a human being will be running wild all over the IWT. I have this briefcase for 9 more months, and our Cure for the IWT will last much, much longer.

    You want backstage fallout? Behold the undefeated Cure. Behold, the most appreciated member in IWT history. The greatest Main event in the history of the company. The man who was voted as the winner without a shadow of a doubt. The tag team that cured that division. The man who came out of an x division match holding onto gold. The greatest thing to ever happen to the IWT. A Cure.
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